Leilani Dowding

Leilani Dowding Hottie Jet Skiing With a Bikini Buddy in the Marina

Our friend Leilani Dowding loves the great outdoors. After not seeing the sun for the first two decades of her life in England, Leilani has taken to the sun and sea of Califoria with reckless bikini abandon, taking on every water sport with just a tiny bikini and a smile.

On her latest jaunt, Leilani found a bikini buddy (never forsake your bikini buddy) and hit the waves of Marina Del Rey for an afternoon bouncing about on the Jet Ski and providing some amazing visuals for landlubbers like myself who prefer a waterfront bar to the actual water. A couple cocktails and three peeks. That to me is the perfect afternoon to me. Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding Bikini Acrobatics Are Nearly Paddleboard Obscene, Just the Way We Like Them

I can tell you this about our friend Leilani Dowding. She’s a very flexible gal.

I am reminded of this physical attribute while seeing her perform all sorts of bachelor party girl type moves atop her paddleboard out in Malibu over the weekend. I know she didn’t learn those moves in Catholic school. Jesus himself would have descended from the cross to admonish her modesty. Thankfully, in Los Angeles, you get no such lecturing. Only bonus points for achieving angles and poses never quite seen before atop a floating object. Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding Paddleboarding and Surfing Bikini Hotness Weekend

Wow, long time friend of Egotastic! and super Britty hottie Leilani Dowding spent the weekend on the beach in L.A. in her bikini paddleboarding and surfing and I guess forgot to invite me along. I checked both my satellite phone and my 1997 beeper and nothing. So be it. Leilani had to water sport on her own, well, she did bring her dog along.

The slender lean and toned former Miss Universe contestant and Page 3 model just seems like a natural in the water. Some of her poses I don’t think she learned at pageant school, but maybe that naughty pageant school I imagine where all the goody-good girls have half a beer after hours and play Spin the Dice and nekkid Twister with each other as they experiment to relieve the stress of competition. Yes, I do think about these things a lot. Which I suppose is why Leilani never invites me anywhere. Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding Goes Surfing in Venice Wearing a Blue Bikini

Leilani Dowding Goes Half-Scorpion Hottie in the Desert

Sometimes I get my yoga poses mixed up with my cheerleading poses, as I’m an avid follower/ogler of both female stretchy time activities, but whatever it is, our hottie friend Leilani Dowding was working it out in the desert in her skin tight workout gear.

Why exactly Leilani was working out in the shrubs and tumbleweeds of the barren landscape, I do not know. She is a bit of a batty bird as the Brits like to say, so the explanation could easily have to do with the numbers she read in a fortune cookie directing her to an alien landing sight. Or, it could be just her giving back to the road weary gentleman travelers who get to see her in all sorts of sextastic poses alongside the arid byways of the desert as they drive past. In any event, our is not to question, merely to stare and drool. We’re very good at that. Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding Bikini Pictures Bathed in Sun and Booty Sextastic

Well, I have to be careful here with our good friend and Stump My Nerd hostess, Leilani Dowding. I mean, I want to treat her like a real person, not just a super lean and tanned and hot-all over object d’ lust sunbathing somewhat topless by the pool.

I mean, what kind of friendship can exist between a man and a woman if that man is gazing over that woman’s bikini bum and mouthing the word ‘Damn, look at the perfectly fine arse’? Not a deep friendship I assure you. So, today, we’ll refrain from comments of ‘Hot sexy!’ ‘Holy boner!’ and ‘Dear God, please let that bikini fall all the way off! I mean, we’re not animals here. Much. Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding See-Through Top Delivers a Public Display of Artistic Boobtastic

Leave it to our good friend Leilani Dowding to forget her bra when wearing a sheer top before the paparazzi cameras (or maybe not forget) and provide a show of her own leaving an art exhibition in Palm Springs. Now, Leilani claims that she doesn’t need a bra because she has little to hide, but we beg to differ, with her ‘little’ comment that is, because not only do we make mountains out of mole-hills here on Egotastic!, we then seek to climb those mountains, claim them for God and country, and proceed to plan our lascivious flags on their peaks. And, yes, that was a sexual reference.

It’s amazing how inspired one can become when unexpectedly presented with the sight of chest puppies on a hot woman. Enjoy.