Lucy Collett

Lucy Collett Topless, Barely Legal Candids? Do We Dare to Dream on Mammarial Monday?


Either thanks or curses-straight-to-hell for EgoReader 'Damon' who sent us these images of what is purportedly a younger amateur Lucy Collett having fun in the tub. This is pre-ginger crush, pre-glamour modeling (hopefully not pre-graduating high school). But Lucy in the early ever so promising years. It sure looks like her, though always hard to say for sure when the modeling ladies go through so many dramatic transformations from day one to the present.

On Mammarial Mondays, we dare to dream big. And nothing perhaps bigger than the ever so fine funbags of our belusted Lucy Collett, perhaps here and coquettishly wet in her passion inducing early stages. Enjoy.

Rosie Jones Topless Contest With Lucy Collett in the Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic


Talk about your battle of the titty titans. Our highly belusted long time since barely legal lust, Rosie Jones, pits her forefronts against the mighty ginger spectaculars of Lucy Collett, a woman for whom we've hyperventilated to dangerous degrees on more than one occasion. This is like watching Batman battle Superman, if both superheroes were incredibly hot women with amazing funbags.

Still, even in a Battle of the Boobtastic superpowers, one must win and one must go home in tears. And you have been granted the power to make this determination. So, I ask you, between these two ridiculously hot melon-ripe Page 3 models, who's ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Rosie Jones vs. Lucy Collett

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Lucy Collett Topless White on Ginger Perfection


I once saw somebody with a very big number of letters in their degree on daytime TV say that the more you love somebody, the prettier they become to you. It's been proven with science. Then all the ladies in the audience nodded their heads and agreed. And I shook my bowl of Fruity Pebbles in concurrence.

But I was thinking lust, not love. For clearly the more I lust a sweet hot ginger with the body faptastic like Lucy Collett, she surely seems to be getting prettier and prettier. I think that daytime female relationship expert was on to something, and maybe even without the aid of seeing such simply majesty as Lucy removing her white top over her ginger topped bodacious body to release her championship hounds.

Everybody seeks out the perfect relationship in life. A companion for the ages that fits you like a glove. I'll take Lucy Collett, and, yes, I will fit the glove. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Lucy Collett Topless Lingerie Pictures To Soothe All That Ails You


You laugh at me when I say that beautiful bouncy funbags can save this world. I know you do. I can hear you. I'm like Carrie on Prom Night, but a little less clueless. So, go ahead and mock my crazy beliefs, but I still have true faith in the fact that glorious boobtastic displays like the perfectly plump roundabouts on the frontside of Lucy Collet can heal any and all ailments, Both physical and emotional.

This midweek tradition of celebrating bodacious boobs is more than just a visual treat, it's a healing ritual. You may have an entirely different belief about achieving peace, but I assure you this, my belief is much hotter than yours. Enjoy.

(For more glorious Lucy Collett hotness, be sure to check out her official site at

Emily O’Hara Dares Chest Up to Lucy Collett In This Week’s Battle of the Boobtastic (But Can She Win?)


I've kind of got my Irish up this week, and how can I not when Emily O'Hara throws her fine pair in the ring against ginger curvaceous darling Lucy Collett. Not since Gentleman Jim Corbett took the title from John Sullivan have we seen such a sporting tournament between two children of Irishy type descent. And while that 19th century pugilistic battle will be forever remembered, if I'm going to see two people dancing around topless and sweaty, I'd just assume it was Emily and Lucy.

But, alas, as the Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic is nothing if not a true sport, one must win, and one must lose. So, in your most humble of opinions, who's ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Emily O'Hara vs. Lucy Collett

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Lucy Collett Topless Self Photos Continue to Reel in the Ginger Goodies


How blessed were we the day Lucy Collett decided to start taking pictures of herself in various state of boobtastic undress? Let me answer for you -- very lucky.

The ginger topped curvaceous hottie has always been photogenic, but when she turns the camera on herself, it's visual wonderment times some number higher than I can count as she reveals her sweet luscious body and all of its perfectly obtuse parts. There's not a single straight line on this woman's body, other than the arrows I'm imagining in my mind pointing to everything on my personal wishlist. Not bucket list mind you, because if I ever got the chance to motorboat those uncaged fluffy beasts, I'd know I'm already in heaven. Enjoy.

(For more glorious Lucy Collett hotness, be sure to check out her official site at

Lucy Collett Topless Topless Ginger Hotness in More Sextastic Self-Pics


Lucy Collett can not stop taking pictures of her own hot body. And can you blame her?

The object of our sweet ginger lust has found a new hobby in photographing herself while stripping down to bare her boobtastic faptastics and it's hot Lucy Collett times about a million. Something quite naughty about a sextastic redhead shooting her curvaceous self as she removes her little underthings for the entire world to see. I mean, yeah, I imagine it's just for me, but I'm guessing she has the wider audience in mind. How else to explain that cheeky smile?

Lucy, we love this new direction. Outside of us shooting you, this is most definitely our favorite angle. Enjoy.

(For more glorious Lucy Collett hotness, be sure to check out her official site at