Lauren Stoner

Lauren Stoner Has An Itsy Bitsy Yellow and Purple Bikini

Former reality show star Lauren Stoner hit the beach in Miami in a very small yellow and purple bikini. Who is Lauren Stoner? She was a cast member on the short lived E! reality series The Spin Crowd, which was produced by none other than Kim Kardashian. The show was about ladies that work in the P.R. industry. I took public relations in college and I can assure you that no one in my class looked like Lauren Stoner. Also, what's going on in Miami right now? It seems like all the posts I've done today take place in Miami Beach. I'm one of like 15 Cuban-Americans that doesn't live in Miami. Why did my grandparents take us away from there? I know my grandfather liked booties and big bosoms. Maybe that's why my grandmother made him leave...

Either way I think I'm going to get a ticket to the motherland so I can enjoy the wonders of Miami Beach.

Lauren Stoner Bikini Pictures Put the Dang in Dang-Da-Dang-Diggity

I know it seems like I like every single sweetly shaped celebrity asstastic on the beach in Miami, and, yes, actually, that is totally true. But, just like there are fifty shades of grey (what?) there are different depths and levels of bikini buttockal region perfection, such as Lauren Stoner who ranks right up there among the ones that give you the shakes and shudders.

Lauren's twin cheeks of wonderment are just tight and firm and round and perfect all over. And she's not shy about showing off her bottomside handiwork. It's like a peanut vendor hawking his nuts at the ballgame. Only, Lauren's product is far more delicious, though I imagine, still provide warm salty nuts. Wow, that was uncalled for. Enjoy.

Lauren Stoner Bikini Pictures Deliver More Beach Time Asstastic

There's no denying that model and reality show contestant Lauren Stoner has one fine bikini bottom side. Well, I guess you could deny it, but then we couldn't be friends and hang out at the video arcade together anymore.

That sweet booty of hers has captured our attention since first we met, when she was still dating Michael Bay and making us jealous of his directorial skills. Now, I understand, she is single, or at least dating somebody else super helpful in the career department, but either way, still exhibiting her long sweet body on the beach in Miami. Including that special seat of hers.

It truly is a derriere delight. Enjoy.

Lauren Stoner Bikini Butt Continues to Amaze

It truly is a thing of beauty, a work of art, an object d' lust, that verifiably sextastic bikini asstastic on the lower half of somewhat model actress and reality show, err, participant, Lauren Stoner. Oh, sure, many of you out there can't wait to see a smoking hot bikini girl coming toward you. But a real booty man knows that the heart breaks for two reasons when a woman like this walks away from you.

Booty lovers unite! Enjoy.

Lauren Stoner Bikini Pictures Put the Purple Thong Right in Your Face

Lauren Stoner has one of the finest bikini buttsides and bodies among all the noteworthy celebrities we cover on this site. We're still not exactly sure what she does outside of being Michael Bay's former fling and looking amazing in a bikini, but we're also not sure there needs to be anything else.

And Lauren Stoner does not hide her hot body. She not only thongs it routinely, she goes with bright vivid colors, like a neon arrow pointing the direction of all lust-filled men (so, all men) in the direction of her prime sextastic body. We respect the hell out of such bodily promotions. No pretenses, just very sweet views. Enjoy.

Lauren Stoner Bikini Pictures Just Good Old Fashioned Body Hot

Well, it does look as if Lauren Stoner and Michael Bay are a thing of the past now, or at least Lauren making out with some new random dude on the beach in Miami indicates such, but what hasn't changed a bit is the amazing bikini body on this model and erstwhile actress (albeit, dumping Michael Bay could put a crimp in that plan) which she routinely flaunts and often even bare-flashes along the Florida coastline almost daily.

We can respect a girl who does nothing all day but fine tune, fine tan, and finely display her hot body. Not only can we respect it, we wish it was an enforceable law. Enjoy.

Lauren Stoner Bikini Pictures Flash Her Amazing Asstastic on South Beach

It's ever so easy to focus on the top we saw flashed bare earlier this week, but Lauren Stoner and her taut tight and all around off-the-hook bikini body deserves a little bottom love too. Or a lot of bottom love if I was given ten minutes and a bottle of aloe vera gel and instructed to care for such fine piece of asstastic.

This model slash something or other slash Michael Bay girlfriend continues to maintain and exhibit one of the finest bikini bodies along the Florida coast, a coast this winter that has been flooded with the best of the sextastic celebrities and models. It's quite an honor just to be nominated. It'd be an even greater honor to get a chance to lotion that badonkadonk. Help, I can't stop leering! Enjoy.