Lucy Collett

Lucy Collett Topless Lingerie Self-Shots Put Ginger in Red for Supreme Visual Treats


I'm not sure when Lucy Collett got the incredible idea to start shooting herself being all kinds of sextastic and naughty with her own camera, but I am feeling blessed that she began.

This has been a true Renaissance of lust-inducement for the ginger hottie celeb glamour model, taking visual matters into her own hands, and lucky hands indeed. Lucy's fully-curved out body might exhibit all kinds of hotness when photographed from an appropriate angle by a second-party, but it exhibits even more smoking hotness when photographed by Lucy herself from many inappropriate angles. This is like discovering the best found footage ever. I think I might cry. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Lucy Collett Handheld Cam Topless Shower Time Rub a Dub Photos


My lust for the ginger-topped Lucy Collett really knows no bounds. But it's upper most reaches are being stretched today (as it were) with the unveiling of these candidly shot photos of Lucy in the shower making herself all clean, in betwixt what I imagine in my mind to be several bouts of first getting very dirty.

On this midweek day, the hump of our work existence, we need solace and sustenance of a different kind. A fleshy, soft, and inviting kind. And I can think of no more perfect pair of pillows in which to flop down than the wet and soapy pair of Lucy Collett. Huzzah!

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Lucy Collett Fires the Big Red Guns Against Sabine Jemeljanova in Our Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic


Wow, talk about choosing between which of your children you love the most (always a sore spot for me as my parents chose in the same humiliating order kids at school picked me for sports), two titans of the topless awesome, ginger sextastic being Lucy Collett, and brunette bombshell Sabine Jemeljanova. What is a boy labeled a simpleton by obviously errant standardized testing to do?

Well, as always, in our weekly Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic, we force you to decide. To tell one super hot girl with amazing funbags that she's simply not good enough on this day, on this field. Tough, but it must be done. So let's do it now. Who's ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Lucy Collett vs. Sabine Jemeljanova

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Humpday Huzzah! Lucy Collett Topless Ginger White Lingerie Perfection!


You probably couldn't tell, but I have a little thing for ginger glamour model extraordinaire, Lucy Collett. You call her 'chunky' around me and we are going to have to step outside, I mean, so I can tell you just all the ways that Jell-O shakes like jam when we play bounce house slap and tickle.

This has truly been one of those weeks when, like a man adrift at sea, you look for any jetsam or flotsam to keep you afloat, and I choose to cling to the epic boobtastic bonanaza of Lucy Collett, and cling there as a monkey child does to his mother during morning branch swing time. I am not letting go.

That body, those eyes, that ginger, it's all about to kill me softly and I could care less. I invite you to join in, I mean, on your own, not together, that'd get us both kick out of the gym (or invited to the Y). Huzzah!

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Humpday Huzzah! Lucy Collett Topless Leopard Print Striptease Makes Us Say ‘Me-Effin-Ow!’


Well, it's Wednesday, the bump in the center of our working-not-so-hard week, and a time to celebrate all things air-fluffed and sextacular. The fun filled fleshy funbags that makes our hearts go pitter patter, our loins take control of our brains, and most every other care in the world fade away to a very distant second place behind dreams of motorboating happy pleasure giggle times. Ah, boobs.

This week's Humpday Huzzah comes courtesy of our favorite full-bodied redhead, Lucy Collett, a passion-inducing gal who doesn't need a sandwich, but still might delight in finding a couple doughy portions to wrap around meat, at least, we would be delighted if this hottie would so oblige. A ginger in leopard print (but not for long).

Check out Lucy and see if your world doesn't suddenly become a little brighter. Enjoy.

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Lucy Collett Plays With Her Bikini Bottom In Topless Tease for Ta-Ta-Tuesday


We've seen the photos from the pictorial below, but there's truly nothing better than when our ginger lust crushes are set in motion on video, as in Lucy Collett performing her strip-teasing dance outside a pickup truck in this truly memorable bit of visual motion wonderment.

Now, I'm not sure if it's the bikini tugs up and down on her bottoms, or the blessed pillow reveal up top, or maybe it's just the sight of a truck that looks like a baby I owned for a brief, but highly spirited period of my life, but this site of the redheaded bombshell just has me flashing back, forward, and sideways to all sorts of memorable naughty life moments.

On this Ta-Ta-Tuesday, when we celebrate all that is plush and curvaceous, Lucy Collett, you have landed a mini-masterpiece. Enjoy.

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Lucy Collett Topless Pictures Get Animal for Mammarial Mondays


As much as we are fond of Kate Middleton, the Britty lady we intend to fully populate the empire with continues to be ginger-snapping hottie Lucy Collett, who in a fine little bit of animal striptease, shows exactly why she deserves to be called queen of the realm.

On this Mammarial Monday, we celebrate all that is good and fluffy in the chestal region of some of our favorite and most delicious women in the entire world. Heck, we celebrate that any day. But on a day we get to celebrate with Lucy, it's a special day indeed. Enjoy.

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