Lisa Edelstein

Lisa Edelstein Major Sideboob and Olivia Luccardi Topless In New House Of Cards Headline the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Okay, this week’s Boob Tube Roundup is short and sweet, just the way I like my coffee. Err, I mean, my ladies. The point is, there wasn’t much in the way of sextastic this past week on the little screen primarily due to scheduled breaks and upcoming premieres of new seasons of some of the bigger shows. But, I did spy with my ogling eye a couple cuts worth peeking in on.

Olivia Luccardi offered up some spectacular dark room but quite visible bare beautiful boobtastic in the opening episode of the third season of House of Cards which just came out on Netflix. Joining Olivia was Lisa Edelstein flashing about as much veteran smooshed sideboob as legally allowed on basic cable. Oh, that we could ever get out of the 19th century here. But, thankfully, we have many options these days to satiate our need for skin speed. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce” Bravo/”House Of Cards” Netflix

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Boob Tube Roundup Features Lisa Edelstein Nipple Stickage and Ruth Wilson Naughty Topless Moments (VIDEO)

Lisa Edelsteign Girlfriends Guide To Divorce
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And we’re back. Not quite the full premium peach-filled fare we shall see when the big premium cable nets launch new seasons of their R-rated shows, but a lovely December bit of tender muffins on a few of our new favorite shows, and some we just peruse for their skin-filled content. Like Superman, I’m incapable of lying and I can bench press almost half of my body weight.

This week’s Boob Tube Roundup includes a lovely bit of unexpected underwear dancing and implied nipple snagging visual wonderment from veteran actress Lisa Edelstein in Bravo’s Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, some making of the sexy scenes from Ruth Wilson, Maura Tierney and others in The Affair on Showtime, and Elyse Levesque with some lovely frenchie funbags briefly exposed in Transporter the Series. A yuletide bit of unexpected cheeky peeks courtesy of some new shows on our Boob Tube radar. It only gets better from here. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Showtime/TNT/Bravo

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Lisa Edelstein Bikini Pictures Bring Some Veteran TV Actress Flashes to the Italian Coast

You probably know Lisa Edelstein as the doc on House, if you watch House, which you should, because it’s pretty damn fine television viewing, but if you don’t know her from there, you probably know her from looking like a half dozen moms you see at the grocery store who you wonder what they might look like nekkid in the dairy aisle. That’s Lisa.

The 45-year old TV actress looked to be having some fun, and flashing some shapely bikini-clad funbags on her Italian vacation with some dude only described as a ‘mystery man’, which is paparazzi speak for, ‘we have no idea who the eff that dude is’. I’d like to be a mystery man someday, and perhaps even explore the mysterious parts of Lisa Edelstein’s mature female form, beginning with a little cave spelunking. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags: Lisa Edelstein See-Through Boobery


Thanks to Egotastic! fan ‘Tom H.’ for stepping up for T.G.I.F. with these Lisa Edelstein see-through happy happy fun times boobtastic pair of photos. Now, my highly specialized prism of all things boobacious tells me that these photos may have undergone a little TSA-style x-ray enhancement, but these are clearly the real life fantastic funbags of the House hottie. And, on a Friday, well, sometimes you need a little assist to make it over into the weekend. Enjoy.

Lisa Edelstein Sideboob Pictures Glamor Brings Down the House

Say hello to brand new Hebrew School hottie and vastly underrated sexy actress Lisa Edelstein, familiar to fans of the show House (which is really good TV), but now joining the across-the-board hot celebrity Egotastic! family. Okay, so perhaps I’m not a current subscriber to Coco Eco magazine in whose pages Lisa Edelstein shows off some of her finer assets, including a little taste of the hospitable sideboob. Sextascity comes in all shapes and sizes, often from directions you never expect, let’s just say I’m having visions of a very erotic bedside manner after seeing these classy shots. Enjoy.