Kylie Johnson

Kylie Johnson Topless Nekkid Sultry Body Chain Goodness for Playboy

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Sort of a delayed version of my favorite game ever, wherein we saw Kylie Johnson modeling little bits of lingerie last week, and today we’re going to get to see her all kinds of nekkid wonderful and topless from her pictorial in Playboy. The steamy sultry Kylie represents the unnecessarily small percentage of women of color gloriously exhibiting their stellar bodies in major men’s magazines. There is no right number for these things, I would only say more more more of these dark and exquisitely lovely wonderments of beauty and faptastic.

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Photo Credit: Playboy Plus

Kylie Johnson Booty Cheeks In Lingerie Will Make Your Flowers Bloom All Over

I’m more used to seeing Playmate Kylie Johnson quite nekkid on the pages of the bunny magazine, but I must admit this cheeky shoot in white lingerie with sweet cheeks is a tantalizing bit of wonderment that leads the prurient Egotastic mind to all sorts of naughty places. There is something to be said for the tease. And that thing primarily is, oh, man, this is great, can it be over now?

Shooting for May Showers, Kylie shows her softer side of her already curvaceous lady soft side showing she’s a model to be reckoned with, also one to remind you to get flowers for the women in your life, because chicks dig flowers and you’re horrible at gift buying. Oh, Kylie, I’d buy you whatever you wanted, limit of like fifty dollars naturally, my overdraft protection isn’t all that much protection. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: May Showers

Kylie Johnson ‘Untamed’ Playboy Nekkid Pictorial Released

Kylie Johnson ‘Untamed’ Nekkid Pictorial on PlayboyPlus
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We do so dig Playboy Playmate Kylie Johnson. Sultry, mysterious, and most importantly, wicked hot when nekkid.

Our friends at PlayboyPlus just released online Kylie’s infamously faptastic ‘Untamed’ photoshoot for Playboy magazine and it is steamy jungle-hot. Well maybe not a real jungle, but the sweat we’re feeling is quite real, as is the zing you will experience checking out Kylie Johnson nekkid. It’s all kinds outdoorsy fun.

Be sure to include a discounted annual membership to PlayboyPlus for your Christmas shopping this week to see much more of Kylie Johnson nekkid photos and videos, in addition to hundreds of other Playmates, Celebrities, and PlayboyCyber hotties. It’s the gift that will keep on giving, and hurting just a bit if you over-use your gift. Enjoy.