Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos Cleavetastic in Orange and Impossible Not to Peek

I'm hardly going to blame Howie Mandel for looking down the top of Maria Menounos live on the set of Extra. Therefore but the grace of God go I, or something along those lines to imply that I would be doing the same myself if I were astride the Grecian Goddess in a low cut dress baring parts of her fabulous wares.

For many years now I've been inspired to chisel a statue to this ridiculously good looking woman. At some point, passion will surpass my instinctive predilection toward being super lazy and I will arrange for a hunk of Carrara marble to shipped to my humble abode so I can begin sculpting. I will start with the chest, for complete inspiration. Enjoy.

Maria Menounos Cradles An Egg Just Like Our Future Baby Together

A man can dream, can he not? And my dreams tend to center around object d' lust and Grecian goddess Maria Menounos, who is just about the hottest playful kitten on this planet.

I'm not exactly sure why Maria was carrying an egg on a spoon in her mouth on the set of Extra, but I sure would like to talk to her about it as we unwind from our day in our jacuzzi hot tub with champagne and little oysters that I honestly can't stand but would still consume in advancement of my amorous cause. Something like that. Maria Menounos smiling in her little short dresses always gets me to thinking. Truly, an inspirational woman. Enjoy.

Maria Menounos Bikini Pictures Fly Her Flags of Hotness

Ave, Maria. Our belusted Grecian princess Maria Menounos is not only flashing her bikini body excellence in her native lands this week, now she's flying the national colors, a patriotic tribute to the land of her ancestors, and a true bit of visual wonderment for gentleman oglers around the world.

Maria Menounos not only wears her bikinis well, she knows damn well how to move and pose and preen when she's in them. She's a master you might say of the fine art of bikini attention getting. We're not going to let her down on our end. Just so incredibly sweet. Enjoy.

Maria Menounos Bikini Pictures Deliver the Grecian Goddess Back to Greece

Oh, Maria Menounos bikini pictures are blessedly back, as the Extra TV hostess and holder of so many of our faptastic dreams made her way back to the motherland, Greece, to show the goddesses on Mt. Olympus just how it's done.

Nobody quite seems to delight in beach time play time as much as Maria Menounos. Not only does she fit her bikinis perfectly, her exuberant play almost always causes her body to slip or peek out of her two pieces at some juncture. This closely parallels the feeling we get when we see Maria in a skimpy bikini. Exuberant and slipping accidentally out of our bottoms. Maria knows how to press the 'Imagine Now' button on the gentleman ogler. And she presses it with authority. Enjoy.

Check Out the Maria Bikini Fun Time Video »

Maria Menounos Bikini Top Pictures Are the Icing on Her Birthday Cake

Our belusted Grecian goddess turned 35 over this past weekend, and while we are still awaiting word what Maria Menounos thought of the birthday present we sent over (hopefully, all the blood had dried by time of delivery), the sextastic TV hostess seemed to be having one fine time at her tequila themed party where she flaunted her tube tops in a bikini top that made us pray for a birthday malfunction.

While the evening was almost ruined by the Kardashian family invites, nothing could spoil a night of booze and boobtastic courtesy of a woman we'd like to circumnavigate the globe with in a tiny dinghy, with nothing to slake our thirst save for each other's sacred bodily fluids. Call me, Maria, I'm down at the docks awaiting your arrival. Enjoy.

Maria Menounous, Kaley Cuoco, and Emmy Rossum Highlight the Hotness at ‘Critics’ Choice Awards’

I'm not exactly sure what the Critics' Choice Awards are, but I can tell you they chose wisely. I say that by default as Maria Menounous, Kaley Cuoco, and Emmy Awesome all made their way elegantly and quite sextastically down the red carpet of the TV awards show.

Maybe the awards celebrate TV stars we'd most like to see strip out of their clothing, at least, if I'm guessing the award based on the entrants, that's what I surmise. Though I'm not a critic, just a lover. I leave the criticisms and regrets to my girlfriends. Enjoy.

Maria Menounos Cleave and Robin Antin Veteran Body Hotness Highlight the Grand Kardashian Baby Shower

All kidding aside, Kim Kardashian is about to have her first unwed baby, a major point of pride in the Kardashian household. And time to celebrate. So the sisters three and their puppet master mother got together and threw the biggest, brashest, most expensive baby shower ever. And maybe somebody sort of kind of filmed it all for television to pay for it and then some. Still, ever so magical, including the stunning announcement that the baby is a girl. Not so stunning really since there's a 50-percent chance it's a girl, and that's even before the maniacal K's spun that sperm into a high chance of female offspring.

Still, baby showers mean girls in pretty dresses, and while Kim wanted to be the swollen belle of her own ball, a couple hotties did make their way into the party. Most notably, Grecian goddess Maria Menounos showing off just a nice hint of cleavage, and a shoutout to veteran Pussycat Doll founder and dancer, Robin Antin, who nearly 20-years later is still looking mighty well-shaped. I bet the party itself was amazing. Sadly, no boys were allowed so I did not receive my music box invitation. Enjoy.