Madalina Ghenea

Madalina Ghenea White Hot in Black Lingerie for GQ

You may, and should remember Madalina Ghenea as the wicked hot Romanian supermodel that was inserted last year as the stand-in sextastic beard for Leonardo DiCaprio after Bar Refaeli quit the position. Apparently, Madalina is now doinking Gerard Butler, and, well, when you look like Madalina, famous wealthy gentlemen will be calling on you and your vagina.

In the current edition of GQ Russia, the super hot bodied sultry femme fatale shows almost entirely what awaits the successful suitor. A perfect body, come hither looks, and other types of alluring female traits that have been ruining men with a smile for eons. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Enjoy.

Lily Cole Upskirt, Paz Vega Sideboob, and Madalina Ghenea Hotness Lead List of Ogle Worthy Moments Over Weekend in Cannes

Cannes was bustling this weekend with expensive jewelry and expensive cars and very expensive women. None of which I can afford right now, but, thankfully, I’m only really interested in one of those anyhow.

And while dozens and dozens of my fair celebrity ladies strutted their stuff in their elegant fashions, there were three hotties du Cannes that really struck a noteworthy chord with me. First, British actress and model Lily Cole, she’s kind of oddly weird and uncomfortable, but also alluring and, in this case, flashing her panties getting out of her limo, which equals bonus points for sure. Paz Vega was flashing some cleavage through her cut-top dress, which when added to her existing hotness, just made her that much more smoking. And Madalina Ghenea, the sweetly hot model once tagged to be Leonard DiCaprio’s new beard, well she’s recovered in super fine form and just looked all kinds of wicked alluring on the red carpet.

In summary, unless you’ve got a yacht, Cannes can be a tough field to play. But the ogles are always free here on Egotastic! Enjoy.

Madalina Ghenea Lingerie Pictures Highlight the Umpteenth Million Super Hot Model Girlfriend for Leonardo DiCaprio

Okay, we get it highly paid image experts, Leonardo DiCaprio just can’t stop dating super amazingly hot models. An endless line that recently included Bar Refaeli, then Blake Lively, now Madalina Ghenea, the Romanian-born fashion model seen just looking all kinds of outrageously hot in her latest photoshoot for Lascana lingerie. Oh, he loves sports too. Sports and hot babes, that’s all Leo can really think about. Maybe tools and trucks and drinking brewskis with his boys at the sports bar. One really does need to check in with his P.R. team  to get the latest news on just how super regular dude like Leo is.

I suppose the crafting of such tales is the downside to leading a public life in Hollywood where image trumps reality, the upside for Egotastic! readers of course is that Leo’s carefully crafted love provides us with the basis for showing you even more hot actresses and models seen sneaking out of his hotel in the morning, always sneaking those models. Enjoy.