Lee Eun Hye

Lee Eun Hye Dresses Up In A Military Bikini And Sexy Nurse Outfits

Beautiful professional hot person Lee Eun Hye was playing a game of sexy dress up in this steamy photoshoot. First she was wearing a camo bikini, or as they call it in rural Georgia, a bikini. Lee has a tremendous pair of funbags and they look good enough to eat in that bikini top. Her cleav is amazing enough to actually start an actual war. I think all military conflict should be handled by letting two girls in military bikinis wrestle it out in a pool of Jell-O. Think of all the money we’d save on defense and how hot that would be! Lee then dons a sexy nurse costume that is so short it barely covers her hoo-ha. Who hasn’t had the fantasy while in the hospital and hopped up on drugs that a sultry nurse would show up dressed like this to give you a sponge bath?

Everyone has, of course. And why wouldn’t we? After all, nothing makes a man feel better when they are sick than a scantily clad hot chick. That’s science.

Lee Eun Hye Sextastic Modeling Photos for Happy Time Korean Dreams

You can have your Psy, for me, by far the best thing to come out of Korea is the new string of innocent hot glamour and celebrity models, such as Lee Eun Hye, our very new object d’ lust, and one super fine find from our ongoing tour of the Far East.

Now, many of you have been writing in with your one functioning hand demanding even more more more Asian celebrity hotties. But we’re dishing out slowly, because a healthy obsession needs to be nurtured, fostered, and tended like a growing garden. This is how you grow the ripest of fruits. Okay, bad analogy over. Check out Lee Eun Hye and see if you don’t feel like planting your own seed (shit, there was a bit more left in the metaphor tank). Enjoy.