Leyla Ghobadi

Kanye West Supposed Fling Leyla Ghobadi in Sexy Covered Topless Lingerie Pictures

Naturally, Kanye has denied cheating on pregnant Kim Kardashian with Montreal-based model Leyla Ghobadi. One of those traps where you sound guilty if you deny it, and if you don’t deny it, you sound worse. Like when my teachers would accuse me of peeking down girls shirts in class. Well, it’s almost the same.

Nevertheless, Leyla Ghobadi has put herself in the spotlight today something fierce, so, naturally, we feel obliged to investigate. Her body at least. The one she claims Kanye took on more than one occasion, and the one featured in little bits of lingerie in the Quebec magazine Summum. (Thanks ever so much to EgoReader ‘Nicolas’ for cluing us onto this pot o’ silky Persian gold).

We may not ever know what truly happened between these two, but now we can at least say, if it did happen, nothing to be ashamed of here, Kanye. I mean, other than your behavior. Obviously. You evil bad man you. Enjoy.

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