Lucy Pinder

Thank God It’s Funbags! Lucy Pinder’s Topless Perfect Play Plays Our Friday Song


Oh, yes, we've reached the happiest moment of the week. That time in which all the work that is behind is behind, and all the debauchery, sports, and napping on the the couches of strangers lay before. That might be lie. But it's most definitely not a lie, which is why on Fridays of all days, we truly celebrate the fluffy goodness that brings a smile to every man and Sapphic leaning woman's face. Big beautiful bodacious breasts. All the more perfect when attached to a super sextastic woman like Lucy Pinder in her brand new Nuts photoshoot.

Now, I once made the mistake of calling Lucy Pinder the most alluring woman in the world. A mistake in so much as I got tons of angry letters from readers who begged to differ, and since I got zero nookie from Lucy out of such a lofty compliment, well, I've since learned to keep the superlatives to a minimum. But, oh, my. That body, that come hither and play touch football with me look. It's a killer. And a great way to kick off the weekend. Thank God It's Fumbags!

Lucy Pinder Topless Pictures Loaded with Religious Iconongraphy


We have a mighty mighty thing for Lucy Pinder and her bodily wonderments. We're even willing to interpret her latest pictorial set in Loaded magazine, where Lucy seems to be caught up in the papal nominating process that is not sweeping the rest of the world.

While we stay away from all things religious on Egotastic!, we do definitely drive right toward all things boobtastic, And, yes, the idea of snogging Lucy Pinder naughtily in the pews of some church, that is appealing. But, mostly, we'd just like to see her portrayal of Eve in the Garden, as we help her lose her innocence. Enjoy.

Lucy Pinder Topless, Hot, and At Her ‘Boobiest’ Ever for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays


According to our good friends at Nuts magazine, this is officially the 'boobiest' photoshoot ever of the gloriously desirable Lucy Pinder.

Now, I don't speak British so well, and I really have no idea what the lads mean by 'boobiest', but it's not the kind of title you question. Man instinct tells you it's just the kind of thing you're going to have to peruse for your own self. And peruse we are, at the supremely passion inducing soft and perfectly fluffy lady parts on Lucy Pinder, a girl we have lusted since we first feasted peeps upon her.

On Tuesdays, like all other days of the week, we bow down to the best and most boobtastic of visual treats. Make no mistake about it, Lucy is a treat for two. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Fired School Teacher Stacie Halas in Naughty Repose, Olga Kurylenko Nekkid, Eva Mendes Wicked Hot, and Much Much More…


Wow, what a week. I feel deader than Manti Te'o's girlfriend (too early?). But there's nothing to rejuvenate the soul quite like the dulcet visuals of the collective celebrity skin we like to call Reader Finds. That once a week gathering of some of the finest souls on this planet to exchange and intercourse some of the most outrageously hot skin-filled celebrity poses. Think of it as a TED Conference, if TED Conferences were really fucking interesting.

This week's Reader Finds includes Brooke Hogan nip slip on TNA Wrestling (thanks to our favorite EgoReader "Anon'), models Lynette Harris and Nikki Lee Young topless painted up for New England vs. Baltimore showdown in BlazingHot magazine (contributed by 'Jim S.' of Premier Rides coaster builders), Stacie Halas, the middle school teacher fired for being Tiffany Six, porn star (inspired by naughty student 'Thomas'), more topless modeling pictures form Emily DiDonato (kudios to 'Ty'), Eva Mendes so supremely hot in black and white (thank you 'Junirods'), Miley Cyrus see-through to the nips (donated by 'Alberto'), Mary Louise Parker showing off her own hotself on Instagram (bless you 'Mike'), Lucy Pinder smoking hot in lingerie (we owe thanks to 'Evan G.'), Holly Peers, Nicole Neal, and Staci Noblett topless Pabo 2013 screencaps (lovely lasses by 'Rome'), Helena Christensen poking hot (dropped delicious from 'Steve J.'), Laura Harring sexy leg show (thank you kindly, 'Derrick'), Chabeli Navarro and Cristina Merino topless screencaps for Interviu magazine photoshoot (a million Internet points for 'Devon'), more Lucy Pinder topless with her gal pal Rosie Jones in their Nuts photoshoot (contributed by 'Barry'), Olga Kurylenko quite unclothed and sweet (delivered to doorstep by 'Wayne C.'), and Wendy Fiore in the world's most improbably covered topless shower scene, from (kudos to 'Vanua'),  Damn, that's a lot of skin! Enjoy.

Lucy Pinder, India Reynolds, Holly Peers, and Rosie Jones Fabulous Funbag Foursome for X-mas Joy


It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. When children are laughing and playing in the snow. Mistletoe hanging. Trees a flocking. And the sense of winter wonderment is everywhere. Most especially on the pages of Nuts magazine for their annual X-mas special pictorial featuring four of the hottest women on this here planet, Lucy Pinder, India Reynolds, Rosie Jones, and Holly Peers literally lighting your yule logs on fire with topless holiday merriment.

Now, I know every family has their own Christmas traditions, but in the Egotastic! house, the annual leering and ogling of Britty glamour models jiggling about and tossing fake snowballs ranks well above ornament dangling. Enjoy.

Lucy Pinder Topless, Angelic, Nekkid, Devilish Goodness


People often ask me, even just this very morning, 'Hey, shithead, what's with you and Lucy Pinder? Why are you so obsessed with that girl?'. And I usually answer back, 'STFU, Mom! You just don't get what me and Lucy have together.' Then usually the police are called, somebody in reflective sunglasses mutters something about outstanding warrants, and I'm left in a holding cell for 24 hours with a bunch of guys who look at me like I look at Lucy. It never ends well.

What's with me and Lucy Pinder? Well, she just happens to be one of the most dope girls on the face of this six or seven or eight billion person planet (I'm too tired to Wiki), a stunning brunette with a simply perfect body and an alluring glance that will allure you right out of your common senses. Could you imagine saying 'no' to this girl for any request?

In her brand new pictorial from our friends at Nuts magazine, Lucy literally glows with sextastic as she bares her body for the benefit of oglers, admirers, and just anyone who has to decide whether to dress to the left or the right in the morning. Lucy has been blessed with certain talents and she shares those talents with the world. That is the definition of grace (and super wicked hotness). Enjoy.

Lucy Pinder Topless Lingerie Brings Us One Step Closer to Heaven


To say we're deeply in lust with Lucy Pinder, that might be the understatement of the millenium. The brunette vixen from across the pond photographs ridiculously well (not all super hot girls do, mind you) and in the hands of a photographer like Frank White, turns a lingerie striptease pictorial into a piece of art. Well, pieces of art. At least two amazing pieces.

At some point, we need to start recognizing different categories of hotness, echelons of Egotastic!, but for today, we'll just recognize Lucy Pinder as a girl who has a higher success rate than Viagra in firming up the male constitution. Enjoy.