Larissa Riquelme

Larissa Riquelme Nekkid Pictures in Motion Are Muy Muy Sexy (VIDEO)

Larissa Riquelme Nekkid Hot in Sexy Magazine BTS Video
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What can be said of the Paraguayan mighty soccer fan with the mighty hot body, Larissa Riquelme, that can be said with full words, and not just the guttural utterances that might overtake the speech of any man (or lovely ogling woman) that lays their peepers upon her fine nekkid form in this video from behind the scenes of her Sexy magazine photoshoot. I’m not exactly sure we can actually move past ‘wow’ and ‘yay’ and ‘me want’ to anything sophisticated enough to actually charm a lady out of her clothes. Thankfully, the delicious Larissa is already without her clothes on, so maybe we can just skip that step.

Larissa Riquelme continues to be one of our favorite discoveries in our Sudamericana adventures; just pure sexy curvy sultry Latina goodness. Enjoy.

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Larissa Riquelme Sin Ropa (That Means Nekkid) in Sexy Magazine

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Okay, so it’s a Brazilian magazine, but I’m sticking to my Spanish, the very little I know of it, to describe the Paraguayan football loving boobtastic sensation known as Larissa Riquelme, muy caliente y sexual con los perritos grandes.

Featured in this month’s Sexy magazine, so ever aptly and directly named, Larissa shows off her top and bottom and everything in between in a sultry show of goodness that literally fuels the Egotastic! Winnebago for its trips down Sudamericana way for further, deeper, moister, explorations. Disfruta.

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Larissa Riquelme Hits the Pole With Pasties for Latin Dance Show (VIDEO)

Let’s take a moment to unfavorably compare American television once more to similar versions of shows outside the U.S.

U.S. network TV dance shows like Dancing with the Stars allows you to see Chaz Bono sweating like a fattened pig the weeks leading up to Easter dancing around like a man with a brand new baby peen to some rumba something. The Sudamericana version of the celebrity dance show, on the other hand, you get Larissa Riquelme in leather pants and nothing but pasties grinding some dude to 80′s Bon Jovi. Hmm, let me see, which is better television.

‘Reality’ includes sex and nekkidness. Hiding all that fun stuff is hardly ‘reality’ television. Wake up, my fellow citizens. And, enjoy.

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Larissa Riquelme Topless Pictures for a Happy Kick in the Balls



I really believe that ‘soccer’ would take off as a sport in the U.S. if we could get sexy hot boobtastic models to take their tops off in support of the world’s most popular athletic enterprise. Oh, say, models like Larissa Riquelme, the infamously curvaceous Paraguayan soccer fan who once again removes her jersey top for the love of all things football, this time for a delightful score in Interviu magazine. I remember a few hot soccer moms from my own AYSO days, but nothing like Larissa. Enjoy.

(Special thanks to EgoFan ‘Rod R.’ for pointing out Larissa’s pointers.)

Goal! Larissa Riquelme Topless Pictures for Your Game Winning Kicks


Guess we’ll call this the tie-breaker in the battle for greatest Paraguayan soccer fan. The sultry curvy hot and sexy Larissa Riquelme just couldn’t wait (well, I couldn’t wait) for her national team to take victory and flash her nude body in the streets, so she took to the pages of SoHo magazine to flash her boobtastic/asstastic deadly combo in nekkid fashion. I’m no referee of celebrity hotness, just a fellow ogler, but I must say… Ay Dios mío! Enjoy.

(Muchas gracias for the head’s up on these hot bodied pictures to our Latin world EgoReaders ‘Miguelangel E.’ and ‘Juan M.’, son todos hombres.)

Larissa Riquelme and Patty Orué: Ultimate Paraguayan Nipple Slipping Superfans in the Copa América



Do you love big-boobed sultry latina soccer fan models? Of course you do.

Our old friend Larissa Riquelme and our new friend (oh, how we dream) Patty Orué, both buxom Paraguayan lingerie and swimsuit supermodels, showed their team spirit for team Paraguay in their quarterfinal match against Brazil in the Copa América on Sunday. And what better way to say Viva Paraguay than with a nice nipple slip?

Needless to say, both curvaceous ladies offered again to run nekkid through the streets of their homeland; an offer they keep making and I keep wanting to see.

We are getting closer to the unclothed moments, as Paraguay did take out Brazil in penalty kicks to advance to the semi-finals.
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Larissa Riquelme Flashes Two Blazing Hot Orbs


We have missed you, Larissa Riquelme, my little (not so little) Paraguayan boob-baring super soccer fan. Well, to be honest, there are certain parts that I’ve missed more than others. But, bless you H Extremo magazine for returning this uber-curvy Sudamericana hottie front and center into the ogle-light. These Larissa Riquelme topless pictures are just the highlight of my day here. It’s like having two suns in the sky. Enjoy.