Li Sha Sha

Li Sha Sha Covered Topless in Flowers for Your FTD Dreams

Wow, we had one helluva response from our introduction of Chinese mainland celebrity model Li Sha Sha. I think some you probably didn’t even survive the first round of photos. But, now, bowing to pressure, as we do each Friday, we have more more more of the super sextastic girl from the Orient, covered topless in nothing but a few floral wreaths, which only heightens the fantasy I’ve been having about me and Li Sha Sha and a slightly bent garden fountain.

You may choose your own virtual scenarios; Li’s quite inspiring. Enjoy.

Li Sha Sha Puts Her Red Dress on for Her Chinese Coming Out Party

Our tour of Mainland China continues with infamously sextastic Beijing model Li Sha Sha, a force from the East who is one of the real reasons we’re planning an extended trip to China. Forget the Wall, I’ve seen big walls before, some so big you could only dream of climbing them and escaping to freedom from a crime passion you so obviously did not commit. What we want to see is the treasure trove of supreme Asian hotties kept so mysterious and hidden from much of the rest of the world, despite the Internet age (and, for the record, in that age you still can not see Egotastic! in China).

But, for the time being, we’ll bring the goodness to us, to you, like Li Sha Sha in a little red dress that just doesn’t seem to want to contain her. We can hardly blame the dress. Enjoy.