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‘Snow White and The Huntsman’ Movie Stills: Epic Wicked Hotness

I'm already pretty tired of Hollywood's re-tread of fairy tales into re-imagined modern day blockbuster films, and this is before even Jack and the Beanstalk and a hogwash of others come out in the next couple of months and summers. And after being forced to see Mirror Mirror, the campy Snow White adaptation that saw me trying to transform my popcorn container into a useable shank to bust my way out of the theater twenty minutes into that ball-shriveling fest of a film, well, yet another Snow White flick just had me completely indifferent.

But, I must say, Snow White and The Huntsman looks pretty damn good. Not what I expected, a bit of decent fabled action adventure fare topped off with two dollops of hotness in the form of Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron that at least on paper, and previews, looks to be a battling hottie fest of watchability. We shall see the results day of, but, check out these sweet looking still captures from the final cut of the film and check out how hot the dynamic sextastic duo appeared on the red carpet of the London premiere of the film last night:

Kristen Stewart Smiles! Time to Play the Lottery

It happened. Eff the 2012 armageddon, this is huger.

Thanks to EgoReader 'Vince T.' for the head's up on this momentous occasion. Kristen Stewart pimping the shizz out of Snow White and The Huntsman on Le Grand Journal TV show in France and she actually smiled, like twice.

Now, maybe it was the funky language translator piece in her ear or just jet lag and fatigue (or that French pot from Algeria) but something got into the uber-dour Kristen Stewart to make her completely crazy enough to display the basic human emotional response of a teeth-baring smile. Surreal.

Could Victoria Beckham be next? Enjoy.

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Kristen Stewart (Closed-Mouth Almost) Smile at Coachella! She Also Looked Pretty Hot


Kristen Stewart broke her three year long no-smile tenure this weekend at Coachella. While she could not bring herself to open her mouth, there is a clear cheek bone pattern indicative of a feeling of elation and and upturning of the lips that our judges felt qualified as a smile, leaving Victoria Beckham and her four years, five months, and eleven days and counting no-smiling record intact.

And, to be honest, we smiled too as we saw the dramatically indie hottie Kristen Stewart in some shorts and a loose fitting little shirt that gave us more skin than we typically ever see from the brunette thespianic, outside of being forced to witness her onscreen in a Twilight film. It was all good, and a record breaking day, the day K-Stew smiled, almost kinda sorta. Mark it down. Enjoy.

Coachella Weekend Two Turns Up the Heat with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Paris Hilton, and Kristen Stewart

I can't tell if Coachella officially died this weekend when Joe Jonas showed up in a fedora to be mobbed by fans or when David Hasselhoff rode around in a mockup of his Knight Rider KIT car, but, to be fair, it probably actually kicked the indie rock bucket a half-dozen years ago. To say it's sold out to the corporate world is to say The Kardashians love money; it's simply a given at this point.

Nevertheless, with all the P.R. agents in Hollywood hustling to get their clients into the V.I.P. roped off section at the California desert music and arts event, you are going to find some Tinsel Town hotties representing. This second weekend included a delightfully honest open shirt look from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Billionaire Barbie spastically dancing to the amplified button pushing of her latest virulent boyfriend, and Kristen Stewart who is so indie she refused to let the cameras take her picture, despite, you know, voluntarily entering an area where 100 photographers stood with cameras. Oh, Coachella, R.I.P. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Mayra Suarez Purported Leaked Naughty Photos, J-Woww National TV Upskirts, Brooklyn Decker Sideboob, and Much More…


Like a beam of light shooting forth from a colonoscopy camera, so shines the hopeful beacon of our weekly Reader Finds. The once-every-seven-days opportunity for millions of hearts to beat as one, and millions of dudes to beat... well, you can imagine the horrible joke.

But there's no joking about how much warmth we feel at the community generated celebrity hotness each week, this week's eye-opening raunch fest includes some very naughty leaked (purported) photographs of Mexi-fashion model, Mayra Suarez, J-Woww flashing her panties on the Kelly Ripa Show, Brooklyn Decker flashing her lower love area and sideboob from an SI photoshoot, Vietnamese hottie Elly Tran Ha in a bikini, Canadian actress Erica Cox topless in Bitten, a Kristen Stewart sort of almost kinda nipple peek, Sarah Shahi in a see-through to the boobtastic top, and Israeli sextastic Moran Atias all kinds of topless. It's a bevy of beauty I say!

Kim Kardashian Bikini Cleave and Bar Refaeli Rainbow Bikini Lead Our List of Favorite Twitpics of the Week

We love the love celebrities have for the self-publishing. That moment when their ego overtakes their common sense and they say to themselves, 'Damn I look so fine I must share my hotness with the world.'

Their vanity is to our benefit as it is often the source of some of our very favorite celebrity pics, including Twitpics this week from Kim Kardashian looking all boob-showoff, Adrianne Curry reminding everybody of her ripe pair, Bar Refaeli rainbow trickery in her bikini, Eva Longoria showing what she's got, Kristen Stewart looking fine on the set of her latest photoshoot, and Dakota Fanning all dolled up with many places to go. Enjoy.

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