Leah Francis

Joey Fisher and Leah Francis Are Madly in Teasy Topless Lust


Oh, sure, the true romantic feelings between busty hotties Joey Fisher and Leah Francis may be faked, but since when do we care about faked emotions? We're men. We do that in our sleep. What is important is the crazy hot visuals of Joey and Leah in their black lingerie rolling around atop and astride one another until those tops come off. Now that's what I call romance.

There is no greater love than that expressed between two beautiful young women while gentlemen oglers stare on in a happy stupor as in this wonderful Zoo magazine pictorial. I'm sure the classic poets used to write all about it. I didn't read much in school. Joey, Leah, if you ever need a place to hang and ply your sextastic friendship fun time activities, just let me know. Mi casa is most definitely su casa. Bring a change of undies. Enjoy.

Leah Francis Stripping to Perfection In Her Backyard for Ta-Ta Tuesday


I'm a hard man to impress. Though, granted, I do have a soft spot for women with soft spots in all the right places. Phenomenally hot and bodacious bodied women like Leah Francis who simply love to take their clothes off in various backyards and outdoor settings. And why not when you have a female form like the alluring Leah, one that would send men into battle, and give them the will to survive to return home for a sponge bath from their belusted.

On Tuesdays, we celebrate the greatness of the bare globes that make our world spin round and round. Leah Francis could shift the very polar vortex with her impressively sextastic pair. I'd at least love to be the guy who gets to watch her try. So hot. Enjoy.

(for all your Leah Francis sextastic needs check out the Leah Francis Official page.)

Leah Francis Topless Bikini Striptease Both Breaks and Makes My Mammarial Monday


With just a simple wiggle waggle of her bottomside, bodacious glamour model Leah Francis is able to tear me to emotional pieces then put me back together again only slightly discombobulated such that I believe Leah is actually my girlfriend and for an Early Bird special dinner at The Sizzler she will be mine for the rest of the evening.

On Mondays, we like to celebrate the forthcoming week of super charged funbags, the essence of all that is good and holy in this world. Seeing Leah Francis strip out of her bikini top is certainly a religious experience. I am most definitely feeling the spirit. Enjoy.

Leah Francis Topless Poolside Chestal Perfection for Ta-Ta-Tuesday


Everybody's got to go someway, I'd like to go out smothered by the bodacious bosom of a hottie like Leah Francis. I'm not sure I'd even struggle toward the end. Mostly just a big wide smile knowing I'd finally achieved my life dream of living even momentarily beneath a pair of jugtastic funbags that I've been coveting for my entire life.

On Tuesdays we like to honor, cherish, and highlight the full-grown puppies on the girls we lust the most. That which makes life worth living. Seeing Leah Francis stripping out of her swimsuit by the pool to reveal her luscious pair, well, I just feel  pure exhilaration. Enjoy.

Leah Francis Topless Naughty Whip and Handcuffs, Oh, Yeah, That Works


Sometimes, you just need a wicked busty blonde chewing on a riding crop to help you relax. Although, this is a very tense form of relaxation.

Leah Francis floats our boat. She could float many boats with her XXL tubular bits of chestal goodness. And the handcuffs, well now I think she's just trying to give me some kind of cardiac situation. These ZOO magazine photos are just instant fantasy material, I mean, a step above the National Geographic mags I used to peruse as a child. Enjoy.

Leah Francis Topless Smiling Wonderments for Ta-Ta-Tuesday


Leah Francis has a couple things I truly love. No, not the obvious two. I'm talking about her award winning smile and spectacular hands. I'm a smile and hands-man, what can I say? But if I was given a second option, yeah, okay, I'd also find time to appreciate her ridiculously full udders and and caress them ever so thoroughly with baby oil heated to a comfortably warm 120-degrees. Not that I've thought of that much. This new pictorial from our friends at Zoo magazine has me in something of an emotional twist.

On Tuesdays we celebrate all that is bouncy, bright, and boobtastic. So, it's like Monday and Wednesday, but ever so slightly in the middle. Which is exactly where I long to be in relation to Leah Francis' funbags. Enjoy.

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Leah Francis Topless Pillows of Perfection for Sweet Dreams on Ta-Ta Tuesday


Boobs will save the world. I will repeat that until you believe it, or it comes to fruition and you're forced to apologize. No worries, I'll be a humble victor. Who wouldn't be gracious when the world is rightfully and properly beholden to nothing but the adoration of fabulous full funbags and the motorboating opportunities therein.

Leah Francis more than fits the bill for one of these chesty world healers. Her glorious mammaries on delightful exhibition this Ta-Ta Tuesday as a harbinger of all good things to come when we turn swords into ploughshares and then trade those ploughshares in for a game of two handed touch with the curvy women of our dreams. Dare to dream. And ogle, squeeze, and permissibly fondle. Enjoy.