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Megan Fox Dancing Down Rio Way; Puts a Little Life in Our Own Feet And Other Parts

Megan Fox may not be what she used to be, thanks to new mommyhood and whatever the hell pact Brian Austin Green Self-Employed (B.A.G.S.) made with the devil to get Megan to marry him and father a child, but, from where Megan Fox started, there’s still a good ways to decline and still look pretty damn amazing.

Foxy was down in Brazil promoting the shizz out of something, when she stopped for a little impromptu local fun time activity that eventually saw Megan up and about dancing to the Samba. Now, it’s not quite Megan half-dressed in a bikini shaking fun parts to the Lambada, the forbidden dance of love, but we”ll take Foxy smiling and shaking booty anyway we can. Enjoy.

Megan Fox Looks Amazing in Marie Claire UK March 2013

Olivia Munn, Kari Byron, Anna Kendrick, and Megan Fox Lead Our List of Geek Girl Hotties

You know you love them, err, you know I love them, the sweet sextastic celebrities that fade in and out of the nerd culture, the girls who send you fanboys deep into your basement dwellings with your Costco sized bottles of lotion, dreaming of various costumes and fantasy-action sexy time adventures with these geeeked out hotties.

Check out our list of ten supremely sextastic nerd-girls and see if you don’t find yourself mumbling the word ‘ComicCon’ as you fulfill your New Year’s resolution to take better care of yourself, quite directly. Enjoy.

Megan Fox Drops A Ton O’ Sexy for Esquire

Hello, Foxy.

Whenever the upper echelon of sextastic celebrities start pushing out babies, we get a little nervous. Especially when that hottie decided to up and marry Brian Austin Green Self-Employed (BAGS)  prior to said delivery. But, Foxy abides, Megan Fox, currently featured in her bikini in This Is 40, is looking all kinds of stellar hot in the February edition of Esquire magazine.

Now, we don’t know what the future holds for Foxy, we can only hope it’s more rather than less skin, once the MILFtastic body is complete, but we do know the present, and that is looking might spectacular for Megan. Enjoy.

Megan Fox Little Black Bikini Puts The Perfect 10 in ‘This is 40′

Megan Fox can do no wrong in our book. Well, with the monster exception of getting married to and knocked up by Brian Austin Green Self-Employed, the brunette model and occasional thespianic just reminds of us the girls we just knew our future held when we were inexplicably taking long baths at the age of twelve.

Now, perhaps things didn’t pan out exactly as planned in those halcyon days of self-discovery, but we still get to see the likes of Megan Fox in a little black bikini in This Is 40, a movie we hear very mixed reviews about, but by the mere fact that Megan Fox appears in a bikini, we are now male-honor bound to see it.

Oh, Foxy, you complete us, just as our mom yelling at us to get out of the damn bathtub forced us to a premature but similar resolution. Enjoy.

Megan Fox Flashes Cleavage in ‘Wedding Band’ to Support Her Husband

Look, when your new husband and baby daddy has been out of a job for fifteen years, minus some DJ work, you’re going to give him as much of a push as possible toward earning. So it was that Megan Fox made a supremely sextastic appearance  in a guest role on Wedding Band, the new TBS show featuring her husband, Brian Austin Green Self-Employed.

As much as we’d love to make fun of B.A.G.S. til the cows come home, we’re far too fascinated with Megan’s cleavy udders in her delicious warrior princess costume on the show to be smarmy. We’re just horny. for Megan, and even though this is likely shot pre-baby, we have no doubt she will be back to super true pimping hotness form shortly and out there earning herself to pay for the deadbeat spouse and the new baby.

And that means more skin is a coming! Enjoy.

Megan Fox Battles Kelly Brook In Bra and Panties Movie Clip Hotness

It’s a rare coincidence of good fortune that we get to see two of our most belusted beauties in their underthings in previews of two new movies, so why not put them in the Thunderdome of the sextastic where two hotties enter, but you can only fap to one.

Megan Fox is ever so briefly, but entirely wonderfully into her bra and panties in a scene from the upcoming Judd Apatow film, This Is 40, the kind of almost sort of remake of Knocked Up. What isn’t kind of almost sort of is the feelings we have  for Megan Fox flashing her hot body. She’s with-B.A.G.S. child now, so we may not see this kind of look from her again for at least some time to come. So, relish.

And, then, the buxom curvaceous and devilishly gorgeous Kelly Brook, in a more supportive bit of underthings, supporting her more substantial thangs in the new Keith Lemon: The Film comedy from the Isle of Britain. Seeing Kelly strutting her stuff in that black bits of lingerie, it’s a 97.9% match to the very last dream I had about her. This might be close enough to make us have to change the sheets again.

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