Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder 2013 Topless Calendar Pictures Hot Enough to Form a Rift in the Space-Time Continuum


You know we happen to believe that Lucy Pinder is one of the single most sextastic women walking the face of this gaseous orb we call our home planet. Just drop dead hottie. When she puts those glasses on, the flickering arrow tilts right into red overload mode as the pressure builds to dangerous levels.

Lucy doesn't do nearly as much topless modeling as she used to, so it's even a greater treat when the ridiculously good-looking brunette favors her ogling gentleman brigade with fun flashes of her perfectly plump melons. It's a doubleheader of the DD-variety.

Our friends at Nuts magazine were kind enough to preview Lucy's 2013 topless wall calendar, which if it isn't hanging somewhere in your eyeball range on January 1, 2013, well, shame on you. Enjoy.

Lucy Pinder and Holly Peers and Friends Topless for Bodacious Brunette Goodness


I love any theme that involves super hot topless women. The theme could be 'Chicks Who Dig Tree Frogs' or 'Women Scared of Model Trains', I care not, so long as the list includes a bevy of sensational looking women with even more sensational funbags.

Of course, our friends across the pond at Nuts magazine get more to the point with their themes, is in the case of their outstanding current pictorial entitled 'Big Boobed Brunettes', which features among the winners the uber-sextastic Lucy Pinder and the amazing Holly Peers; they both certainly more than qualify for the category.

Yes, we love a good theme, especially one that requires very little thinking and lots of ogling. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Lucy Pinder Topless Bikini Pictures Made Even Hotter With Friends


I think Barney sang a wonderful song about the value of friendship, and that purple dinosaur come to life had not yet even seen the true value of friendship, as in when the smoking sextastic Lucy Pinder got together with her busty BFFs, Sabine Jemeljanova, Emily O'Hara, and Lacey Banghard to shoot a 'bikini comes off' sextacular pictorial for our friends at Nuts.

Now, I'm not saying that you can't have friends for all sorts of fun-time activities, but the super hottie friends you have that get topless with you on the beach, those are the truest friends of all. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Kristen Stewart Topless on the Road, Charlize Theron Topless, Candice Swanepoel Topless, and Much Much More…


Thank whatever higher power you believe in that we've reached the end of this week. What a mother-bleeping turn of the screw this one was what with the holiday weekend and having to be in court to battle charges of... well, nevermind, that's kind of personal. The point is, what of my personal soothing balms is the application of celebrity flesh, the pot of stone sextastic soup assembled by all of you, for all of us, to come together as on. Yep, Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Charlize Theron topless in her classic bunny shoot, Candice Swanepoel flashing her tube tops in another classic magazine pictorial, Brooke Hogan covered topless, Lucy Pinder deliciously topless, Kristen Stewart topless in On The Road and some sweet sideboob from the Cosmopolis movie premiere, Ali Larter nipple pokes, Virgina Efira covered topless, Ricki-Lee Coulter covered topless, Russian pole-vaulter Darya Klishina, and three super curvy girls deliciously nekkid in Vogue France. Enjoy.

Lucy Pinder Topless Hot and Amazing in Loaded Magazine

Topless in Glasses
Lucy Pinder Screencaps From Her Mobile App Promo
Thanks Lucy. That'll do just fine. Read More »

I saw the movie Polar Express where the crazy-eyed little animated kid learned from Tom Hanks that he just needed to BELIEVE in Santa Claus and then I guess he would get presents for life or something. I don't exactly remember because those little Children of the Corn eyes in all the little cartoon kids in that movie gives me nightmares to this day, but I do remember, that if you only believe, then all your dreams can come true.

For several years now I have believed that Lucy Pinder is one of the world's greatest glamorous funbag treasures. Okay, not that I was alone in this regard, but I did believe that she deserved far more attention, and, let's call it, exhibition space. I didn't need Tom Hanks dressed in a conductor suit to teach me that Lucy's fabulous chest puppies and her hot looks, when properly combined, could bring a smile even to Victoria Beckham's face (obviously, that's not a real life example). And, through all this belief, the time has finally come that Lucy Pinder is getting her due, just appearing left and right and up and down.

In the July edition of Loaded magazine, Lucy Pinder just tops them all with her beautiful round tops and wicked come-hither looks. In fact, I've been coming hither for the past three hours just checking out Lucy. I invite you to experience the same. Enjoy.

Lucy Pinder Topless Pictures Will Start Your Engines, Rev Your Motor, and Blow Your Gaskets


I really can't get enough Lucy Pinder.

I was thinking the other day if I could, imagining the possibility of too much Lucy Pinder hotness, like what if she had seventeen ridiculously hot funbags instead of just two, a hot body that refused to ever leave your side, or a sultry come-hither smile that was on 24 hours a day. And that would still never be enough.

Even without her glasses on, the spectacles that turn wanton men into a public spectacle when viewing, Lucy Pinder might just be the glamour model to beat on the entire Isle of Britannia. In her new cover pictorial for Nuts magazine, the sextastic brunette mixes see-through lingerie, cars, and her own twin-tata-turbine engine to win the checkered flag (and that flag wasn't checkered when we started ogling her today, I assure you). Just such a delicious treat. Enjoy.

Lucy Pinder Topless In Glasses, This Might Be Her Greatest Look Ever (VIDEO)


There's no doubt Lucy Pinder is one of our very most favorite of the sextastic Britty glamour models, something very naughty librarian about her whole hot look. So when we saw her playing up her naughty girl in glasses topless thing in what seems to be a promo for her app (who doesn't have an app these days?), well, we fell into about a six hour tailspin of fantasies involving late night bookstacking, the Dewey Decimal System, and Lucy Pinder all kinds of falling out of her top.

Take a look for yourself and see if you don't just want to have this librarian shoosh you but hard in the pants. Enjoy.