Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Splits Her Latex Pants During Canuckian Concert

Now, that last time my tremendous girth busted open anything made of latex, it was a.... oh, never mind, you know where that lame joke is headed. But a less lame joke, though still funny as hell, was watching Lady Gaga and her plastic pants rip open as she bent over during a concert up in the Great White North.

Now, many guys on here can relate to a split or near split of the trousers during a lethargic fat couch potato point in their existence, so we must treat humanely the Lady who has been on vacation and bulking up a bit lately in the gluteals. Still, there's something extra special about tearing those shiny latex pants asunder mid performance in front of a live audience. Score one for Canada. Enjoy.

I Did It All for the Whooty! We Celebrate Pale Celebrities With Bodacious Booties

Our video game editor Aaron doesn't think there's such a thing as Whooty -- White Booty -- or that there is an actual subculture of readers with this particular fetish. Meh, he's probably right. But given this is a time of gratitude, we're going to celebrate here on Egotastic! those few and far between women of limited color whose bottoms often make us turn red in the face.

Here's 10 of our bigger-get badonkadonks. It's Whooty Time!

Lady Gaga Jumps On a Cake Then Washes Off With a Girl Spanking in the Tub (Yes, This All Happened)

You're Gonna Wanna See This, But Sound Down!

I don't know what's going on really anymore with Lady Gaga.

She's gone on this spree to transform herself from an opera bouffe heroine to girls and dudes who dig musical theater into this 'check me out dudes, I'm a sexy pop star too' phase, to this latest spectacle from Terry Richardson, teaser promos of Lady Gaga for her new music video 'Cake', which, of course, includes cake, and a bunch of sexual positions and spankings with other girls in bathtubs.

I will say this, Lady Gaga is becoming harder to ignore. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Sideboob Continues Her Body Part Flashing South American Tour

At some point some months ago, Lady Gaga and her team decided that the pop diva who appeals mainly to teenaged girls and to my buddy Kai Stevens who was dropped on his head as a child (literally, Kai was dropped on his head as a child, repeatedly, by his mom who claimed to be clumsy, but I think we all knew exactly what was going on by the fifth drop) was going to chart a new course to present herself as a 20-something, skin-flashing female music star, see if she could start building a rep among the straight males of the species.

The latest whistle in her whistle-stop tour of South America took Gaga to Argentina where she was flashing some serious sideboob on the streets of the fair nation. Well, we'll leave if for you to decide how her campaign to attract dudes is working. Enjoy.

Katherine Jenkins Upskirt, Lady Gaga Down Butt, To Kick Of Your Week on Egotastic!

Katherine Jenkins is a real serious Welsh singer, so we were damn happy to see a real serious upskirt from the underrated blonde hottie as she partied by way of cab in London over the weekend. And, once again, the blessedly long-seated Old World taxis made possible an upskirt even from one of the classier fancy women around. All, hail the London car services!

Meanwhile, down Rio way, the inimitable pop diva Lady Gaga continued her antics, chasing school kids around a yard in Brazil, making the kids for the invention of the cootie-shot to ensure that whatever Gaga bio-transfers in Brazil, doesn't stay in Brazil. Oh, and she did take a moment of our busy schedule to bend forward and flash her thong covered patooter. She's a giver.

We're kicking off another big week here shortly on Egotastic!, so, we needed a couple sextastic trumpets blaring.  Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Bikini Pictures Hit The Beach in Rio for Brazilian Booty Show

Well, well, well, the Lady doth hit the beach.

Much to the delight of her young teen fans, and to the 17% of you who secretly imagine a very Bad Romance with Lady Gaga while in the privacy of their boudoirs late night, Lady Gaga did some bending and preening and prancing in a blue bikini along the beach in Rio, taking a break from her rather active professional schedule.

We've been seeing more and more of Lady Gaga body wise lately, in more normal poses we should say; make of this what you will. As for us, we make lemonade! Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Covers Her Coconuts With Coconuts On Rio Balcony

Oh, Lady Gaga, you devilish temptress of a hard looking pop diva.

The Lady is in Rio and decided to treat her screaming fans to a little something extra, so before getting into her bikini top for a formal regal howdy, she made her way out onto the balcony, topless, with only what appears to be a couple coconuts covering up her own chesty fruits.

It's a something something down Sudamericana way we just had to share. Enjoy.