Lady Gaga

The Muppets (Hooray) and Lady Gaga (Boo, Hiss) Are Making a Holiday Special for ABC

This isn't right.

I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that The Muppets are starring in a new holiday special. The bad news is they’ll be partnered with Lady Gaga. I have some very mixed emotions right now.


Lady Gaga Goes See-Through In the Streets of London

Panic on the streets of London when Lady Gaga gets in the attention-getting mood. Which, for the record, is every hour of every day. But, occasionally, she does manage to still kick up the scandal note another notch, like wearing a see-through leotard out in the London evening with a million press photographers about.

Yes, she’s trying to show off her pop diva puppies, though they do look taped or covered in some manner, so, I guess she’s not gone full Rihanna quite yet. But she know it’s definitely going to land her on the cover of every tabloid around the world, which I suppose is the purpose. For our more pure intents, it’s a wardrobe we have to give homage, like a very naughty gymnast of some kind who knows she can’t vault, but she’ll be damned if she’s not going to be noticed. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Topless Covering Her Lady Nest for V Magazine (Part Deux)

Lady Gaga Stretching Nekkid in V Magazine
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We saw the preview pictures a couple weeks ago of perhaps the world’s current most prolific body exposer, Lady Gaga. Now, a closer look, on the pages of V magazine at the first lady of flashing her ta-ta’s and almost giving away the entire goose.

Say what you will about Lady Gaga, from the good to the not so good, but you can’t take away her willingness to show off a ton of skin for the cameras. There aren’t many major celebrities exposing themselves thusly. Like, almost none. So, we golf clap. And leer, I mean, look at Lady Gaga raising her booted-leg. That is pretty damn impressive. Enjoy.

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Lady Gaga Pre MTV Video Music Awards Photos with Terry Richardson

Lady Gaga Has Decided to Just Stop Wearing Clothes Mostly

I guess this is a ‘for good’ thing with Lady Gaga. Not that it’s not a smart move. When the one thing everybody can agree about you is that you’ve got a nice body, why not make that the focal point of your public persona. And what better way to do so than simply by wearing little to no clothes everywhere you go. Today, into London’s Heathrow Airport in an outfit that I think you’re allowed to bypass security in.

Say what you will about Lady Gaga, she’s no dummy. Outside of the Lottery and inheritance, dummy’s don’t earn themselves a $100 million starting from nothing. She knows what she’s selling and she’s selling the hell out of it. Good on you, Gaga. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Shock and Bra in New York City

Lady Gaga can not possibly get enough attention. It’s simply not mathematically possible. Even knowing she’s been one of the skin-lights of the VMA’s in the evening, Gaga felt obliged to stroll around Manhattan in just her little bra to make sure every single sighted soul in Gotham laid their eyes upon her. I suppose it’s a talent. I guess I was looking, so it works.

As always, we praise skin exhibitions in public from our famous persons. We leave it to you to decide as to their particular tastiness or not. Just the facts, ma’am, boob and asstastic style. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga’s Bare-Ass Butt Cheeks Highlight the VMAs (Along With More Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Others)

When I was half asleep last night and knocked up on sizzurp I brought you some of the visual highlights of the aural catastrophe that is the VMA awards. But I neglected to show you the bare-ass cheeks of Lady Gaga, a woman smart enough to understand that her compelling content lies mostly beneath her clothes, so a shocking exhibition of skin is an absolute must to draw attention. Especially on a night where Miley Cyrus is twerking away on Robin Thicke and fingering herself with a massive foam digit.

Katy Cocktease also showed up strong, performing what seemed to The Eye of the Tiger, but not, but she still managed to contain her impressive bosom behind a sports bra for nobody to see. Yet, she still looks ever amazing. As did Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande a few others at the evening’s mind raping musical event. Check them out. Enjoy.