Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey Poses as Stripper and Naughty Country Girl for New Music Video

The big knock on Lana Del Rey has always been that she’s a tad bit boring. I suppose the role of a jazzy loungy pop singer is low key to begin with, and Lana really doesn’t try much like her pop diva counterparts to draw attention to herself, despite having some innate bodily talents to work with. However, all gloves, and other clothes, seem to be off for her latest music video shoot in Los Angeles where Lana both appears to be flashing her above-the-fold regions in unbuttoned Daisy Dukes…

And also posing as what one would have to call a stripper in a skimpy bikini, given that there are some dollar bills sticking out of her drawers. I suppose that could just be from an overzealous crew member or maybe that’s just where she keeps her soda machine dollars, but I’m going with stripper cosplay because I’m imagining it regardless. I’m guessing the result of this music video will be to cast Lana Del Rey in a new, more sexually charged light. This is a good thing. Enjoy.

Lana Del Rey Open Short Shorts Filming Music Video in LA

Lana Del Rey Is Starting to Win Us Over With Some Hot Body Flashing

We’ve heard Lana Del Rey interviewed several times now, and, we must say, it’s a close call between Lana and the moss on the underside of a rock for high impact verbal exposition, but, we’d be lying if we didn’t say the sultry throwback singer is starting to grow in tingle-causing impact on our nether regions.

Leaving a promotional appearance in Poland, Lana Del Rey brought out the see-through top to flash her bra and a mighty fine figure further igniting our passion for the low-passion songstress. Yes, we’re suckers for a hot woman who puts on a good show. All-day suckers. Enjoy.

Lana Del Rey Takes It Off, All Off for GQ UK

Well, she did manage to conspicuously cover all the good bits and parts, but this is by far the hottest all-the-rage Lana Del Rey has ever looked, probably related to her lack of garments, actually, most definitely related to it.

The Nancy Sinatra retro protege has put us to sleep in most every interview she’s ever done, but we’re wide awake checking out her nice slender singer body, enhanced a bit by technology, in the current edition of GQ UK. It’s a delicious surprise. Enjoy.

Lana Del Rey Takes London By See-Through Skirt Storm

I’m still not exactly sure what to make of Lana Del Rey. The Egotastic! counsel is truly baffled by this pretty minxy hot singer who almost always has the droll, lifeless, Victoria Beckham countenance thing going on, and some of her interviews battle paint-drying in terms of excitement level.

Still, there’s this: Lana Del Rey parading outside her London hotel last night in a see-through skirt, in some kind of attention grabbing ensemble that certainly seems to belie her ‘leave me alone’ looks of social despair. We’ll certainly take into account her little bit of teasing before we come to any final decision on Lana. A boob slip wouldn’t hurt her case, I might add, in case she’s reading. Enjoy.

Lana Del Rey Flashes Her Sexpot Potential Outside Letterman

We wouldn’t necessarily list ourselves as the biggest Lana Del Rey fans, musically speaking, but who care for music when them artist looks like Lana Del Rey, she is the cake and the icing as far as we’re concerned. 

The sextastic young New Yorker has been creating a bunch of buzz lately with her outspoken comments on this or that, but we’re mostly not listening so much and just leering, as we did last night as she made her way to the David Letterman Show, flashing the definite inklings of a hottie with even greater growth potential. I definitely think there’s something there there. Enjoy.

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