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Camilla Luddington Wonderments and Terry Condon Topless in ‘Luck’ Lead Our Weekend Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Wow, quite a skin-filled weekend from the producers of some of the best television programming for guys this past weekend. I can’t tell if it’s getting better, or just more boobs, or, really what’s the difference, there were some wonderfully bare chested moments on cable.

This week’s Boob Tube Roundup includes a stellar twin-billed performance from Camilla Luddington in Californication, the premiere of R-rated skin from Kerry Condon on HBO’s new series, Luck, more Romanesque topless sexy time from Lucy Lawless and Viva Bianca, and continued topless glorious extended scenes from Megalyn Echikunwoke and Dawn Olivieri in House of Lies. Enjoy.

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Katrina Law and Megalyn Echikunwoke Highlight The Weekend’s Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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With all the other new and big award shows going on over the weekend, it might have been easy to miss some stellar cable outlet skin-on-TV scenes a’plenty, including one very memorable blood-letting topless action scene from Katrina Law in Spartacus Vengeance (along with fine performances from Bonnie Sveen and Viva Blanca. And a quite memorable strip down and funbag flashing from sultry hottie Megalyn Echikunwoke in House of Lies, along with a bit of boob top fun Shameless and a sexy bra and bit o’ slip show from Meagan Good in Californication

Remember, the best nekkidness in film is now on television. Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Debby Ryan Disney Upskirt, Megalyn Echikunwoke Topless Pics, Erin Andrews Gatorade Bath, Miley Cyrus Nip Slip, and Much Much More


Even on this week of the Thanksgiving holiday, you readers just give and give and give. It’s truly a cornucopia of random celebrity skin and hotness in this week’s Reader Finds, a tribute to your persistent perversion and email skills. How can the world be in trouble when we have so much nekkid photo sharing going on?

This week’s Reader Finds includes Disney’s Debby Ryan barely legal and barely flashing panties, a topless Megalyn Echikunwoke from 90210 and CSI, Erin Andrews blessedly soaked sideline top, Miley Cyrus in-concert nipple slip, Valerie Kaprisky in some classic topless photos, blonde buxom hottie Kaley Cuoco creating tennis magic, TV actress Claire Forlani flashing the bare boobtastic, sexy Sudamericana auto-model Alejandra Maglietti, and a double shot of up and coming models in Lauren Young and Roza Gough flashing their wares. Quite the holiday stuffing.

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