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Photographer Terry Osterhout Releases ‘I Love Liz La Point: 5 Years Of Art And Love’

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There’s something admirable about a man who adores his wife. There’s something even more admirable about a man who takes nekkid pictures of his wife to express his adoration and then shares them with the world. As with long time Egotastic! Reader and fine female photographer Terry Osterhout who has compiled his past five year’s of photos of his beloved muse and life partner Liz La Point in a compendium color gloss book. Yeah, you better believe that’s better than buying your wife flowers from the guy at the freeway offramp on the way home for your anniversary.

I am now the grateful owner of a copy of ‘I Love Liz La Point: 5 Years of Art and Love’ here in the Egotastic! hideout. I’d urge you to consider the same, a sampling of which is here in the attached gallery. Enjoy.

For information on model Liz and the book, check out the Liz La Point official website.

Photo Credit: Terry Osterhout

Liz La Point Nekkid in the Desert Revisted

Liz La Point Topless Photoshoot by Terry Osterhout
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Long time EgoReader Terry Osterhout just happens to be a portrait photographer of hot women, which immediately makes him somebody whose Christmas gifts I look forward to each Yuletide. He also happens to have a hot wife who he convinces to model for him amid scorpions and sharp rocks and various other places where you wouldn’t normally be ever so comfortable getting nekkid. But Liz La Point does for her husband’s camera and Terry likes to share his work with us from time to time.

Now, before you even get started with me on fairness, yes, if you have a hot wife and and you’re a strong photographer and you get her ass nekkid out in nature to capture her Eve-like beauty, I’m more than happy to share them as well with the greater community at large. I don’t play favorites, though I do generally love to play.

While Terry has a new photo book coming out for Christmas soon, I can personally and highly recommend Liz La Point: A Photographic Journey on sale and well worth the price if you’re looking for an ice-breaking coffee table book or just a fun one to keep by the bedside. Enjoy.

Liz La Point Hot Topless and Bothered in Terry Ousterhout Pictorial

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We love unclothed women, that is no doubt. And when one of our readers snaps hot photos, we’re going to want to share with the community at large.

As you may recall from one year ago, photographer and dedicated Egotastic! follower Terry Ousterhout has been following model Liz La Point like a dog follows a big rib bone, only Terry owns a camera and has opposable thumbs with which to snap sextastic photos of his model muse, some of which he’s sharing with us today, which happens to also be his birthday.

Be sure to check out more of Terry’s ardently amorous work with Liz at

(Oh, and a follow up reminder from last year, before you ask me to pimp your shit, please make sure you have met the precondition of following a cute chick around with a camera for an entire year…with her consent, please.)

See More of Liz La Point as Shot by Terry »

‘A Year with Liz’; A Nekkid Earth Orbit Around the Sun With Model Liz La Point


Okay, today, inspired by Charlie Sheen megalomaniacal madness, I too am breaking all the rules.

Photographer and Egotastic! long time reader, Terry Osterhout, has a new book out called ‘A Year with Liz‘, wherein he bought a ton of film and followed around model Liz La Point for a year and snapped her in various moods and states, our favorite mood and state being nekkid, of course. How could I resist when he asked us to post a sampling of his artistic endeavor. Pretty cool stuff. If you’re a photography buff, love girls in the buff, or just looking for the latest and greatest gift to send your friend who is, check out Terry’s new photographic book of art. Enjoy.

(Oh, and before you ask me to pimp your shit, please make sure you have met the precondition of following a cute chick around with a camera for an entire year… with her consent, please.)

A sample of Terry’s work in ‘A Year with Liz’: