Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian Flashes Legs Because It’s Time To Make Some Money (or Have Another Baby)

It's tough being a Kardashian. The monthly nut you have to kick-up to Kris Jenner is pretty hefty. That and the whole world thinks you're a money-grubbing piece of meat. Despite being true, it's still a tough rep.

So don't think that after baby number two by way of her unmarried former snowboarder foppish boyfriend, Kourtney Kardashian isn't thinking it's time to get back on the street and start earning, which she did, flashing some new mama (again) leg for the cameras outside her Miami establishment.

Now, it wasn't super skin, but enough so that Kourtney won't be finding a Khloe head in her bed this month as a warning. Enjoy.

Kourtney Kardashian Flashes Her Panties and Bare Butt Cheeks to Take Miami

Honestly, if faced with a hot poker rammed up the urethra vs. sitting and watching Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, I'm flipping a coin to make that close call. The Kardashians are like that pervasive smell in the neighborhood after a frightened skunk has jettisoned its musk and the aroma pervades every sense, omnipresent, filling your pores from all directions and just making you reflexively shudder and want to move on past. Well, like that stank plus $60 million in cash annually.

Yet, through the putridity of the Kardashian mafia every now and then appears a beacon of exhibitionist fun, such as today when Kourtney Kardashian had a wind gust (or was it Kris conjuring up her demon spirit winds) lift up her skirt on a balcony in Miami, revealing her thong and bare-arse cheeks for all the onlookers in the South Beach area.

Now, some of you find Kourtney to be the best looking Kardashian, and perhaps the least annoying, if one were forced to rank the various sub-demons and fallen angels by rankness. So, for all of you, have a gander up Kourtney's skirt and have a breath of fresh air. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian and Preggo Kourtney Kardashian Bikini Pictures for the Mexican Shake Those Moneymakers Family Vacation Album

Well, we finally got our grubby little hands (literally, we just had chicken wings in the office employing our dwarfish sized paws to rip apart those baby bird joints) on these amazing bikini pictures from the Kardashian family vacation down Mexico way in April.

Kim Kardashian, well, she just looks all orange and boobtastic and, let's be honest, if we were a multi-millionaire rapper or pro athlete, we'd be shagging the stuffing out of her too, even knowing the humiliation and lies and E! reality TV producers handing us fake things to say on camera that would almost certainly follow. Sometimes, the little brain overrides any and all executive branch decision making.

And, for the preggo fetishists among us (or is that amongst, if I'm included, which I am), a peek at the bulging body of Kourtney Kardashian, filled with life from the seed of her unemployed former snowboarding lounge-about boyfriend. Yay. Enjoy.

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The Kardashian Girls Bikini Pictures from the Dominican Republic, Yeah, They Got the Bodies

Okay, this is not the time to rip the Kardashians, the rare time, for we finally see them in all their glory, or, let's say, what they're good at. Which is looking good in bikinis, even Kourtney, god bless her, pregnant by her idiotic boyfriend once more, holding her own hotness in a bikini, as all the K's, minus Khloe (excluded for reasons I can only cite as related to national security), took their family vacation down in the Dominican Republic at the end of last month.

And, well, let's give some credit where it's due. When they're not talking or selling or arranging sham marriages for money, they are nice to look at.

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Kardashian Family Bikini Candids (And They’re All Free, Kris May Die)

If you knew how much money The Kardashians command for their staged bikini vacation photosets, well, you'd drop a load right in your shorts, quickly clean up, and go hit some kind of Occupy Calabasas movement outside the Kardashian compound. But, today, the Kardashian girls done got caught candidly in their bikinis by way of telescopic lens without earning a cent. Don't think Kris Jenner didn't call an emergency strategy session with her top lieutenants to figure out this breach of possible money making opportunities.

But, the upshot for us, long distance candids of Kim Kardashian and her mega asstastic, a preggo Kourtney Kardashian, and some bikini shots of the NextGen Jenners, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner, all shot from a treeline in the Dominican Republic somehow missed by the Kardashian advanced security team. And we could not be more pleased. Enjoy.

The Kardashian Sisters Launch Their Sears Swimsuit Line — All Hail the Airbrush!

Come on now, this is just getting out of hand. I'm willing to accept the fact that some women out there go to Sears to buy their lingerie and swimsuits. Just because it's where I buy the tools I never use but make me feel manly, and it's where my buddy Stephano buys the lawn seed for the grass he illegally maintains for the woman he's been stalking now for eight months, that doesn't mean it's not a great store for purchasing female intimate clothing.

And I'm also willing to accept the fact that some ladies out there see the Kardashian sisters as role models, heck, 60% of people in this country believe in ghosts, and 40% think a Big Mac with a diet coke makes you skinny, there's no accounting for certain beliefs.

But what I simply do not believe, no way, no how, is that the Kardashian girls have 26-inch waists.

I'm surprised the air-brushers in the ad office didnt' run out of air when fixing up these three money-making merchandising machines.

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian Sears Lingerie Ad Wins First Prize at Air Brushing Awards

It's not that the Kardashian sisters, the elder sisters I mean, and not all of them exactly or precisely, but the two that you can't hear coming toward you from twenty clicks away, not that they aren't kind of hot.

In fact, if you could afford them, you'd be the unmarried dad of their bastard kids or cuckolded purse carrying show piece husband likely as well. But the fact is, c'mon, now, Sears, the place where I do buy all my power tools and intimate lingerie items, let's be real about this air-brushing thing.

If the girls can't be slim and trim naturally through their amphetamine riddled diet powder brand, then drop the air-brushers back in the ad graphics department, or at least put them on some restrictions because this toning and shaping by way of Photoshop business is just kind of silly. Enjoy.