Lauren Stoner

Lauren Stoner Bikini Pictures Push the Tush in The Right Direction

Lauren Stoner has long since moved on from Michael Bay and has some new boyfriend, but what hasn’t changed is her long and lean killer bikini body completed with that ripe tight tush that makes her identifiable by even the casual gentleman ogler from behind at ten to twenty paces.

Lauren is a veteran model and reality show something or other from the area. She’s not going to let the stiff competition of outsiders flooding Miami Beach in their itty bitty bikinis topple her local pride crown. Come and get it, if you can, must be Lauren’s motto as she preens and struts across the beach knowing she’s got title like skills covered only by two tiny pieces of cloth. This South FLorida bikini Thunderdome just keeps getting better and better. Many lives may be lost, and I’m referring now mostly to the chronic fappers. So much good stuff this time of year! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet / Splash News

Lauren Stoner Wears A Striped Bikini In Miami

The lovely Lauren Stoner showed off her redonkulous figure in a striped bikini in Miami Beach. As the weather gets warmer ladies wear less and less clothes. It’s a scientific fact. It must have been a real scorcher in Miami because Lauren’s bikini is small. Not only does it showcase her lovely funbags but the bottom barely covers her crotchecological region. Needless to say, (but I’m going to anyway), her booty is amazing and in (almost) full glory. Miami Beach truly is a magical place right now. I’m one of, like, five Cubans that grew up outside of Miami so I feel a little deprived. The only people who hang around the beaches of New York City are homeless dudes that have full on conversations with imaginary aliens. True story.

I wonder if Lauren got teased a lot in high school because her last name is stoner? There was probably a gaggle of potheads that would follow her around and giggle.

Lauren Stoner Backside Frontside Bikini Peeking Party

Yep, it’s bikini peeking party time as Lauren Stoner and her tight body hit the sun shining beach in Miami for a little show and go. Well, she mostly showed, then I had to go excuse myself to take an important call in a private place where nobody could hear me whimper.

The South Florida model and occasional reality TV attendee most definitely attends to the needs of the gentleman oglers in her little bikinis of various bright and colorful design, just on the off chance you don’t catch her toned thumper or glistening boobtastic strutting by you on the beach from your sandy upturned perch. She has some serious skills and I am more than ready to be schooled in the art of the drool. Teacher teacher what can you teach me. Enjoy.

Lauren Stoner Bikini Pictures Continue to Flash the Stoneriffic Body Views

If we were picking teams, I’d probably pick Lauren Stoner for my side pretty early on. Especially if we were skins instead of shirts. Her bikini body continues to dazzle me as it does all who gaze upon it on the beaches of Miami where Lauren routinely takes her fine female form for walks. She maybe doesn’t get as much attention as some of the magazine cover girls and international models who grace those same sands with their feet I desperately want to pedicure, but Lauren is definitely on the same ridiculously hot body levels.

Someday I’m going to head to Miami with nothing but my camera, and, naturally, my French designed X-Small Speedo. Maybe not the Speedo so much. I really do need start capturing some of these images for myself. Get those angles that maybe the paparazzi on the beach feel a little ashamed to be taking. I have no shame so I’d be perfect for the task. Enjoy.

Lauren Stoner Bikinis in Green for The Holiday Named After Stoners

Now that everybody and their mother are legally smoking pot, it’s not nearly as cool as it used to be. In fact, people aren’t even smoking any more, they’re vaporizing in their suits at their corporate jobs. How un-rebel is that? Let’s be honest, making stuffing normal and legal makes it kind of boring. I still love a beer, but it never tasted better than when you had to convince somebody’s older brother or the guy in the alley way to buy it for you. There’s pleasure in the effort.  And speaking of pleasure in the effort, hot bikini bodied Lauren Stoner did whip out her green bikini for the annual April 20th herbalists day of celebration, When you’re name is Stoner, you can’t exactly escape this particular holiday, even in Florida which will probably be the single last state in the nation to make the dank lawful.

I’d invite Lauren Stoner to every beach party I ever hosted. Also, I’d invite nobody else. When she shows up I’ll pretend everybody else is just really late. I’ll also pretend I’m not staring directly at her hot booty and bikini body. I will fail on both fronts, but for five minutes, it’ll be the best party I ever threw. Enjoy

Lauren Stoner Has An Itsy Bitsy Yellow and Purple Bikini

Former reality show star Lauren Stoner hit the beach in Miami in a very small yellow and purple bikini. Who is Lauren Stoner? She was a cast member on the short lived E! reality series The Spin Crowd, which was produced by none other than Kim Kardashian. The show was about ladies that work in the P.R. industry. I took public relations in college and I can assure you that no one in my class looked like Lauren Stoner. Also, what’s going on in Miami right now? It seems like all the posts I’ve done today take place in Miami Beach. I’m one of like 15 Cuban-Americans that doesn’t live in Miami. Why did my grandparents take us away from there? I know my grandfather liked booties and big bosoms. Maybe that’s why my grandmother made him leave…

Either way I think I’m going to get a ticket to the motherland so I can enjoy the wonders of Miami Beach.

Lauren Stoner Bikini Pictures Put the Dang in Dang-Da-Dang-Diggity

I know it seems like I like every single sweetly shaped celebrity asstastic on the beach in Miami, and, yes, actually, that is totally true. But, just like there are fifty shades of grey (what?) there are different depths and levels of bikini buttockal region perfection, such as Lauren Stoner who ranks right up there among the ones that give you the shakes and shudders.

Lauren’s twin cheeks of wonderment are just tight and firm and round and perfect all over. And she’s not shy about showing off her bottomside handiwork. It’s like a peanut vendor hawking his nuts at the ballgame. Only, Lauren’s product is far more delicious, though I imagine, still provide warm salty nuts. Wow, that was uncalled for. Enjoy.