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Minka Kelly Yoga and Shopping With Mandy Moore (Why Wasn’t I Invited)

I don’t ask a lot. But I could’ve used an invite to the girlfriends Minka Kelly and Mandy Moore yoga sweat-a-thon and pre-Oscar weekend shopping trip. Not that I would’ve done that yoga part, or the shopping really, but I could’ve held the girls designer purses whilst leering at their worked out bodies. I don’t mind playing the servant as long as it extends in or around the dressing room area.

The two not veteran Hollywood hotties were plain jane without makeup or hair or fashions, but just their dripping wet yoga pants visions of allure was enough for me. I don’t mind how a woman looks in the morning provided she’s not screaming and asking who I am. I like to see the sextastic celebrities in their natural state. And then yes, their booty state. It’s all part of loving a woman for who she really is, provided one crazy hot body is part of who she really is. Without standards, we are but animals. Enjoy.

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Mandy Moore, Ali Larter, Kaley Cuoco, and Alessandra Ambrosio Provide the Heat at Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

Back in middle school the most popular girl in school, the perfectly Nordic formed beauty Anna Spanx hosted a Power Rangers makeout party and made a publicly dramatic gesture about handing out invitations to the chosen few, though not so few that it seemed like the entire homeroom class, less yours truly, received her precious pink folded note card invitation. Scorned by the obvious exclusion, I finally found the recently descended sack to confront the gorgeous young Anna about my omission from her popularity party list. She was a blunt girl, being both very pretty and rather lacking in intellectual faculties. Anna informed me that she didn’t invite me because it was creepy how I was always trying to peek down her top at her burgeoning female developments and that she didn’t want me around all her friends at her party. I took the news rather hard, if for no other reason than to discover I was not as sly a peeker as I had previously thought. Despite my designation as socially unacceptable, Anna was ultimately a very practical girl with solid understanding of her future and told me to meet her behind the science building at recess and for $5 she’d let me get a good long private gander. I’d call that a win for young Egotastic!

These old feelings boiled up again this past weekend as for some odd quirk of the vaunted U.S. Postal Service (R.I.P.), my invitation to the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic never arrived, making me wonder if that golden ticket is even sent my way in the first place?  But who would not want Egotastic! at an upscale event featuring the finest frocked ladies in town attending polo matches in fancy surroundings. I mean, it’s not as if we’re going to try to sneak up the proper formal dresses of the likes of Mandy Moore, Ali Larter, Kaley Cuoco, and Alessandra Ambrosio, all in attendance at the frou-frou event. It’s middle school all over again, only these girls would charge much more than $5. Enjoy.

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2011 Golden Globes Sexiest Red Carpet Arrivals

Okay, those who stuck with me through the night know that I was in some trouble with my girlfriend for ogling down the hottest celebrities on the red carpet at this evening’s 2011 Golden Globe Awards. I’m in the doghouse, but while I am, I’m going to envision a cathouse filled with my favorite sexy celebrities of the evening (in no particular order of preference, all these ladies may assault me in perverse ways at their discretion):

Anne Hathaway, Dianna Agron, Emma Stone, Megan Fox, Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria, Maria Menounos, Naya Rivera, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Heidi Klum, and Mandy Moore.

Photo credit: INF Photo / Fame

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Mandy Moore Needs to Lose the Sweater

Bah! Mandy Moore is wearing just about the lowest cut dress ever, and would be showing tons of boobage, but she had to go and ruin it all by wearing that damned sweater. I mean come on! I’m sure we would have totally had a Mandy Moore nipple slip if she wasn’t wearing that damned sweater.

Oh, and guess what? Mandy Moore is single now. Yeah, well, get in line. I got dibs. That’s how it works right? Whatever, I’m sure that constant comments on Mandy Moore’s breasts is exactly what she’s looking for in a boyfriend. Oh yeah, I’m so in.

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Mandy Moore is Still Sexy

I don’t know what the hell Mandy Moore has been up to lately, and it seems like forever since we last saw her, but she showed up to the 2008 CFDA Fashion Awards at the New York Public Library last night, and looked pretty damn sexy. I just thought I’d mention that.

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Mandy Moore is Back: Slim, Curvy, and Busty

Mandy Moore was on hand at the Herve Leger fashion show this weekend, and looked simply stunning in a signature Herve Leger dress (you know, the ones that look like they’re made out of elastic bandages). Thankfully, Leger’s designs don’t look like Mummy wraps, and on a slimmed-down Mandy Moore, they hug her curves in all the right places. And with the plunging neck line, lets just say that Mandy hasn’t looked this good, or showed this much of her fantastic figure in a long time.

And as if Mandy Moore in a tight, sexy dress wasn’t enough, pair her with Sophia Bush and you’ve got yourself on cleavagey brunette fantasy duo that will have you wishing you could stick your head through that computer screen of yours and get a closer look. Thankfully, all you have to do is click on the pics to get as close as you can without needing to redefine the laws of time and space.

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