Lucy Collett

Lucy Collett Topless Striptease for Your Full-Bodied Ginger Lusting Needs

Lucy Collett Strips Off Dress and Goes Topless Outside
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Oh, how I love a stripping ginger in the morning. Or afternoon, or evening. Or just continuously throughout the day. The mere sight of our Rubenesque redhead Lucy Collett makes me smile. The notion that she’s about to strip out of her dress and flash her round rump and beautiful bodacious funbags simply makes me smile all over. I just can’t shake this happy feeling. Such is the power of the boobtastic.

On Thursdays, we like to honor the goddesses of chestal goodness. The curvaceous ladies that make you drop to your knees to thank Mother Nature for ever conceiving of creating a sight such as Lucy Collett wearing not much more than a smile. Hope springs eternal. I recommend plastic sheets for that. Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Lucy Collett Topless and Stripping Out of Her Jeans for Denim Delights

Lucy Collett Strips Topless From Her White Top and Denim Jeans
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Sometimes I worry that I overuse the word ‘alluring’, but I must tell you that I never use it, unless I feel it. And, sure, I’m a man prone to lusting women in deep and often unhealthy healthy sort of ways. I find so much about the fairer sex to be alluring. Sometimes it’s the obvious, sometimes it’s just a red nail polished little toe that I want to wiggle all the way home. With Lucy Collett this midweek, it’s just about everything, including her shimmy out of her jeans. A classic allure if you will, the curvaceous babe peeling off her denim to reveal the lower half of a ridiculously curvy sweet package.

Ginger lust and sweet-cushion dreams collide when it comes to seeing Lucy Collett stripping down to her faptastic female form. Consider me allured. And happy. And unapologetic. Huzzah!

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Lucy Collett Topless, Ginger, and Grabbing Her Own Funbags Because Why the Heck Not

Lucy Collett Topless in Loaded Magazine 235
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Everytime I see Lucy Collett topless I hear the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds playing in my head. It’s obviously somewhat in reference to her name, but also that dreamy trippy state I feel when staring straight into the glorious funbags of this darling ginger crush Britty babe.

Our friends at Loaded magazine obviously share the same fantastical fascination with Lucy, featuring her in their new edition, and encouraging Lucy to grab hold of her own bazoongas in the manner of a woman quite pleased with her rack. And what’s not be pleased about? If I had Lucy’s luscious melons, you’d never find me out of the bubble bath or without my favorite oversized sponge. Doctors would be forced to warn me about excessive nipple play. It would be tremendous, though, far more fun seeing them teased on the likes of Lucy. Enjoy.

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Lucy Collett Topless in the Sunshine to End Cap Your Week

Lucy Collett Takes Off Her Yellow Shirt for a Topless Photoshoot
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If you don’t think that little yellow top is coming off my belusted full-bodied ginger hottie Lucy Collett, then this must be your very first TGIF. It is, and they are magnificent.

On this Friday, the end of a long week and the prelude to both cleaning your car and dirtying your mind (if all goes well), we celebrate the luscious ripe melons of summer. Specifically, the ones belonging to some of our very favorite ladies. Lucy Collett is a girl I would like to get to know in a Biblical sense. Specifically, some being fruitful and multiplying type activities. Oh, how prodigious we could be. Thank God It’s Funbags!

Humpday Huzzah! Lucy Collett Topless Garden Goodness

Lucy Collett Strips Topless in My Garden Photoshoot
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Oh, dear Lucy, how does your garden grow?

Our heavily belusted full-figured ginger topped glamour model Lucy Collett can do no wrong, but oh, so much right. As in right this very minute, checking out her bare unbelievably hot body and top in this garden striptease pictorial. It’s hard to imagine finding a nicer example of natural goodness in nature, and I am quite content with Lucy on the lawn.

This mid-week we tribute all that brings us pleasure and comes in round containers. Most notably, the soft sweet feather pillows of our passion inducing spark plug, Lucy Collett. Huzzah!

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Lucy Collett Topless Selfies Hot Enough to Make You See Double

Lucy Collett Takes Topless Selfies for Nuts July 2013
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There’s really nothing hotter than a ridiculously boobtastic woman shooting pictures of her own curvaceous topless form. Granted, I’d personally find it more thrilling to be the photographer, but on the off chance ginger-sextastic Lucy Collett still has her guard poodles trained to attack me if I get within 100 feet of her flat, this is most definitely a meritoriously wonderful second option. Nobody knows a girls body quite like she does herself.

Lucy snapped a series of self-portraits for our friends at Nuts magazine and the results are simply epic. Twin epics you might say. Yes, she has an amazing subject matter with which to work. But she manages to capture so much of the passion inducing poses and parts that we have to imagine Lucy spends a decent amount of time checking herself out in the mirror nekkid.

Personally, if I looked like Lucy Collett, I’d never leave the mirror, save maybe for extended baths. Oh, yes, there would be many baths. Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Lucy Collett Topless in Black Lingerie and Stockings for Some Nighttime Fun in the Daytime

Lucy Collett Topless in Black Lingerie with Stockings
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This isn’t just any Humpday, this is the Humpday before the holiday where everything goes boom. So why not a little boom in our midweek celebration of all things gloriously chesty with some ginger black lingerie and stocking treats from our heavily belusted Lucy Collett.

Now, every week I tell you something about how you deserve to absorb these visual treats because of all your hard work and life-living endurance. Meh, I don’t really know if your lazy ass has been on the couch since Monday eating Bugles (god, I miss those days). So, today, instead, I’d just like to dedicate this HH to the DD’s of Lucy Collett and the glorious contribution she makes to the procreative urges that keep our species populating this planet in a time when reproducing seems ever so much like an expensive chore.

Cheers to you, Lucy, for what you do with that curvy, all-woman body of yours. It is evolutionary. Huzzah!