Leilani Dowding

Leilani Dowding Covered Teasy Sextastic Birthday Suit Photos to Celebrate Her Birthday

A happy (belated) birthday to Leilani Dowding, the Page 3 model who found tough love in Miami, and now has found a way to share her birthday celebration this past week with all of us, with some wicked hot and teasy photos of herself barely covered in her birthday suit, amid her own dream of being showered in large gifts.

We’ll be seeing much more of Leilani very soon on Egotastic!, which makes me very happy. Like a kid at his own birthday party, only, I never had a former Miss Universe contestant showing up near nekkid at my birthdays when I was a kid, just Jerry, the guy  from the apartment across the street who dressed like a sweaty dinosaur, and who you can now find on certain web maps marked by a large blue dot.  Leilani is so much better. Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding Says Size Really Does Matter in Her Date Night Disaster (VIDEO)

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Oh, the tragic memories of measure-happy girls whipping out their yardsticks then realizing a simple ruler will more than suffice. Now, wondering if the latest failed romantic venture was being honest when she told me it wouldn’t work out because I lived with my parents, I smelled like cactus, and my car was produced during the Bush Administration (the first Bush).

Well according to our good friend Leilani Dowding, it is the motion of the ocean, and not your boat size, you know, unless your vessel is considered too small to ever set safely to sea. I suppose I’d be offended by this size-of-the-stick talk if I didn’t run a website which regularly touts the particularly blessed measurements of certain member of the female species. Karma, she is a bitch.

Anyhow, check it out for yourself as the wicked hot and just plain wicked Leilani Dowding details her Wee Willy Winky story in our latest installment of Date Night Disasters….

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Leilani Dowding Shows Off Her Great British Asstastic Along the California Coast

Let’s be real. A girl’s bottom is often upper most on the mind of many a sophisticated ogler. So when we saw our good friend Leilani Dowding in what can only be described as a ‘ass-tacular’ pair of shorts and a bikini top along the Southern California beach, well, we were pleased as spiked punch.

Leilani is a simple girl, a British transplant to warmer climes, who loves strenuous athletic training, showing off the fruits of her sweaty labor, and the love of her dog. I believe she has killed a man in her past, but every hot girl deserves a felony or two to be overlooked for the sake of producing a finer looking species on down the line. Not that we can’t imagine Leilani in handcuffs and a stiff interrogation, but for the time being, those booty hugging shorts will hold us dearly. Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding Flashes Her Taut Tummy Post Workout (We Drift Off Into Fantasy)

God bless the maker of yoga pants, the designer of modern women’s workout gear, and Leiliani Dowding for bringing it all together in one amazing package of hot bodied goodness.

Now, we have one helluva crush on the former Miss Great Britain, not just because she’s a key member of our Eurasian fantasy hottie team, and not just because we’d like to play a game of quarters on her flat stomach, but mostly because ever since she mentioned to us that she went to Catholic school, well, our girls naughty locker room dreams have been working over time.

A little bit of perversion is healthy. And a lot of perversion is Egotastic! And we blame it all on just how skintight and perfect Leilani looks after her workouts. Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding, Jasmine Waltz, and Brandi Howe Spend a Day at the Gym With Egotastic! (VIDEO)

I think I’ve finally found the motivating factor I need to get my lazy ass to the gym. Bring three hot girls with you and you’ll suddenly find yourself sweating to the oldies.

So, we called up a couple good friends; first Eurasian long and lean hottie Leilani Dowding, the former Miss Universe contestant, and Jasmine Waltz, infamous about Hollywood for scandalous behavior because hot girls have been getting into trouble in Hollywood since they built this place. Then, me, putting on my Charlie’s Angels yarmulke, knew that I had to find a sweet blonde to round out this fitness trio, so we got hold of Brandi Howe, who you more detail oriented readers will know as the Finalist for Girls Gone Wild’s search for the hottest girl in America earlier this year. And, off we went.

Now, here’s the great news. I cut my sorry-self out of every single picture. That’s the magic I do for you. And left you with a skin-tight workout look at three sextastic, lean, wicked hot gym rats. Enjoy.

Brandi Howe from Girls Gone Wild Hottest Girls in AmericaFor more of the deliciously delightful Brandi Howe, well, you really must see these exclusive topless photos of Brandi Howe at Girls Gone Wild.

For more on the beautifully British Leilani Dowding, and some very sweet pictures, be sure to check out her Leilani Collection apparel page and follow Leilani on Twitter and tell her you love her squats.

For Jasmine Waltz, well, I could give you a bunch of links, but why not get to the heart of the matter and check out the Jasmine Waltz sex tape, still quite ripe and available online.

(Special thanks to photographer Matthew Wardenaar and to Muscle Under Fitness in West Hollywood)

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TGIF: Leilani Dowding Hot Topless Classic Beach Pictures Set Our Sails for the Weekend

Leilani Dowding Classic Topless Beach Photoshoot
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Good friend of Egotastic! and all-around British imported hottie, Leilani Dowding, is no stranger to the beach, to looking hot on the beach, and to taking her top off on the beach for Mother Nature to give her an all-over tan. And this is not a new practice for the VH-1 Tough Love star and former Miss Universe pageant contestant. 

Thanks to ‘John L.’ for a late in the day Reader Find of these classic Leilani Dowding sextastic beach photoshoot from back in the day, when Leilani’s hotness powers were just forming, kind of like Spiderman when he first got bit. It’s Friday, you’ve pretended to work hard all week, you deserve a little sunshine, or watching that sunshine light up Leilani’s killer body. Enjoy.

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Leilani Dowding Outtakes Make Me Intake Several Deep Breaths

You know how much we love outtakes. So when friend of Egotastic! (and by friend, I always mean hot female friend, because I’m still not sure what other friends are for) former Miss Universe contestant Leilani Dowding asked us if we’d like to see a few of her outtakes from her pictorial that ran in Maxim Indonesia (a country not necessarily known for its love of all things hot and female and without clothes), well, we mumbled, ‘Yes, please, ma’am.’

And behold, a mini photoset of Leilani hotness, the kind that makes you dream of warm tropical isles, and the lady that lay in a heap of  post-coital sweat in the bed of your bungalow. I know you’ve had this dream before too, the girls change, but have you noticed the bungalow always looks the same? Damn rattan coffee table. Enjoy.