Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Boob Fall Out; Copter-Gate!

There are so many things that don't mix well with Lindsay Lohan these days (cocktail references excluded).

One has always been bras. Lindsay Lohan hates bras. That's one of the things we love about her. The other thing is apparently helicopters. Because Lindsay got so shaken (not stirred) by her helicopter transport down on her Brazilian pimping and partying before rehab mini tour that she didn't notice her boob fell out of her dress.

Now, I'll deny this in court if ever questioned in a criminal matter, but I pretty much know when my junk is hanging out bare outside my clothes. But Lindsay, some yaws, pitches, and rolls, and out comes the righty. If not for Lindsay's long locks, she would be fully and udderly exposed. Enjoy.

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Lindsay Lohan Looks Good Partying Down Rio Way (H2O Only, Naturally)

Lindsay Lohan is celebrating her last few hours of freedom from her latest court verdict to pimp a few store openings down Rio, hit a few clubs, and imbibe the local refreshing bottled water out partying late night. Now, I'm suspecting if you test those water bottles, they may not come up entirely pure. I'm guessing 80 proof.

But whatever Lindsay was pounding, it seemed to be working, as she looked better than she has in some time. At least based upon her mug shots and court appearance and stumbling gaits home after hours.

We'll miss Lindsay when she's in rehab. But not as much as her dealers I suspect. Enjoy.

The Egotastic! Valentine’s Day Gift Mini Guide Because We Really Deserve It

So apparently giving gifts that give back is a real thing that people can do now and it’s supposed to make the giver feel good. You give a loved one a gift of a donation to a worthy cause and you do it in that loved one’s name. It’s like you’re putting a down payment on their ticket to get into heaven.

This type of gift-giving is NOT what we have in mind this Valentine’s Day as we come up with our list of gifts that really give back. And we mean that in the most direct way possible. As in, we get something cool and awesome out of giving you this gift. At Egotastic! we often do things the wrong way and sometimes on purpose, sometimes for fun but it’s always without fear. It’s not easy working through this cocktail of abandonment, resentment and lactose issues we’ve got.  Angrily choosing our V-Day sweethearts and offering gifts that come from the wrong place in our hearts is right up our alley; a cold, dark and unforgiving place as you’d ever want to be on Valentine’s Day. Read More » »

Lindsay Lohan Drops Cleavage and Tries To Clean Up for amfAR

Well, these have been trying times, literally, tried by a court times, for the former gingertastic actress Lindsay Lohan. The music and bright lights have faded, now playing mostly only in her head as he parents and hangers-on try to milk what's left of her for some level of modest fortune.

But, there's still something sextastic burning inside of Lindsay, a desire to cast off the shell of her former self she walks around in these days, and it came out last night at the amfAR event for AIDS Research in New York, where Lindsay worked the cleavage, tried to clean herself up, and reassert some starlet power on the red carpet. Did it work?

Well, you can be the judge. We've learned with Lindsay that any hope we place upon her return to any type of greatness is pretty much false optimism at this point. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Turns Down Over Half Mill to Appear on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan just wants to be a movie star. And, what with the grade school thespianic performance in Liz & Dick, along with the rumored to be unwatchable, if not illegible, The Canyons, maybe or maybe not appearing on screen, who can blame the budding film powerhouse.

Hence, according to our friends at TMZ, despite being way behind on rent and taxes, not to mention having to dig into her pocket for yayo change, Lindsay Lohan has turned down a $555K offer to appear on Dancing with the Stars, because she 'doesn't do reality'.

I guess everybody has their line in the sand, or lines on the mirror. 

Ginger Snap! Redheaded Celeb Hotties To Kindle Your Yuletide Logs This Christmas

What better way to celebrate the scarlet colorings of this holiday season than by a review of some of our favorite ginger hotties that routinely grace the pages of our humble virtual abode.

While we adore all beautiful women, you know well our special fondness for the fireplugs that ignite certain special feelings in our fun zone. Amazingly sextastic redheaded celeb hotties such as Emma Stone, and Karen Gillan, and Christina Hendricks, and our secret ginger lust crush, Renee Olstead. All part of our happiest spot on the color wheel of goodness.

Take a look at ten of our favorites and see if your red-topped darling made the list. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Wasn’t Always a Wayward Tweaked Out Criminal; She Used to Be Pretty Damn Hot

Poor Lindsay Lohan and her tangled mess of a current life. If you'd just dropped on this planet the past few years, you'd think Lindsay was some slung out hard-looking hardcore felon with a death wish. But then you don't have the history we have with Lindsay Lohan, from young actress growing into young woman ginger buxom hotness. There was a time we really truly dug Lindsay Lohan. And it wasn't all that long ago.

Take a look at a little tribute gallery we put together of Lindsay in her hotter times, even not so long ago, and you'll know why we still have some feelings of lament over her current downhill tumble. Enjoy.