Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora As the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpets Roll In

You know I simply refuse to watch this show. MTV doesn’t even cover music anymore, but somehow they still run the pretense of being a voice for popular music and teenaged girls seem to still be buying it. Which means all the big names still need to show up big each year and the divas need their exhibition dues. That is where I pay attention. I care not for what the fashion and wardrobe and accessory set say about the gowns, but I do care to see some of our favorite sextastic celebrities gracing the red carpet of any big awards show.

Taylor SwiftLady Gaga, Katy Cocktease, Miley Cyrus, Ciara, Rita Ora, Selena Gomez, and more.

Stay tuned as the red carpet photos from the 2013 Video Music Awards red carpet continue to roll in…

Lady Gaga Takes Her Clothes Off Once More for V Magazine

Here’s the thing about Lady Gaga. She likes to get nekkid. I mean, she really really likes to get nekkid. And, unlike my across the way always nekkid on his balcony neighbor Reamus the Male Muffin Top, Lady Gaga actually brings a rather shapely female form to the party.

Yes, there’s no denying it, whatever you might say about her look or talents, Lady Gaga keeps herself in nekkid-worthy condition. Which is a thing in itself. As is the bravado to constantly be taking off your clothes for the cameras. She may not be fully exposed in V magazine, but that’s really only because they probably made her cover up a few inches here and there. She’s been flashing her bare birthday suit form in venue after venue these past few months if not longer.

So, here’s to you Lady Gaga. Your name will never appear on my iTunes receipts, but I do acknowledge you’ve got some cajones (though no actual cajones as we’ve inspected your lady nest much in recent times.). Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Hits the Town in Bra and Panties

I guess technically she was wearing something over it, but Lady Gaga seems determined to make people forget about her failed concert performance year due to sports injury and instead focus on her bare body. Last week Lady Gaga was full on nekkid in a bizarre promo video, now she’s out on the town wearing little if any clothing, which we applaud, though since she probably spent three hours and ten thousand dollars getting ready, we have to applaud only lightly. Any man can tell you that he’d rather skip the wait and have you go out in a t-shirt and jeans without your hair looking perfect.

Lady Gaga is a true show-woman. A P.T Barnum if Barnum had used his booty and boobtastic to garner attention rather than elephants and strong men. For a girl like Gaga to come as far as she has, well, there’s definitely some skills involved in the mix. And lots and lots of skin. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Fully Nekkid for Holistic Healing!

Click to See Uncensored

Rain drops keep falling on the nekkid body of Lady Gaga, but she doesn’t seem to mind. Or the fact that she’s being filmed completely in the buff performing the ‘Abramovic Method‘ for improving physical and mental self-awareness. I have no idea what that means, but it seems to make many people cry and be happy and I’m supposing pay some money along the way.

Marina Abramovic is looking to Kickstarter to fund her spiritual retreat and looking to Lady Gaga to get nekkid and give her program lots of attention. Both plans seem to be working. And might I add as the ogler that I am, that Lady Gaga’s body seems to be back to rather complimentary shape.

You can see the full truly bizarre Lady Gaga nekkid for Abramovic video on Enjoy.

(Thanks to a ton of you who sent us emails about the bare naked Lady Gaga this late night.)

New ‘Machete Kills’ Trailer Has Some (Literally) Killer Boobtastic (VIDEO)

Check out all of Machete's Sexy Friends

The new Machete Kills trailer has some rather murderous mammaries. No, literally, Sofia Vergara straps machine gun bewbs to her chest and fires them. Yeah. Pretty wild.

If that’s not a perfect indication of how utterly batshit this iteration of Machete will be, I’ll let the trailer speak for itself. Seriously, check it out: Charlie Sheen (as his real name Carlos Estevez)  is the president and Lady Gaga does stuff covered in a real live Cuba Gooding, Jr. suit. Amber Heard in a Miss San Antonio sash? What’s crazier than that? 

Nothing, my friends. NOTHING.

Oh, and in a shocking ‘just like in real life’ turn, Mel Gibson is the villain.

Lady Gaga Covered Nekkid in V Magazine

I’ll say this for Lady Gaga, she’s not shy. I guess that’s another term for really wanting attention. Which we praise around these parts. But why is Lady Gaga covered nekkid and looking like a frightened goose on the pages of V magazine?

Take a look at the full size photo of Lady Gaga covering her privates with her hands and see what our friends at WWTDD believe occurred to the pop diva before this photo shoot.

Lady Gaga Struts Streets in No More Than Bra and a Miniskirt

Lady Gaga is back. She was out for some time with a hip pointer or some other football type injury that kept her sidelined from her own touring schedule the past six months or so. It has seemed odd not to see the most promoted and omnipresent music world figure out there for so long. She’s left a ton of coverage for Justin Bieber, and that’s not a good thing.

Gaga wasted no time in attracting attention to herself by wearing no more than a bra and a miniskirt on the streets of Manhattan. It was kind of Madonna-esque you might say, as the Material Girl was one of the first to strut about publicly in black undergarments. As always, we have mixed feelings about Lady Gaga, but, we always fall back upon our founding principles in these times. If a celebrity is walking around the streets in her lingerie, we’re going to show it to you. Enjoy.