Magdalena Frackowiak

Jourdan Dunn and Magdalena Frackowiak Hot Photoshoot In NYC

Jourdan Dunn and Magdalena Frackowiak were doing what they do best in New York City this week: being super hot. The girls were posing for Express and donned some pretty revealing sports outfits. There was plenty of bar-midriff, cleavage, and hip hugging workout pants to be had. To show the exertion that the clothes can endure, the ingenious photographer had them jump rope. Is there any exercise more wonderful for a spectator than a girl with bosoms like Jourdan or Magdalena jumping rope? Maybe jumping jacks, but I think jumping rope allows for a more static view of the bouncing awesomeness. I think that when jump rope is played in the Olympics it should only be done by girls like Jourdan and Magdalena and they have to wear skimpy sports bras. Think of the super slo-mo cam.

I'm just mad that I didn't know this photo shoot was going on in my city. I would have gone to ogle in person. Missed opportunity.

Magdalena Frackowiak Strikes Beaches Poses So Sextastic, You Will Likely Ruin Your Carpet

I can't believe I said I was in total lust with Magdalena Frackowiak before I even ever saw these Miami Beach photos of the crazy hot Polish model superstar. What did I know of lust then? I was like a child  filled with juvenile wonderment. Today, looking at Magdalena in her various little tops and bikinis and preening and posing her faptastic body, today, I am a man with lust in my heart, pumping out to every other station of my human form. Just so damn hot, I think I might actually shed a tear for the first time since the NFL conference championship weekend when I lost both my bets.

Magdalena, you are absolutely killing me. Please, don't stop. I'd rather die happy than live in a world without your bikini booty looking so perfectly pouty. Enjoy.

Magdalena Frackowiak Bikini Pictures Continue Their Crack A Lacking St. Bart’s Dominance

Magdalena Frackowiak is one fine looking Polish model. She's one fine looking woman period. Throw in a tiny bikini and some sextastic posting in St. Bart's, and you have the makings of one epic bikini pictorial, wherever it may finally make its published appearance.

There's really not much more pleasant to the eye than one amazingly hot bodied woman in a small two piece baring her body in the direction of the sun. And no job I'd like to have more than being the 'sand boy' on the set, removing the particulate matter from the gleaming body of one smoking hot woman like Magdalena. I wonder how much I'd have to pay per hour to obtain that position. Enjoy.

Magdalena Frackowiak Nipple Slips and Booty Views Are a Delicious Double Whammy


Magdalena Frackowiak is another one of those outrageously hot models with the tongue-twisting names that make us giggle, until we see her once more and become suddenly very serious. I was going to say stiff and serious, but that might be too evocative.

Posing for an outdoor photoshoot in her native Polish lands, the super model sextastic let loose a faptastic nipple slip and booty show that left us wondering what magazine her photos would ultimately, when we can see the outtakes, and who's the lucky bastard who got to help wardrobe her.

So many questions, but one single answer: Frackowiak. Remember it. Remember her. She is a delicious treat. Enjoy.

Magdalena Frackowiak Is Back in Bikinis (and We Are Very Happy)

Magdalena Frackowiak. The name so sextastically whack it evokes images of hot blonde Polish girls in bikinis on the beach. And Magdalena doth deliver in her latest pictorial for Victoria's Secret, in bikinis and some other bits of finery that we'd just assume snip off her ridiculously hot body.

At this point, V.S. seems destined to gobble up every single extraordinarily hot girl on the planet to model and pimp their wares. Some might call it a monopoly, some predatory business practices, we just call it a catalog full of ever increasing hotness. To the victor goes the spoils. That would be us, the gentleman oglers. Enjoy.

Magdalena Frackowiak Dares Challenge Candice Swanepoel for Hottest V.S. Bikini Photoshoot

Taking on the queen of the hill, that's a mighty undertaking for any woman, but might Polish model phenom Magdalena Frackowiak actually be up to the task.

Magdalena and uber-sextastic bikini model Candice Swanepoel were both in St. Bart's shooting more more more two-piece swimsuit pictures for Victoria's Secret, and, well, both of these women blew our socks off (that's a euphemism by the way, the plastic mats were down).

Two extremely fine looking ladies of the sunshine and skin sextacular, but who has the most smoking bikini pictorial?

Frackowiak or Swanepoel, Hotter Bikini Body?

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