Melania Knauss

Alleged Melania Knauss Nude Pictures


According to New York Daily News, there are some Melania Knauss nude pictures floating around the internet. That’s right, Mrs. Donald Trump, Melania Knauss, nude. Naturally, your friendly neighbourhood Egotastic! has found said nude pictures and has them right here for you.

The “Trump wedding photos” you didn’t see. Sources say that, days before The Donald’s wedding, several friends of the couple received mysterious envelopes containing nude photos of bride-to-be Melania Knauss – “both solo and in Sapphic embrace.” Though Radar reproduces one of the shots (first published in the skin mag Celebrity Sleuth) Knauss’ flack denied their existence…

I’m not 100% sure about these, but if you ask me, that definitely looks like a nude Melania Knauss in these pictures. And why the hell wouldn’t it be? She was a model, she’s from Europe, and she will obviously do anything for money (she did marry Donald Trump, after all).

Melania Knauss, Also See-Through

Looks like today is full of celebrities, and their see-through dresses. At risk of being maimed by The Donald, here’s the lovely Mrs. Trump (Melania Knauss) wearing what is quite the sheer outfit. And by sheer I mean you can see Melania Knauss’ nipples.

Donald doesn’t look happy. Then again, he never does.

More pictures after the link.