LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Pictures Will Squeeze Your Cheeks and Clink Your Balls

As you know, we try desperately never to show you a male form here on Egotastic!, but there are exceptions, such as when we saw Eddie Cibrian grabbing a chunk of LeAnn Rimes bikini butt on their continuing vacation in Maui. As a little backdrop, the two had been playing some kind of beer-bocce ball, where the beer seemed far more important than the game, and we can definitely respect that, as LeAnn Rimes continued to strut about all day long in nothing but a tiny bikini on her rather noteworthy taut body. 

Beer, bocce, and bikini babes. It’s exactly how I like to spend my vacation times. Although, admittedly, sometimes it’s just a lot of the ‘beer’ part. Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Barefoot Bikini Bathroom Booty

The hygiene police are up in arms this morning with the site of country diva and bikini bodied LeAnn Rimes visiting the beach bathroom in Maui without sandals on! OMG. Personally, I wouldn’t visit any public restroom without a body condom and a continuous streaming mist of Lysol, but I’m something of a germ-a-phobe, somewhere in between Howie Mandel and Howard Hughes, but without being rich, it’s just super annoying.

But the more important question really is, who the heck is looking at LeAnn Rimes’ feet? Okay, tainty dirty, but so is that tightly sculpted bikini body on the albeit surgically enhanced, but still downright leer worthy former chubby teen sensation. As with all women, I could easily forget any issues I have with them when they strut around flashing their smoking hot bodies. Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Pictures Demand Attention

Okay, granted, there has been a little of the old 90210 work done. And, granted, she did buy her current husband from his then wife Brandi Glanville for $2 million smackers. And, yes, there is some questionable workout routines going on to turn this former chubby country music star into the world’s most lean-muscled out chick ever. All that aside…

…I can’t stop watching LeAnn Rimes in a skimpy bikini. There’s just something there there. The country diva took to the beaches of Maui this week in a continuous, non-stop display of bikini body flashing the likes of which we tend to only see from our Sudamericana thong romping models. It was really quite something to behold as LeAnn ran, jumped, hopped, balled, and did about everything but the splits in her barely covering bikini body. Let’s put it this way, she’s not shy. And, so, despite all the bad press, we shall not be shy about ogling her sculpted features. Enjoy.

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LeAnn Rimes Braless and Beheld in Malibu

LeAnn Rimes is most undoubtedly one of the more controversial figures on Egotastic! in this past year, with her ‘new body’ creating mucho conflict among the leering community. We think it all began when the former grade-school Star Search champion grew up and started living her own country music roots a little too closely with her divorces and purchasing of married men and the like, but it definitely came to an eye-popping new level when the singer got super toned, super skinny, and implanted some Costco sized new chestal inflations.

Walking braless through Malibu over the weekend, the fun-bagged LeAnn Rimes caught the attention of men to her boob-left and to her boob-right, so while everyone can claim the higher moral ground on LeAnn these days, most everybody we saw getting to higher ground was just trying to check out her ta’s. Enjoy.