LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Pictures Flash Booty, Booby, and a Barely Dressed Body South of the Border

Amid reports that LeAnn Rimes has gone a bit mental the past few months, I guess some longer term fallout from buying her new husband, some relationship drama, maybe some medications, and whatever she’s doing to keep herself physically fit, LeAnn Rimes still manages to put together one well-worth ogling bikini body show every time she flashes her thong-clad cans beneath the sun in some vacation spot around the world.

The latest being down in Cabo, where all the sextastic celebs are taking in the sights, and offering up some poolside and beachside sights of their own, showing off what Pilates, yoga, personal trainers, and nibbling on a pine nut for lunch can do to shape your perfect swimsuit form. Given how much we like pizza and brew, I think we’re slated for forever being on the leering side of the equation. Which suits us just fine. Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Nipple Slip Drops Some Sunshine at NOH8 Celebration

LeAnn Rimes Nipple Slips at NOH8 Campaign 4th Anniversary Celebration in LA
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Lots of stuff has been going on recently in the mentally tumultuous world of LeAnn Rimes. Honestly, I don’t have time or care to follow all the various fights, spats, and breakdowns she’s been involved with or going through in the past several months. But, let’s just say, the country music singer is going through a ‘spell’.

Thankfully, sometimes ‘spells’ equal less detail attention to wardrobe, which led to a nice nipple slip on LeAnn’s part at the NOH8 campaign celebration in Los Angeles. And who could hate when staring at bare celebrity headlights? Not I, good sir. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba, Sara Jean Underwood, and Aubrey O’Day Among the Hotties Showing Off in This Week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

It’s something like a phenomenon, baby. These hot celebrities just can’t stop celebrating their own hotness by way of Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and other media where they get to control what goes out there of their own image. And, by control, I mean they simply can’t get enough of showing themselves off to the general public. Without egos, there’d be no Egotastic!

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes the precious delights of Jessica Alba and Sofia Vergara partying together on Cinco De Mayo, Sara Jean Underwood flashing her every ready cleavage, Adrianne Curry in some memorably revealing poses, Aubrey O’Day showing lots of nekkid butt, and so much more goodness, it must be seen to be be-lusted. Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Pictures Work Hard for the Dinero Down Mexico Way

Okay, let’s be honest, LeAnn Rimes took the entire chubby girl into grown up tight chick transformation process just a bit too far, cooked just a bit too long in the magical makeover oven, and mighta oughta coulda popped out of the Altered States box before losing some of her former cute teen girl looks.

But, let’s also be honest, she’s not getting this hard bikini body on outside contractor work alone. The girl is sweating it hard somewhere to get herself into that shape; and the fact that she’s showing off that shape for the cameras at cities around the world, well, it’s something we’re forced to admire on principle here at Egotastic! We’d be at a loss if sexy celebrities actually wanted the privacy they always b.s. about wanting.

Down Cabo way on a multi-bikini vacation, the country music star and all-around girl in the gossip rags strode about in a black bikini one day, a red the next, all the while looking like she was born to be stranded on a desert island with nothing but a bikini, or less. Dare to dream. And, enjoy.


LeAnn Rimes Red Bikini in Cabo

Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift Shine Like Sextastic Stars at American Country Music Awards

I’ll say this for country music, while I don’t quite relate to the melodramatic twangs of country living, I can relate to the large number of super hot women in and around the country music scene. Sextastic girls in tight jeans and boots is never a bad thing. And a few nights a year, those country girls get decked out, as they did last night for the American Country Music Awards in Vegas, where the likes of Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, LeAnn Rimes, and even country-by-marriage, Nicole Kidman, shone like sweet hot stars in the night reminding us  that unless we got a platinum country album on our resume, we’re probably never getting in their pants. Or dresses.

But we do get to ogle. They can never take that away from us. Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Pictures Candids Confirm That LeAnn Rimes Wears a Bikini 24×7

It’s hard to actually picture Leann Rimes in anything other than a bikini these days. Since perfecting her new body with a combination of Pilates and 90210 physician care, the pop country diva seems to be clad only in a skimpy bikini these days, including on the balcony of her own home, flashing her finely tuned female form.

Not that we’re complaining, mind you, I mean, if it’s bikini versus burqa twenty-four hours a day, we’re going bikini every time. But I suppose a topless shot every now and then wouldn’t hurt either. We’re just looking out for the public good. Enjoy.