Mayra Suarez

Mayra Suarez Bikini Pictures for the Hottie Latina Push from Nordstrom

Don’t you know, everybody is getting into the sextastic Latina lust camp these days. And even old line department stores from the Northwest like Nordstrom are getting into the much needed act. Like hiring Mexican sweet teats fashion model Mayra Suarez to be their bikini model girl for their latest two piece line. Talk about dipping your feet right into the south of the border sextastic swimming pool.

For one brief shining moment years ago we did see some naughty photos of Mayra circulating around the digisphere from sources unknown, though almost certainly a boyfriend. But now we begin our virtual affair with this object d’lust all over again. As it should be, gentlemanly from the very beginning. Then later shifting into prurient and depraved. Like after the appetizer round. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

READER FINDS: Mayra Suarez Purported Leaked Naughty Photos, J-Woww National TV Upskirts, Brooklyn Decker Sideboob, and Much More…


Like a beam of light shooting forth from a colonoscopy camera, so shines the hopeful beacon of our weekly Reader Finds. The once-every-seven-days opportunity for millions of hearts to beat as one, and millions of dudes to beat… well, you can imagine the horrible joke.

But there’s no joking about how much warmth we feel at the community generated celebrity hotness each week, this week’s eye-opening raunch fest includes some very naughty leaked (purported) photographs of Mexi-fashion model, Mayra Suarez, J-Woww flashing her panties on the Kelly Ripa Show, Brooklyn Decker flashing her lower love area and sideboob from an SI photoshoot, Vietnamese hottie Elly Tran Ha in a bikini, Canadian actress Erica Cox topless in Bitten, a Kristen Stewart sort of almost kinda nipple peek, Sarah Shahi in a see-through to the boobtastic top, and Israeli sextastic Moran Atias all kinds of topless. It’s a bevy of beauty I say!

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