Lina Tejeiro

Lina Tejeiro Gets Nekkid With Her Mom for Colombian Greatness

Lina Tejeiro is Nekkid with Her Mom in Soho Magazine
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Genius. It’s a word that gets tossed around far too loosely these days, but we’re ready to bestow it upon our friends at Soho magazine who have built a beautiful pictorial ‘Naked with My Mom’ around the delightfully curvaceous Colombian TV actress Lina Tejeiro, and, of course, her equally bodacious mama, in the pool, looking all kinds of MILFtastic.

Now, as you know from our recent revelatory banter about the hotness of twins, we find female family members photographed together to be something of an alluring sight, and after leering Lina and her mom here, I think we’re prepared to say sextastic nekkid mom and daughter trumps even twin sisters in that vaunted echelon. Enjoy.

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Lina Tejeiro Shines in a Topless Shoot for Soho Magazine