Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Goes for Classic Rock and Roll Sextastic Posing in Porter

I’ll say this for Lady Gaga, she works hard. She seems to be going for a million and one different looks at the exact same time, a chameleon who lets camera go with her everywhere basically, clothed or not. Her guise changes dramatically from moment to moment, which I imagine is not such a simple task. Probably why most of her team has quit over the past year, sick of keeping up with her rigorous schedule.

Lady Gaga put on an entirely new look for Porter magazine, reminiscent of some classical female rocker portrait sessions from years of past. She definitely has the dramatic posing down. As for the allure, I’ll leave that for you to decide. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice Highlights the Celebrity Hotness at MusicCares Awards Show

Yet another pre-Grammys fiesta over the weekend honoring something amazing fantastic and worthwhile, none of which mattered so much as seeing our lady of Victoria Justice looking all decked out and hot for the gala. Granted, this MusicCares event was yet another gala that somehow managed to lose my invitation, but from afar I could join in the visual wonderment of my belusted Victoria.

Joining Victoria were Lady Gaga, Brooke Candy, Alicia Witt, and LeAnn Rimes in the notables photo-able red carpet line up of standard gala goodies. But really Victoria stole the show. While I shall probably forever pine to see much more Justice, I can never turn away from a solid leer of her stellar good looks and allure. Someday, maybe, I hope and I pray. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Shows Off Her Fur Covered Lady Nest

Even though I have openly admitted to keeping one or couple hundred bits of Victoria’s Secret lingerie in my shame closet, I still don’t own a subscription to Candy magazine, the lifestyle periodical for trannies everywhere. Which means I missed out on the pretty darn full frontal shot of Lady Gaga, flashing bush for the old school crowd and wearing a mustache for I suppose gender bending reasons. It’s quite the memorable portrait.

You can check out the full frontal Lady Gaga photo over at

Lady Gaga Bares All With a Ball for Jeff Koons Photoshoot

Acclaimed pop-sculpture artist Jeff Koons shot Lady Gaga for inspiration for a statue of some kind which I think is also the album artwork for her PopArt release today and a bunch of other stuff that basically stems from Lady Gaga being nekkid with a giant blue glass ball.

I can’t say I entirely understand the symbolism in these photos. I suppose it mostly has to do with shocking people and selling albums, for which we always say, great, go deeper. There’s really no denying that Lady Gaga keeps herself in pretty fine shape. Frontside and backside, albeit shows with blue ball from the rear will probably get a high ‘Like’ vote from most of you. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Flashes Bush and Butt on Stage in London

We saw the photos of Lady Gaga last week ripping off her dress as she left the stage dramatically at a London nightclub last week. It was, um, challenging. Today we get a peek at the pre-stripping performance, wherein the controversial diva flashes her bare dumper and pulls down her panties to reveal her nearly shorn, but definitely present lady bush for the adoring crowd.

I’ll give Gaga the benefit of the doubt and say her peekaboo show was contextually relevant to her musical performance. Either way, I guess, game on Miley Cyrus. Your move. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Gets Nekkid Onstage in London (Because She Can)

After a week long celebration of bizarre costumery in Europe, Lady Gaga figured it was time to just take it all off onstage at the G-A-Y nightclub in London. Based upon the name of the venue, I’m going to go ahead and say her bodily virtue was left fairly sacrosanct, but I’m sure she still got quite a bit of kudos and British type bravos for going Fully Monty beneath the spotlight.

Lady Gaga did kind of run backstage immediately, preventing cameras from capturing her bare gaga and mostly capturing her bare cheeks. Nevertheless, most pop divas still don’t take off all their clothes onstage last I remember. Even Miley hasn’t tried that yet. I’m not sure if this is a sign of desperation or just Lady Gaga loving to be nekkid in public, or, you know, quite possibly both. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga See-Through Something or Other Flashing Her Ta’s in Berlin

I’m told Lady Gaga may not be achieving quite the same heights in her musical popularity as she has with previous album releases. I’m not sure if that’s triggered her excessive costumery of late as she marches around Europe attracting attention in various get-ups.

Of course, I am apt to notice when the dramatic diva exits her Berlin hotel in some kind of crazy woman in a mental hospital see-through gown outfit. It’d just be hard not to notice. Which I suppose is the point. Let Berlin see your bare funbags and sell some records (that just makes me sound old, download some songs). Enjoy.