Malena Costa

READER FINDS: Heidi Klum Lingerie, Milla Jovovich Topless, Maggie Gyllenhaal Nekkid, and Much Much More

Jewel from TJ Scotts in the Tub Book
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It’s a known fact that I kiss the very first person who tells me that it’s Friday. I mean, when it is actually Friday. I know your tricks garbage man Pete who keeps trying to fool me on Thursdays. There’s no mistaking my giddiness on a day when I get to reach my hand into our bag of reader e-mails and loose assorted sticks of chewing gum and paper clips and extract the weekly treats. Now, we can’t print everything you guys and even better, girls, send in. Sometimes it’s been previously published, sometimes there are issues with the photos, and sometimes we just don’t think selfies of your grandmother taking a bath are all that enticing. No offense, Jarls. But trust me when I say, we appreciate them all. Full chests, open tops can’t lose. On to Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Jewel holding her ta-ta in TJ Scott’s awesome In the Tub photobook (thank you to EgoReader ‘Michael G.’), a camel toe from Princess Letizia, the about to be Queen of Spain (eagled-eyed by ‘John B.’), a cleavy Instagram of Demi Rose, erstwhile model (kudos to ‘Dinero M.’), Malena Costa topless beneath the sun (Spanish tetas courtesy of ‘Chris’), Barbara Fialho topless and wicked hot (well, heck, also from ‘Chris’), Heidi Klum way back machine lingerie (silky goodness from ‘Ted’), Emily Blunt sextastic in photoshoot form (many kind expressions for ‘Julie N.’), Adrianne Curry cleavetastic training (benevolent beauty from ‘Ian’), Milla Jovovich topless with plenty of game (young Milla goodness from ‘Flannery’), Kristina Tsvetkova topless from Institute Magazine (Russian model hotness via ‘Jose’), Kate Winslet bedroom hot in Vanity Fair (underrated sextastic pimped by ‘Devon’), Anna Nicole Smith topless in her brief dramatic career (distributed kindly by ‘Serg’), Maggie Gyllenhaal nekkid stripped and searched (love them Maggie mams from ‘Steven J.’), Amanda Donohoe topless on an island (beachy goodies courtesy of ‘James’), Dawn Olivieri topless on the silver screen (lovely lady humps by ‘Castle’), Elizabeth Hurley topless in her own pre-star turn (more model goodies dropped off by ‘Diana’), Mariel Hemingway topless and ooh la la (lovely bubblies from ‘Ron W.’), Anja Rubik topless shoot by Paolo Roversi (you know I dig Anja, thanks ‘Lil’), Cora Keegan in a delicious nekkid shot (more hot skin thanks to ‘Millford’), Michelle Pfeiffer momentarily topless onscreen (lovely 80′s catch from ‘Tomas’), Sherilyn Fenn and Kristy McNichol topless lovelies (I almost forgot about this skintastic moment from ‘Rach’), lovely Eliza Cummings in bra and panties (visual blessings via ‘Sam’), Katy Perry cleavy in concert (lovely yams from ‘Darren’), and, last, but hardly least, a pair of pert young Melanie Griffith 70′s ta-tas (just outstanding peep from ‘Gene’). This might be too much, if too much celebrity sextastic were even possible. Enjoy.

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Malena Costa Bikini By Bike and By Pool Just Tremendously En Fuego

Malena Costa seems to be enjoying her Miami Beach vacation. I know I’m delighting in the down time of this uptown Spanish model as she preens and poses in her bikinis atop both bike and plunging into the waters of her resort pool in her brightly colored bikinis. They’ve yet to really invent anything more alluring than a sextastic model in a bikini on a bicycle. I always like to imagine they’re headed over to my place to play a little Strip Connect Four. Hey, it’s not just the basket on Malena’s bike that is announcing what we’d all like to see.

Malena Costa could be the cover girl for a tourism board pamphlet for just about any place in the world. I’d buy a ticket. And a two seater bike. It’s so much better when we get there together, Malena. Enjoy.

Malena Costa Bikini Pictures Bright Yellow for Bikini Judging Season

It’s nice to see the Spanish models getting into the bikini mix along Miami Beach, especially one as en fuego as Malena Costa, an Iberian hottie of immense proportions. Malena decided to throw her hot body into the ogle worthy competition this Spring in Miami going with a bright yellow two piece just to ensure she was not overlooked. As if a sultry beauty as alluring as Malena could be overlooked. Though it is true that people stick their noses into their portable electronic devices even at the killer hot girl beaches these days. Sad, but true (with the exception being you’re checking out on the mobile, naturally).

Malena, I welcome you into our world of prurient desire and fine dining at restaurants that utilize plastic sporks. You are a mighty fine addition. Enjoy.