Leonela Ahumada

Leonela Ahumada Nekkid Hot and Bothered for Sudamericana Glory

Leonela Ahumada Nekkid Photoshoot for H Para Hombres
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I’ll be the first to admit there are some less au natural parts to Argentinean TV bad girl and oft-named celebrity gossip column participant, Leonela Ahumada. Having said that, I would easily forgo her designer boobtastic choices for a chance to be the guy who gets to cover her entire body in fake tan for photoshoots and public appearances. She seems like a giggler to me. Not that outrageously goofy giggler type, more the salacious low moan giggler that would cause me to fumble and drop my fake tan bottle and then we’d tumble into naughty bliss.

Featured in H Para Hombres magazines, the periodical of choice for discerning men of Sudamericana, Leonela takes it off, all off, for the positively memorable visual displays of one fine fair-haired Latina doing what she does best. Being the topic of conversation, both public and quite very private. Enjoy.

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Leonela Ahumada Topless in Maxim Argentina (Para Nuestros Amigos En Sudamericana)

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Argentina gives us so much pleasure here at Egotastic!, who are we to turn down the simple email request of a few gaucho men camped by the Rio de la Plata, and madly in lust with Argentinean model and grown-up personality Leonela Ahumada, who appears topless, well, everywhere, but most recently in the past month’s edition of Maxim Argentina, flashing some 90210-enhanced canisters of pure lust on the pages of the nation’s gentleman’s magazine.

Now, just so you know, we can’t honor all requests made by good-hearted men using their loins for brains, but we can certainly at least empathize. Disfruta.

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