Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s Bikini Shoots a Music Video

These Mariah Carey bikini pictures were taken on the set of her new Music video in Hawaii. I have no idea what the video is about, but if I know anything about Mariah, it’s probably about “look at my boobs, I’m so hot, I’m Mariah, I’m half naked, pay attention to me.” Either that or the existential malaise of life in the modern world, coupled with the unending dispair of knowing that material possession cannot lead to true fulfillment. So, yeah, it’s probably about her boobs.

Photo credit: X17

Mariah Carey Bikini Pictures Have a Good Vibe

Mariah Carey is annoying. I’m talking about her personality, and her music. That doesn’t mean she can’t look good, and lately she’s been looking pretty damn good. Take these Mariah Carey bikini pictures from Vibe magazine, for instance. Say whatever you want about her ditsy personality, and the ridiculous fact that she broke Evlis Presley’s hit single record, she looks good in a bikini, and that’s pretty much all it takes to get our attention.

Mariah Carey, Topless. Part 2

Exactly one month ago, we saw a single, solitary picture of Mariah Carey topless on the beach. Well now we’ve got the rest of those Mariah Carey topless pictures, and I’ve got to admit, Mariah’s looking pretty hot.

What’s upsetting, however, is that in a world of nipple slips and upskirts, we’ve got Mariah Carey topless, but we still don’t see anything. How does she manage to keep herself covered while running topless on the beach, and Britney Spears can’t even get out of a car without flashing her grossness to the entire world? I mean she’s covering her breasts with her dog, for fuck’s sake.

Mariah Carey Shows Off Her “Jewels”

Here’s Mariah Carey buying jewelry, and making sure that everyone knows she’s still got really big boobs. You know, just in case you were wondering. Anyway, I get that Mariah wants to see what the jewels might look like on a lower neck line, but gimme a break here. She knows the cameras are there, and she wants to make sure everyone’s looking. Now, if she would just undo one more button…

More pictures of Mariah Carey’s crazy cleavage after the jump.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

Mariah Carey, Topless.

What’s this? Why it’s Mariah Carey topless on the beach in the caribbean. Of course, thanks to some strategically placed magazine holding, you don’t really see all that much, but don’t worry, I’m sure more pictures will pop up soon…

Gotta say, though, looks like she lost a hell of a lot of weight. Those are some crazy hard abs.

Mariah Carey’s Breasts are in Another Time Zone

I don’t know how she does it without falling over, but Mariah Carey’s breasts are so far in front of her that they should have their own time zone. Maybe not a full hour ahead, but at least a half hour. Kind of like Newfoundland.

Photo credit: Splash

Mariah Carey Bikini Pictures and Drunk Jet-Skiing

Well, the theme of July is obvious, and there’s no point in fighting it. To that end, here are some Mariah Carey bikini pictures. Now, while most of you are probably just staring at her body, which actually looks pretty good (though I’m positive those boobs are fake), I’m looking at something else entirely.

I’m looking at the fact that in some pictures, Mariah has a ginormous glass of wine in her hand, and in other pictures, she’s on a jet-ski, sans life jacket. Now, I’m pretty sure it’s just as bad an idea to drink and jet-ski, as it is to drink and drive. Especially when you’ve left your flotation device on the boat.

Oh, wait! I totally forgot. Mariah’s got two flotation devices right there on her chest.