Leilani Dowding

Leilani Dowding Topless Bikini Pictures And This Is How I Find Out?


Look, I don't want to be the 800-lb. bitch in the room, but just when you think you're friends with some hot girl, they go and take their top off in public and don't even tell you about it. Not a text or call or Tweet or Skype or even reaching out to the bowling alley bar where everyone knows I drink myself into a stupor nightly in between rounds of Skee ball in the craptastic arcade (I'm 300 tickets away from the sweeter stuffed animal prizes).

So, yes, Leilani Dowding can still be my friend, because she's super hot and likes to take her clothes off and those kinds of friends, well, you let them walk all over you, natch. And Leilani did once again look mesmerizingly hot in Miami as she removed her bikini top after a sweaty run to air out her half-Filipina flesh puppies along the water.

Is it easy being friends with a super hot chick? No, it is not. But when they break up with their boyfriends and throw back a couple or three angry martinis and march over to your apartment in tears, it also can have its rewards. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Melissa Satta See-Through, Adrianne Curry Nekkid, Monica Bellucci Topless, and Much More…


Leave it to our fantastically generous readers to celebrate the season of giving by giving back to their fellow Egotastics by way of our weekly ode to the donated sextastic, our most beloved Reader Finds.

This week's bacchanalia of the boobtastic includes Bostonian turned Italian Melissa Satta in see-through lingerie, Adrianne Curry classically nekkid for the Bunny, veteran uber-sextastic Monica Belluci in a glorious film still, hot hot heated Leilani Dowding in a weird full frontal mannequinish pic, Aussie diva Holly Valance super hot, a double hot topless preview of the upcoming House of Lies TV series with Dawn Olivieri and Megalyn Echikunwoke, Swedish lingerie model Johanna Lundback see-through, and Romanian super soccer fan, Denisa Nechita, flashing her soccer balloons. Talk about Santa being good to us this Christmas.

Leilani Dowding Topless Cell Phone Pictures!


Okay, here's the deal, you can waterboard the soul snot right out of me and I'll never tell you how we got these pictures. Although, I should mention, for a free Chik-Fil-A sandwich, I'd spill my guts on even my darkest secrets (except for the one where I'm caught dressing up in mom's clothes by the ex-Marine neighbor, that one stays in the never-talked-about vault). I am a whore, I have my price.

But, whoa. Double whoa. If we do not have a glimpse of utter greatness in the form of one of our newly growing reader favorite, Leilani Dowding, she of the Miami Beach bikini hotness parade, flashing bits and pieces of her world-class hot body for the mirror, her cell phone, and posterity (or is that posterior?) It's like a spectacle of the awesome and we are never going to stop looking.

That body. That boobtastic. That butt! Oh, my.

Bless super hot women, Leilani Dowding, the dude who invented tiny rechargeable batteries, and the makers of the Blackberry Curve (from the looks of it.) Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding Topless Naughty Santa’s Bikini Little Helper


You can never go wrong simply by following our sextastic friend Leilani Dowding along the beach in Miami, because odds are in your favor that at some point the tan line despising former Miss Universe contestant is going to be dropping her top in favor of an all over color, the color 'hot'.

Of course, 'tis the season so Leilani favored us with a little Yuletide flare mixed in with her bare boobtastic, splashing along the beach where the sharks now come just to ogle the celebrity hotness trampling the shorelines there this winter. We really do crush on her pretty hard, and she makes it very easy. Enjoy.

2 Random Minutes with Leilani Dowding (VIDEO)

Hot Girls With Accents, Oh My
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To say we had fun with Tough Love Miami reality star Leilani Dowding during her visit to Egotastic! is a wild understatement (and, no, not that kind of fun, but, yes, we'd be lying if that wasn't how we imagined it). We love hot girls with accents. Throw in a naughty wild side and a very liberal view on body exposure, and we were nothing more than a bunch of drooling pubescent boys staring all kinds of goofy looking at the hot brunette in our presence. So, pretty much like most days around here.

Check out the highlights from our very silly and completely un-journalistic interview with Leilani. Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding Bikini Pictures Might Be Prescient of Her Hotness Awards Voting

Hmm, maybe our new best super-hottie friend Leilani Dowding is making one post-voting push before the release later today of the Egotastic! Hotness Awards Best Bikini Body, or, maybe she's just doing what she does best, looking outright simply amazing in a little bit of clothing by the pool or beach, either way, we're pleased with this fortuitous omen, hot bodied style from Miami. 

Be sure to check out Leilani's 2 Random Minutes Interview here in our offices live up on YouTube.

Leilani Dowding Suntanning Topless in the Sunshine State



Despite our repeated proposals to the hot British import, Leilani Dowding still refuses to admit that someday she will be the chief concubine to the High Commissioner For the Sextastic, namely, ourselves, and bunk luxuriously in the small room adjoining our master suite chambers in our 728 sq. ft. studio apartment. It's all pretty much been laid out, now we're just awaiting a positive response (or for the fishing net we have placed outside her abode to drop and capture her in the manner of Wile E. Coyote).

The ridiculously hot bodied former Miss Universe contestant, and the Eurasian with the booty-full of hotness, continues to lure us from our sanity with bikini, sexy workout, and downright topless sunbathing photos of her own hot self from the beach in Miami where she is currently doing a stretch of virtual community service for the gentleman ogling community. It's like an amazing show that never ends, and we don't even need to keep dropping quarters into the machine from our sweaty hands.

Bless you, Leilani, for lettering Mother Sun and her pasty white sons revel in your hotness. Enjoy.