Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, Holly Peers and the Whole Gang Topless to Celebrate a 500th Anniversary

Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, Holly Peers and Pals Topless for Nuts 500th Issue
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I’m not sure what you get somebody for their 500th anniversary, but in the case of the 500th edition of Nuts magazine, I suppose you send bronzed boobs or something contextually relevant. I know dinnerware won’t do them much good.

To celebrate the 500th printed edition of the magazine, the lads across the pond brought together just about every heavy-boobweight in their arsenal for a celebratory photoshoot. Kind of encapsulating what is good and decent and round about curvaceous young British women with their coquettish smiles and flowing hair and flouncing funbags. Just one super groovy visual party, to say the least. Happy Anniversary!

Lucy Pinder Topless Summer Poolside Perfection for Ta-Ta-Tuesday


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Lucy Pinder makes me want to be a better, bigger, and slightly wealthier man. Just seeing her deliciously DD orbs of goodness inspires me to want to build something impressive. Maybe like a grand canal or a suspension bridge at perilous heights or something that would get Lucy to say, ‘So, you built that yeah? How about a snoggle?’. At least, that’s how it plays out in my dreams.

Seeing Lucy stripping out of her bikini by the pool serves to remind us on this Tuesday that all great things come in pairs. Think about it, but not too hard, because I’m probably wrong. But not in the case of the ridiculously hot Lucy Pinder funbags. On those, I stand firm. As it were. Go on about your business. Enjoy.

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Rosie Jones, Lucy Pinder, Holly Peers, and Other Hotties Topless Behind the Scenes of the Hot Shots 2014 Calendar

BTS of Rosie Jones, Holly Peers, Lucy Pinder and Friends Topless Hotshots 2014 Calendar
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What can you say about a calendar that features the likes of Rosie Jones, Danni Wells, Sophie Howard, Holly Peers, Lucy Pinder, and Kelly Hall in and out of various bikini and low cut outfits, flashing their bare funbags for the love of all things 2014? Well, you can say, come on January 1, I know it’s only August, but you can’t get here soon enough.

We love us some wicked hot boobtastic Britty glamour models. When you start getting them together, in and out of pools and fun cosplay costumes, in and out of their clothes, our love turns to full on lust and a desire to start buying things. Starting with the 2014 Hot Shots calendar when that must-be-amazing eye popper comes to market. Selling to us is ever so simple. Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Lucy Pinder Topless Hot in Black and White and Nerdy Glasses


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Arriving at the hump is not such a monumental moment as climbing over the hump, most especially when those humps belong to the belusted and crazy hot Lucy Pinder.

Now, I’m one of those guys who sees the world class sextastic of Lucy Pinder and thinks to myself, yep, there is no possible way this girl could get any hotter. Well, she just did. I don’t know if it’s the attainable nerd girl in glasses thing or the mesmerizing effect of the black and white photography, but I can not stop staring at Lucy nor imagining her as my study partner in college. Had I ever studied, or gone to college, let alone every been within fifty feet of a girl as hot as Lucy.

On this Wednesday, when we celebrate all things holy hot and soft and full, I can not help but drop to my knees, clasp my hands together, and thank whoever it is that produced Lucy Pinder. Somebody deserves some flowers or a basket of cookies or something for this wondrous creation. Enjoy.

Lucy Pinder Topless Supreme Hotness for Mammarial Mondays


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I can think of no more vivid R.E.M. sleep dream than those I dream of Lucy Pinder and the fun we would have in our Swiss Alps lodge whilst snowed in for several months during the bitter winters. Not only do Lucy and I manage to keep the home fires burning, but the byproduct of our constant love making melts ice and snow on pathways to the homes of old widows who may now be rescued before the harsh temperatures can take them. We are hailed as heroes of the mountain village, a statue erected in the town square of Lucy and I intertwined in a passionate full-body embrace, as children in odd costumes play various woodland instruments. Not that I’ve thought about this too much.

On Mondays, why not kick the week off with some mammries of the very highest order. My object d’ lust, Lucy Pinder, stripping out of her white body suit and right into your own middle of the night home theater of the mind. Enjoy.

Lucy Pinder Topless for 2014 Calendar Sneaky Peeky Preview

Lucy Pinder Topless 2014 Calendar Preview
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Is it truly possible that the 2014 glam model calendars are already well into production? Damn, I feel like just yesterday we were declaring this Lucky ’13 and putting up an entire assortment of Britain’s finest boobtastic on our walls here in the office. I think that actually was yesterday. But, 2014 calendar sales season will be upon us quicker than we know, though not quicker than Lucy Pinder knows judging by this sneak peek at her upcoming year’s monthly mammarial blessings.

Wow. It’s crazy how each year you think there’s no way they could possibly top last year. Then along comes Lucy several years into her calendars now and with the sheer force of the sextastic, blows us away for another twelve months. Oh that she blows us. Enjoy.

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Lucy Pinder Topless Black Body Suit Unwrapping

Lucy Pinder Topless in a Black Bodysuit Screencaps
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I will unapologetically state that if I were building an ark for the next big flood, I’d make sure that Lucy Pinder was aboard the vessel for human repopulation following the retreat of the waters. So, make that me, Lucy, and about  ten to twenty other perfect specimens of female-hood who would undertake this prodigious task. I’m fully committed to this venture.

Just look at the ridiculously hot Lucy Pinder in this black body suit striptease and tell me you’d have any trouble reproducing the species in rapid fire format if Lucy were walking around your making-of-the-sexy corner in your hut. The full ripe body alone bespeaks of fertility perhaps never seen before in human history save for Catholic high school girls I knew who used to become with-child just from getting to second base. Ah, Lucy, our 117 children together will have your looks and my, well, my Fantastic Four edition #4 mint condition. They will be as gods. Enjoy.