Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell in a Bikini is Perfect. Shut Up!

In my neverending search for celebrity bikini pictures, I came across these Kristen Bell bikini pictures, and by all appearances, you’d think she looks pretty damn perfect in that bikini, and you’d be right. Unless you’re a total douchebag who draws little red circles around imperceptible imperfections like the back of a woman’s thighs. Kristen Bell is perfect, and if you think you can do any better, you can’t. In case you hadn’t noticed, people who draw red circles to highlight the tiniest amount of cellulite don’t date Supermodels. Or dow they? Should I be raising my standards?

Note: I did not draw the red circle, that’s how the pictures were when I got them.

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Hottest. Kristen Bell Bikini Pictures. Ever.

Um… Wow! I have got to say these Kristen Bell bikini pictures from her vacation in Maui with her douchie boyfriend are some of the hottest I’ve ever seen her looking. Now, if she would just dump that Douchebag, and move in with me, everything would be great.

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Hot Kristen Bell Outtakes from Complex Magazine

I can’t believe that it’s been over a year since we saw Kristen Bell in Complex magazine. That photoshoot was so hot, it’s still seared into my memory. And now we’ve got a whole bunch of super sexy outtakes from Kristen Bell‘s Complex shoot, and they’re just as good. It might not be quite the same as Aubrey O’Day’s Complex outtakes, but still, very nice.

Kristen Bell Bikini Pictures Look Like Fun

Aw yeah! It’s Kristen Bell bikini time! And these Kristen Bell bikini pictures look particularly fun. Kristen is down in Bora Bora filming her new movie, Couples Retreat, with Jason Bateman, and the always cute Malin Ackerman, seen here in a blue one-piece. I’m not sure what this scene is about, but it looks like fun, what with Kristen hanging off the side of the boat, and doing what appear to be pelvic thrusts.

I’ve got to say, with her bikini-clad role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and now this, I love the new direction Kristen’s career is taking. Now, if they could just get Kristen in a bikini every week on Heroes

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Kristen Bell Bikini Pictures, Now With More Ass

Heyo! Check out these awesome Kristen Bell bikini pictures. I think you’ll agree she looks pretty frickin’ hot. I think you’ll also agree that her boyfriend, Dax Shepard is the luckiest douche around. I mentioned “more ass” in the title of this post, and while we do get some very nice shots of Kristen Bell’s very nice ass, I was actually referring to him.

Here’s something disappointing, though. Kristen Bell is topless in that last picture, but sadly, she didn’t turn over. D’Oh!

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Kristen Bell Bikini Pictures are Fun

Aww yeah, it’s Kristen Bell bikini picture time. The always cute and spunky Kristen spent the day at Malibu beach with her boyfriend, Dax Sheppard (shudder). Besides showing off her ass while making out with Dax, Kristen also showed how limber she is while getting sun tan lotion sprayed all over her. What I wouldn’t give to be spraying lotion on Kristen Bell right now….

Lots more Kirsten Bell bikini pictures after the jump.

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Kristen Bell Goes Ass Up

Kristen Bell is in Rome shooting her new movie When in Rome, appropriately enough, but when she isn’t working, she’s working out, and giving us a great view of her great ass. Here she is in a park, doing yoga, and hanging out with her boyfriend, Dax Shepard (yes, I want to kill the lucky bastard, too). And as if the thought of his paws all over her wasn’t bad enough, check out the last picture, where Dax is totally grabbing Kristen Bell’s ass. Yeah, it’s time to form an angry mob.

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