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Lydia Hearst Topless Big Tops At The Circus, Still My Favorite Heiress

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We follow many heiresses and next gen celebrity offspring on this little blog of ours. Let’s face it, rich famous good looking people tend to make good looking progeny. Damn you, genetics. But Lydia Hearst, heir to the Hearst publishing fortune, really is one of our unsung heroes. The alt-model shows up about once every year or two in a new set of topless pictures in fashion and style magazines. Sort of at random, but never without satisfaction of the visual variety.

In her latest revelations in Treats magazine, the New York based bit of brunette lovely, peels back her top to reveal her absolutely perfect pair of pouty puppies. I alliterate when I get excited, excuse me. Look past all the art and style and feast your peeps upon a beautiful woman who also happens to be worth a cool $100 million. That shouldn’t matter, but it does to me as I need a woman to keep me in the lifestyle to which I’ve become accustomed. Granted, that can likely be achieved through about $500 worth of Groupons, but I wouldn’t mind a trip to the Mall of America at some point in my life. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Treats! Magazine

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Lydia Hearst Topless Pictures For Your Half-Nekkid Heiress Ogling Needs

Lydia Hearst Topless Terry Richardson Photoshoot at Chateau Marmont
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Nary a night goes by when photographer to the disaffected stars, Terry Richardson, gets somebody to take their clothes off in his Chateau Marmont hotel room and start snapping away with his camera.

His latest subject, Lydia Hearst, erstwhile model and actress and daughter to Patty Hearst, heiress to the Hearst publishing empire. You probably don’t remember Lydia Hearst from her stint on Gossip Girl, and you may not know her from her various modeling assignments for Vogue and other fashion magazines, but, now you know her as the topless hot-bodied girl from the hotel, the heiress not afraid to take her clothes off. Enjoy.

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Topless with Lydia Hearst and Friends in Purple Magazine


Rosie Huntington-Whitely is one of my new favourite models. Mostly because she’s always topless or naked. Take these new Rosie Huntington-Whitely topless pictures from Purple magazine. As is obvious, she’s topless again. And so are her model friends Lydia Hearst, Eniko Mihalik, and Irina Lazareanu. The other one is Constance Jablonski, but she’s not topless for some reason. Also, when I grow up, I want to be Terry Richardson, because all he seems to do is take pictures of hot, naked Supermodels.

Also, Eniko Mihalik is a new favourite for the same reasons as listed above. And she’s super hot.

Lydia Hearst Topless Pictures from GQ Italy


Well, it looks like this economy is really hitting everyone hard, because here’s the heiress to the Hearst Publishing fortune, Lydia Hearst topless in GQ Italy this month. I guess she was really in need of a paycheck. Okay, maybe not, but at least it’s good to know that she has something to fall back on when the magazine industry finally implodes completely. Now, if she was smart, she would pose nude in Esquire, a Hearst magazine, rather than their competition, GQ, but I guess that’s why she’s just a model, and not actually running the company (into the ground).

Lydia Hearst Nude in Self Service Magazine


Self Service magazine is one of those mags that basically just publishes photos of naked models and calls it “High Fashion Photography.” Whatever they call it, I’m cool with it. Especially when they have photos like these Lydia Heart nude pictures. I suppose she’s modelling clothes here, but either she really doesn’t know how to use butons (which is a pretty basic concept in modelling), or it’s just a flimsy excuse to show some boobs. Either way, it works.

And just think of it this way: If you’re too shy to pick up a copy of Playboy or Penthouse on the newsstands, then no one will think twice if you pick up Self Service. Except the name kind of gives away what you’ll be doing in 15 minutes, and you’re basically trading off being perceived as a pervert for being perceived as gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Lydia Hearst Doesn’t Like Britney Spears, Does Like Being Naked, and Groped

You might think that a model like Lydia Hearst, who seems to spend much of her time getting naked, and being groped, would have a certain affinity for one Britney Spears, who shares similar tastes in recreational activities, but you would be wrong.

According to the New York Daily News, Hearst, a model and heiress to the Hearst family fortune, designed a limited edition handbag for Puma, but wouldn’t give one to Britney Spears, because she thinks Britney isn’t a good role model.

I’m only giving the bag to accomplished young women who are doing something positive to affect the world around them. They are women I look up to and respect, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker and Anne Hathaway.

They share the same high standards of giving back to the communities in which they live

I’m not sure when modeling completely see-through bikinis made you a great role model, either, but Britney definitely isn’t one. That must really sting for Britney, though. She’s so lowly regarded that she can’t even score free swag from a model who just stands around naked having her breasts groped. That’s low.

Question: when your bikini is so porous that your nipples just go right through the big holes, is that considered a nipple slip?

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