Kirsty MacLaren

Kirsty MacLaren Bikini Pictures Continue to Make Big Waves in Barbados

Our new favorite soccer WAG, Kirsty MacLaren, brought out the stripes for her bikini show time on what is now several days into her honeymoon on the island of Barbados. She seems to be having a great time there. Wink wink nudge nudge. She’s certainly beaming like a new bride, from boob to boob, flashing an inordinate amount of suntanned cleavage for all to treasure.

Now, this isn’t quite like the days of yore when a man had to wait for the nuptials before he could fully inspect his bride to be. Still, I’m guessing there’s some level of wonderment at the releasing of Kirsty’s bodacious twins back at the hotel room after a day in the sand. In the very least, those puppies are going to need to be lotioned. Enjoy.

Kirsty MacClaren Bikini Pictures Are Back in Bosomy Blue

I feel like I’m reveling in the WAGalicious bikini honeymoon of Kirsty MacClaren about as much as her new husband is. I mean, granted, I don’t get the honeymoon sex, which I think has been proven over time to be decidedly better than anything that follows ever. But I do get to see the Scottish lass busting out in her various two pieces along the beach in Barbados, a momentary escape from her wifely hotel room responsibilities.

I don’t like to play favorites, but I have to say, Kirsty MacClaren is my new top WAG of the moment. And, no, it’s not just because she’s showing off her mounds of extreme fun time. Though admittedly it is mostly that. Enjoy.

Kirsty MacClaren Bikini Pictures Gain Instant WAG Incredibility

On her honeymoon with British football star Darren Bent, Kirsty MacClaren earned herself immediate WAG credentials by flashing one bodacious killer curvy body in a tiny purple bikini in Barbados. The newlywed looked ready to bust out of her two piece, through a combination of freshly married making of the sexy and just happy to be a British person finally out in the sun. Her boobtastic was a poppin’. Much to the delight of gentleman oglers and I suppose soccer fans everywhere.

You know we take our professional sports star Wives and Girlfriends quite seriously around here. By that I mostly mean we want to have naughty fun times with them while their husbands are away playing matches. But, in the case of Kirsty MacClaren, for now, we can sit back and watch her prance about with that S-shaped body and await the inevitable wardrobe malfunction. Enjoy.