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Emmy Rossum Topless Shameless Hot; Weekend Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Emmy Rossum Bra Scene Shameless
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How can we ever lament a weekend that includes Emmy Awesome topless? 

One of our most faptastic brunette thespianics continued to show why she deserves your attention, your applause, and quite likely your woodland axe being raised, as she once again peeled off her top on camera in the second season of Shameless, a show that if you’re not watching regularly, well, shame on you. Because this weekend’s Shameless also included a robust topless backside banging courtesy of blonde hottie Laura Wiggins, and a macabre topless turn from Molly Price. And, let we leave out House of Lies, a show that seems merely designed to get Don Cheadle pressing flesh with hot nekkid chicks each week, did not disappoint with Amy Landecker flashing kinky boobtastic peeks. Enjoy.

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MSM Weekly Flesh-on-Film Roundup Features Emmy Rossum, Meredith Giangrande, and Lynn Whitfield (VIDEO)


While we’re most definitely be spending our afternoon at Underworld Awakening ogling our stalker crush, Kate Beckinsale, the rest of the weekend remains skinematically wide open nd our friends at Mr. Skin, have some suggestions for weekend flesh-on-filmed-media viewing opportunities, including a reprise of Emmy Awesome and Laura Wiggins topless in Shameless, Meredith Giangrande flashing hooters in Bucky Larson, and an oldie but boobie, Lynn Whitfield dancing topless with bananas in the Josephine Baker Story.

You can not go wrong from here. Enjoy.

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Weekend Boob Tube Roundup Includes The Making of the Sexy in Shameless, House of Lies, and Californication (VIDEO)


Now that HBO has officially canceled Hung, might as well hand the trophy for best acting job on television to Don Cheadle for his she-banging weekly role in House of Lies, the new Showtime series where, this week, Cheadle gets to pound our new sextastic object d’lust, Dawn Olivieri in the bathroom, heading up a boob tube roundup weekend that included only brief bits of nudity from blonde cutie Laura Wiggins in the second episode of Shameless, and at least the hint of future hotness in Californication, courtesy of sultry hottie bikini-clad Meagan Good in her new role on the show. Promising for sure. Enjoy.


Laura Wiggins Removes Her Bra for Topless Shameless Funbag Time (VIDEO)


I think there’s a hat on the set of Shameless and each week producers pull out a name of the actress whose turn it is to go topless. An odd practice, but one I must reflexively applaud as it brings us a nice variety of boobtastic from the show each week. Drawing milky straws this week, the underrated hottie, Laura Wiggins, giving shameless oglers a glimpse at her bare top, and some sort of story underneath. Enjoy.

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Emmy Rossum Just Can’t Stop Flashing Her Delicious Rack


Emmy Rossum is Emmy Awesome. Get it? I know, way clever. Okay, so not as clever as the folks who make Shameless, designing a television show that has sweet actresses each and every week done gone topless, most notably the gritty cute Emmy Rossum flashing the flesh possums. C’mon, TV people, it’s not that hard to figure out what your audience wants. Sure, some keen stories and well-developed characters are nice, but, well-developed-topless characters are what gets my fingers programming the DVR. Enjoy.

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Emmy Rossum and Laura Wiggins Double The Topless Pleasure in Shameless (VIDEO)


Movies for grown-ups are just about dead. Meanwhile, cable television just keeps rolling along with amazing series after amazing series of drugs, sex, and, well, sex. Shameless being one of my very favorite grown-up time experiences. Hey, the doctors may have diagnosed me as having been stuck at the psychological age of thirteen, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy shows that make you think. Or ogle hot boobs. Or both, though more so the boobtastic leering when in a single episode you have both the secretly sexy Emmy Rossum and the up-and-coming hottie Laura Wiggins flashing the world’s most desirable form of melons. We are living in a very good age. Enjoy.

Emmy Rossum

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Laura Wiggins Topless, Shameless, So Damn Hot (VIDEO)


You may have never heard of Laura Wiggins before, I’ve never heard of Laura Wiggins before, but, please say hello to up and coming actress Laura Wiggins who is literally making a splash in her Egotastic! debut. There’s nothing that says stand up and notice my acting talents to us more than full frontal bathtub topless pictures, in this case, Laura Wiggins playing the role of Karen Jackson, in Showtime’s Shameless, a program that if you’re not ogling, you should be, because it’s right up there in the pantheon of modern day cable TV boobtastic programming. Welcome, Laura Wiggins. Enjoy.

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