Lena Meyer-Landrut

Lena Meyer-Landrut Upskirt Pictures Are The Eurovision Song Contest Winner


It’s the holiday weekend in the U.S., but in Europe, diehard fans of truly bad pop music are celebrating the victory of Lena Meyer-Landrut, a.k.a, Lena, in the Eurovision Song Contest, the annual attempt by an entire continent to produce a pop song so banal that it will spawn an international music sensation. This lowest-common-denominator music contest has thrust the likes of Abba and Celine Dion into our musical orbits. Lena’s song, “Satellite” is so monumentally annoying, that it just had to win. It’s three minutes of time I’ll never get back in my life. However, let’s focus on the positive, namely, this cute, young, German singer’s nice ass as seen in these upskirt pictures (taken at the time of her qualifying for this abominable music contest).

Edited to add: this Lena Meyer-Landrut topless screencap has come available thanks to an angry contingent of Germans who stormed the Egotastic! offices in Dusseldorf this morning demanding that we show their prize songbird’s entire body of work. And so we shall. You can see the video in full Germanic glory here.