Lucy Collett

Humpday Huzzah! Lucy Collett Topless Garden Goodness


Oh, dear Lucy, how does your garden grow?

Our heavily belusted full-figured ginger topped glamour model Lucy Collett can do no wrong, but oh, so much right. As in right this very minute, checking out her bare unbelievably hot body and top in this garden striptease pictorial. It's hard to imagine finding a nicer example of natural goodness in nature, and I am quite content with Lucy on the lawn.

This mid-week we tribute all that brings us pleasure and comes in round containers. Most notably, the soft sweet feather pillows of our passion inducing spark plug, Lucy Collett. Huzzah!

Lucy Collett Topless Selfies Hot Enough to Make You See Double


There's really nothing hotter than a ridiculously boobtastic woman shooting pictures of her own curvaceous topless form. Granted, I'd personally find it more thrilling to be the photographer, but on the off chance ginger-sextastic Lucy Collett still has her guard poodles trained to attack me if I get within 100 feet of her flat, this is most definitely a meritoriously wonderful second option. Nobody knows a girls body quite like she does herself.

Lucy snapped a series of self-portraits for our friends at Nuts magazine and the results are simply epic. Twin epics you might say. Yes, she has an amazing subject matter with which to work. But she manages to capture so much of the passion inducing poses and parts that we have to imagine Lucy spends a decent amount of time checking herself out in the mirror nekkid.

Personally, if I looked like Lucy Collett, I'd never leave the mirror, save maybe for extended baths. Oh, yes, there would be many baths. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Lucy Collett Topless in Black Lingerie and Stockings for Some Nighttime Fun in the Daytime


This isn't just any Humpday, this is the Humpday before the holiday where everything goes boom. So why not a little boom in our midweek celebration of all things gloriously chesty with some ginger black lingerie and stocking treats from our heavily belusted Lucy Collett.

Now, every week I tell you something about how you deserve to absorb these visual treats because of all your hard work and life-living endurance. Meh, I don't really know if your lazy ass has been on the couch since Monday eating Bugles (god, I miss those days). So, today, instead, I'd just like to dedicate this HH to the DD's of Lucy Collett and the glorious contribution she makes to the procreative urges that keep our species populating this planet in a time when reproducing seems ever so much like an expensive chore.

Cheers to you, Lucy, for what you do with that curvy, all-woman body of yours. It is evolutionary. Huzzah!

Lucy Collett Topless Yellow Thong Goodness For When You Really Need Beautiful Bare Women


Some days you just need to see faptastically bare funbags. I call those days Monday through Sunday, 365 days a year. While we love a good tease as much as the next man, the sight (and virtual feel) of A+ amazing chest puppies simply can't be beat. What's the point of teasing if you don't get to the prize?

Lucy Collett knows this. She tantalizes, inspires, and ultimately you know that brilliant yellow thong is going to be the only thing remaining on her curvaceous body. That somehow makes me feel secure. And with Lucy Collett ginger sextastic, makes me feel just a tad bit flush. All hail uncensored goodness! Enjoy.

(For more glorious Lucy Collett hotness, be sure to check out her official site at

Lucy Collett Topless, Barely Legal Candids? Do We Dare to Dream on Mammarial Monday?


Either thanks or curses-straight-to-hell for EgoReader 'Damon' who sent us these images of what is purportedly a younger amateur Lucy Collett having fun in the tub. This is pre-ginger crush, pre-glamour modeling (hopefully not pre-graduating high school). But Lucy in the early ever so promising years. It sure looks like her, though always hard to say for sure when the modeling ladies go through so many dramatic transformations from day one to the present.

On Mammarial Mondays, we dare to dream big. And nothing perhaps bigger than the ever so fine funbags of our belusted Lucy Collett, perhaps here and coquettishly wet in her passion inducing early stages. Enjoy.

Rosie Jones Topless Contest With Lucy Collett in the Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic


Talk about your battle of the titty titans. Our highly belusted long time since barely legal lust, Rosie Jones, pits her forefronts against the mighty ginger spectaculars of Lucy Collett, a woman for whom we've hyperventilated to dangerous degrees on more than one occasion. This is like watching Batman battle Superman, if both superheroes were incredibly hot women with amazing funbags.

Still, even in a Battle of the Boobtastic superpowers, one must win and one must go home in tears. And you have been granted the power to make this determination. So, I ask you, between these two ridiculously hot melon-ripe Page 3 models, who's ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Rosie Jones vs. Lucy Collett

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Lucy Collett Topless White on Ginger Perfection


I once saw somebody with a very big number of letters in their degree on daytime TV say that the more you love somebody, the prettier they become to you. It's been proven with science. Then all the ladies in the audience nodded their heads and agreed. And I shook my bowl of Fruity Pebbles in concurrence.

But I was thinking lust, not love. For clearly the more I lust a sweet hot ginger with the body faptastic like Lucy Collett, she surely seems to be getting prettier and prettier. I think that daytime female relationship expert was on to something, and maybe even without the aid of seeing such simply majesty as Lucy removing her white top over her ginger topped bodacious body to release her championship hounds.

Everybody seeks out the perfect relationship in life. A companion for the ages that fits you like a glove. I'll take Lucy Collett, and, yes, I will fit the glove. Enjoy.