Leah Francis

Leah Francis Topless Pillows of Perfection for Sweet Dreams on Ta-Ta Tuesday

Leah Francis Boobtastic Topless Photoshoot
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Boobs will save the world. I will repeat that until you believe it, or it comes to fruition and you’re forced to apologize. No worries, I’ll be a humble victor. Who wouldn’t be gracious when the world is rightfully and properly beholden to nothing but the adoration of fabulous full funbags and the motorboating opportunities therein.

Leah Francis more than fits the bill for one of these chesty world healers. Her glorious mammaries on delightful exhibition this Ta-Ta Tuesday as a harbinger of all good things to come when we turn swords into ploughshares and then trade those ploughshares in for a game of two handed touch with the curvy women of our dreams. Dare to dream. And ogle, squeeze, and permissibly fondle. Enjoy.

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Leah Francis Topless Naughty Schoolgirl Definitely Needs to Say After Class on Ta-Ta-Tuesday

Leah Francis Topless Schoolgirl Photoshoot
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I’m not sure the naughty schoolgirl look will ever get tired? I mean, I’ve been looking at naughty schoolgirls since they were actually my classmates at my various regular, reform, remedial, and detention type youth educational facilities and I’m still not tired. Something about the coquettish innocence turned naughty hot bodied potential that just drives men and our Sapphic leaning female friends so feral and procreative feeling.

On this Ta-Ta-Tuesday we celebrate the triumph of the human libido, and naughty schoolgirls, with bodacious bodied Leah Francis stripping out of her own school uniform to reveal her faptastic treasures. Yes, it’s ever so wrong, but it feels ever so right. Polite society is a vastly overrated concept. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Leah Francis Strips Down to Nylons in the Kitchen

Leah Francis Topless in Sexy Stockings Photoshoot
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In my kitchen, you’ll just find Ramen noodle packs and the burn remnants of a failed chicken marsala dish I tried to cook to impress a teenage Guatemalan runaway who happened at my door, nothing to do with my advertisement in Craigslist Guatemala City for Free Food and Lodging For Foreign Girls.

I’d rather have Leah Francis in my kitchen, or me be in her kitchen, if you know what I’m saying, especially if Leah’s performing an udderly faptastic bosomy striptease across my center island.

Well, today being Humpday, all things are possible, fantasies become reality, and imagination lays the groundwork for actual events. So, close your eyes and wish away, and maybe, just maybe, that discounted over-ripened bowl of fruit will turn into the perfectly ripe fruits of the buxom babe Leah Francis with her pooter in the air atop your counter. You never know. Enjoy.

Leah Francis Topless Bodacious and Just Bouncy Perfection for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

Leah Francis Topless in 'Laid Bare' Shoot for Zoo Magazine December 2012
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Sometimes, you just need a little big tits.
– Bill Swift, on his 8th birthday

From cradle to grave, man (and our Sapphic leaning female friends) simply must have sweet funbags to survive. This is just a scientific fact. First, for nourishment, then for soothing, and finally, for being a solid dirty old man looking down tops. You can’t fight nature. Nor will we today. Rather, on this Ta-Ta-Tuesday we will embrace the roundest of the mams from a ma’am named Leah Francis, a desperately curvy British glamour model who toots our horn, floats our boat, and polishes our bishop. Actually, the latter are are responsible for ourselves. Everybody must do their part.

Featured in the new edition of Zoo magazine, Leah Francis helps remind us that boobs make everything better. Who can feel angry when staring into the plump puppies of Leah Francis? Not I. Not today. Enjoy.

(**Check out the Leah Francis topless video and learn why Leah loves the smell of ‘rubber’ in her private space!)

Leah Francis Blonde Topless Ambition Tour Turns Lingerie Into Longings

Leah Francis Topless in Lingerie for a Bedroom Photoshoot
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I don’t know about you, but my weekend was filled with work. Well, technically not work work, but when I heard tale of Old Lady Weatherly down the block being on her last legs, I, like many of the other ambitious folks who watch Antiques Roadshow but realize we have no great aunt to accidentally gift us a 19th century lamp that turns out to be worth $50K, run around the neighborhood trying to ingratiate ourselves to elderly spinsters with full attics in the hopes we’ll be the lucky bequeathed. I baked a cinammon swirl cake. And I moved furniture out of a spare bedroom. And I replaced an antennae on the roof. And then I discovered that Old Lady Weatherly was recovering nicely from her flu and I took off with nothing to show for my hardwork but a well-past due butterscotch candy.

In short, I never got my pound of potatoes this weekend, so I’m going to submerge my denied passions in a pit of wicked round and hot funbags, kind of like the amazing orbs exhibited by the bodacious Leah Francis in her new topless lingerie photoshoot. It’s like a virtual pair of the world’s most comforting pillows upon which to lay your wounded pride. And I intend to lay so for many many hours today.

Bless you, Leah. Enjoy.

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Leah Francis Blonde, Hot, Topless, and Rude for Zoo’s Most Risque Issue Ever

Leah Francis Topless in 'Very Nude And Very Rude' Zoo Photoshoot
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Oh, we love a good naughty blonde in the morning, or afternoon, or evening, or during nap time, bath time, or evening manga cosplay time in the rumpus room. That latter time can get a little frisky.

So when our friends at Zoo magazine said they were coming out with their ‘Rudest Ever’ issue and Leah Francis was going to be one of the centerpieces of the naughty journalistic endeavor, well trust me when I tell you that we canceled our mani/pedi appointments and cleared our calendars and waited to see how the buxom blonde fared pictorially speaking. And it was worth the wait. It’s something fierce and iron clad and a dash of blindfolds, all designed to turn the extraordinary talents of Leah Francis into one more than extraordinary visual wonderment. Enjoy.

(Most definitely check out Leah Francis brand new naughty topless video on ZooToday.com)

Holly Peers and Friends Topless Outtakes Mean the Olympics Will Never Truly End, Not on Ta-Ta-Tuesday They Won’t

Holly Peers and Friends Topless Nuts Outtakes in 'The Boob Olympics'
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I remember some French type dude from the IOC once saying that the Olympic Games are not merely a once every four year athletic event, but, rather, an ideal and spirit of competition and cooperation that continues daily, every day. Truly inspiring. But not nearly inspiring as our friends at Nuts magazine who have released outtakes from their truly gold-medal worthy pictorial of the Boob Olympics featuring Holly Peers and Leah Francis and Emma Glover and Lucy Collett, a sweat-inducing event that we truly do hope continues daily in our lives, in the spirit of fapitation.

Let the games continue! Enjoy.