Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos Bikini Pictures For Grecian Goddess Hot Bodied Goodness

Quite a day indeed, when we get to see the likes of our holier than hot Grecian goddess Maria Menounos in a stripety bikini down Mexico way. Last week we saw the tip of Maria’s smoldering icebergs at the Cabo resort, but fuzzy and unfairly irresolute. Today, a chance to see a much clearer leer at the fine female form of this passion inducing show hostess and all around sextastic girls in tight dresses.

We do so dig Maria. In a bikini flashing that wondrous chest and thumper, that dig turns to dug in deep with lust. Ave, Maria. You are the pleasure that spins our globe. Enjoy.

Maria Menounos Bikini Pictures Bring Smoking Hotness from South of the Border

Excuse me while I jump for joy. Not jumping so much as sipping on an organic something or other and ogling most decidedly at the hot bikini body of our Grecian goddess, Maria Menounos, in her annual New Year’s trek to somewhere warm and clothes removing. This year, Cabo, where our telescopic lensed boys caught her from the distant tree lines, flashing her sweet bikini boobtastic and that killer shapeless wooty of hers that puts every other entertainment TV show to shame.

Maria Menounos remains one of the top contenders on ladies I’d most like to make between seven and seventeen babies with in very short order. I’m not sure Maria’s down with that same plan, but I sure hope she at least takes it into consideration. I’m pretty sure I can provide what’s needed on my end, but I’m aware she may not want to take the down time from work. I’m a modern kind of guy. With a very old-fashioned type of feelings for Maria. The kind that have been around since the dawn of man. Enjoy.

Maria Menounos and Ariana Grande Highlight the Hotness at The KIIS FM Jingle Ball

Sure, there was Miley and Selena and others, but for me, the iHeart Jingle Ball at Staples Center belonged to Maria Menounos in her short black leather dress on the red carpet, and leggy minxy hottie Ariana Grande on stage.

Just staring down Maria had me sweating, looking for any flaws I knew I’d not find in her perfect female form shown off so fiendishly tempting in her body hugging little leather dress. If I had gone through Maria’s closets, after three hours spent sniffing her lingerie, I probably would have chosen this very same dress for her. As for Ariana, she is just getting more and more smoking with each appearance. She’s starting to own events flush with her more popular peers. With those legs and those looks, the sky is the limit. And while she’s up there, we will obviously be peeking under her dress. Enjoy.

Maria Menounos Booty So Hot Even Zoe Saldana Is Checking It Out

Oh, man, our Grecian goddess Maria Menounos has a booty that is just getting more and more epic by the week. I’d say she’s not aware of it herself, but how else to explain her body and booty hugging dresses on the set of her silly TV show. Mama’s got it working from the backside and she knows it.

I’m quite certain I saw guest Zoe Saldana taking a few peeks at that wooty herself and wondering what kind of deal you need to make with Satan to get such a badonkadonk. Just when you thought Maria Menounos couldn’t get any more alluring. Damn. It is definitely not safe to get out of the water. Enjoy.

Maria Menounos Booty Is a Wooty Worth Ogling

If I ever get the chance to meet our Grecian goddess Maria Menounos in person, I’m going to ask her how she manages to shape her booty into such exquisitely curved forms. Actually, my first question will be the standard ‘Will you allow me to cover your entire nekkid body in Nutella and play hungry Italian school boy having breakfast?’, then, the question about her booty. You don’t get if you don’t ask.

Maria was once more flashing her bottomside perfection in a form fitting dress on the set of Extra where her true bodily talents are almost entirely wasted for the largely female audience. Not that women don’t appreciate a fine female arse, and when they appreciate it in a hands on manner, it truly is a beautiful thing. Still, the round and curvy butt remains largely the purview of the gentleman ogler who likes a healthy cushion on a smoking hot gal like Maria. It’s what we ask Santa for once past the age of wanting LEGOs. Enjoy.

Maria Menounous Gets In on the Hot Wooty Parade at Red Carpet Event

I’m not sure I’ve seen a day with so many bodacious booties, wooties to be precise looking at the pale ladies with more than proud badonkadonks showing beneath form fitting bottoms. None finer than the overall Grecian goddess Maria Menounous who was in a body hugging dress last night for the Oceana Parner’s Award Gala for doing something good for other people thingee.

We’ve been quite noticing the round cheeks of Maria for some time now. Maria and her sisterly peers seem to have discovered the proper exercise program for developing the round thing on their backside that drives so many men quite crazy with desire. Whatever it is they’re doing, I hope they never stop. Maria, shake that healthy thing. Enjoy.

Maria Menounos Leather Pants Booty Meets Katherine Jenkins Boobtastic on the Set of Extra

I guess you can learn lots of interesting and mildly amusing fun facts about celebrities by watching Extra. Or, you can just sit back and ogle the stream of hot talent that appear on the show, most notably when being interviewed by our Grecian goddesses Maria Menounos. You throw in Maria in tight leather pants and the proud chesty goodness of British singer Katherine Jenkins, and you have downright must-see TV.

I’m not suggesting that it’s polite to stare at women’s bodies when they are merely trying to do their job, or pimp their products. But I am suggesting that it’s a perfectly natural response for which I give you a complete and total hall pass. See if that clears you with the wife and all. Enjoy.