Lais Ribeiro

Lais Ribeiro Barely Covered In V.S. Lingerie

Lais Ribeiro deserves her time to shine in barely there little bits of lace and fabric clinging to her absolutely faptastic Brazilian hot body. It’s hard to say any of the angelic sweet bodied hotties in the new arsenal of Victoria’s Secret have a leg up on the other. It’s sort of a free for all these days, a survival of the fittest where every girl is crazy damn fit and alluring and causing men’s hearts and other organs to flutter.

There will be no losers in this battle, only a series of more sextastic winners. Lais Ribeiro definitely has her hottie hat in the ring contended for her own standing as passion inducing lingerie model princess. Her talents are obvious. They run sultry and deep. I am a betting man, but on this one, I’m just going to sit back and watch the process unfold, and, hopefully, undress. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria’s Secret

Lais Ribeiro Undresses In Her Apartment for Topless Peeks of Brazilian Wonderment

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Let’s say on the off change you loved seeing hot Brazilian models without their clothes on. Well, today would be your lucky day. I certainly feel like it’s my birthday mixed with Christmas and a hint of the best of Arbor Day. A Guy Aroch photoshoot of the deliciously sultry Lais Ribeiro flashing her sweet tender and all around perfect set of funbags in this candid type set of the Sudamericana model.

Obviously, I cried happy ears for a few moments before delving deeply into every curve, crack, and lovely inch of Lais who embodies the alluring body ever so righteously. That’s a body that deserves some kind of statue in the town square. Well, if I had a town, it would certainly rest in the center, it’s brilliant faptastic topless glory for all the world to see that our little burgh is the single greatest place on earth. Lais, you have so much power in that passion inducing body of yours. Let’s rule the world together. I’ll burn all your bras. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Guy Aroch For Morena Magazine

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Lais Ribeiro Topless Sultry Automotive Motifs Will Rev Your Engines

Lais Ribeiro Topless Photoshoot in Lui August 2014
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if you happen to like ridiculously hot Brazilian models and sports cars, you’ll find yourself entranced by this Lui Magazine pictorial of the wicked hot Lais Ribeiro doing her hot body thing set against various motor vehicles. In fact, you don’t really have to like cars at all to appreciate the hot stroking action (as it were) of the sultry and alluring Lais Ribeiro and that heavenly sextastic body of hers.

Someday, I’d like to find such a woman topless in the back seat of my economy import. Maybe she could be struck with amnesia or be high on fumes from her recent private jet trip or something. There are so many ways it could happen, short of kidnapping at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which is obviously just a Plan D. Enjoy.

Lais Ribeiro Drip Dry Swimsuit Hotness for Elle

Lais Ribeiro is another helpful reminder that Brazil is destined to be my future home when I retire and intend to surround myself with beautiful beach babes and friendly drug lords who can get me the good cigars. Lais doesn’t really even seem to be trying all that hard to look so desperately smoking hot in her one-piece swimsuits on the pages of Elle magazine.

I’m not sure when that sandy bare butt thing became in pictorial vogue once more, but I’m certainly glad it’s back. I love a messy thumper on a sultry hot woman. They call me, The Cleaner. No hands. Enjoy.

Lais Ribeiro Hot in Victoria’s Secret March 2014

Lais Ribeiro Sweet and Sultry and Sextastic Pimping Lingerie

We’ve feasted peeps upon Lais Ribeiro before. She’s a, you guessed it, Brazilian super hot model with a body just descended from heaven, or perhaps raised from hell in order to drive men quite insane with prurient fantasies. Even modeling for the rather vanilla Nordstrom’s, Lais brings some of her sultry skills to bear in the fine female form department.

Lais looks good in lingerie. I bet she looks great out of lingerie. The transition from one to the other could be deadly to witness. I’m prepared to die in such a manner. Enjoy.

Lais Ribeiro Bikini Pictures Drop So Much Sexy in Miami, The Ground Shakes

That might just be me shaking a bit while spying on the ridiculously hot Lais Ribeiro, the young Brazilian model showing off her highly sought after bodily wares in a bikini along Miami Beach.

I’m not sure how Brazil continue to produce uber-sextastic models year after year to replace the veterans, and upgrade the inventory, but it’s like some act of a higher power that truly loves sultry devastatingly hot women. Giselle retires, we swap in another. It’s crazy how it works like that. But look at Lais Ribeiro and tell me the hot Brazilian modeling talent pool is simply not getting ever deeper. Damn! Enjoy.