Kimberley Garner

Kimberley Garner Bikini Stripety Hot Down St. Bart’s Way

Kimberley Garner does have one of my favorite bikini bodies these days. A bit in need of a sandwich, but a frontside and backside that form a playground where I'd happily spend all my ogling tokens.

The TOWIE starlet was in St. Bart's for a photoshoot that had her in a red striped bikini and a hat that she desperately tried to keep on in a stiff breeze. I wish her bikini had been equally affected by the prevailing trade winds. We could really use a good bikini malfunction from Kimberley soon for the sake of my own stiff breeze. She is a lovely little blonde lass I must say. More, Kimberley, more. Enjoy.

Kimberley Garner Flashing Some Deep Dive Cleavage in the London Winter

Despite the extra 'e' in her name I constantly misspell, I remain a big fan of British reality blonde darling Kimberley Garner who in the summer time has one of the finest bodies to show off in these here parts, and as you can tell, she's not letting winter time in London slow her down from showing off a little something something to her adoring drooling male fans.

Kimberley may as of yet not expressed or professed any particular talents or skills other than having one super fine booty in a bikini and the penchant for showing off her yummy yabbos at public events, but I ask you this -- what other talents would be more important than these? I don't need her to be my doctor, just the very naughty nurse of my dreams. Everybody has a role to play in this great drama that is life. Kimberley does hers quite well. Enjoy.

Kimberley Garner Bikini Hottie Madness in St. Tropez Photoshoot

I'm not exactly sure who British reality starlet Kimberley Garner is shooting for in St. Tropez, but I know I wish it was me and my Peek-a-matic camera. Kimberley garner dips in and out out of radar, but those dip ins, man, they are truly magical. She has one of the finest bikini bodies around, even though sometimes I forget to remember it at times.

When Kimbereley starts untying her bikini bottoms, I almost forget how much I want to playfully smack her bikini covered booty. Almost. This is pure visual genius. Enjoy.

Kimberley Garner Sideboob Highlights the London Premiere of ‘We’re the Millers’

Well, hello Kimberley Garner sideboob.

The Made in Chelsea reality show starlet made quite a scene on the red carpet for We're the Millers in London. I'm not exactly sure what her connection is to the film, but I am exactly sure she was invited and saw fit to wear what she did. I'm not much into fashion, but if I were a designer, pretty much everything I crafted for evening wear would resemble Kimberley's noteworthy knocker barer.

Then I could finally buy my yacht, as I read articles in the paper about how I've corrupted society. That is the dream. Enjoy.

Kimberly Garner Bikini Pictures Almost Slip To Become Very Interesting

Made in Chelsea reality show blonde phenom, Kimberly Garner, has made her way out of London where she's been shocking proper folks with her revealing wardrobe, to Barbados for a bikini photoshoot where she's actually getting paid to show off. And, Kimberly almost showed a bit too much (for photoshoot purposes, not ours, natch) as her bikini nearly came off of her perfectly designed bodily

Alas, nekkid flashing was not to be, but we'd be lying if we didn't say we have something of a newfound hankering for Kimberly Garner. She likes to show off, and we know the time will soon come. All good things come to those who sit and ogle. Enjoy.


Kimberley Garner Reveals Her Cleave and Midriff and the Secret to Being a Worthwhile Reality Star

Ambitious young blonde Kimberley Garner exposed a good bit of her front side at some London Fashion week related brand pimping event and shocked a few of the more pearl-clutching Britty types in the area, but we just stopped and politely stared and reminded ourselves that at its very best, reality television is a fertile breeding ground for shameless young women who will do and show anything to become famous. And thank god for that.

Kimberley Garner is featured on the show Made in Chelsea, another one of these craptastic productions that kind of sort of pretends that it's real before everybody obviously finds out its all staged and then producers come up with terms like 'hybrid' reality to explain away all the scripting. But, honestly, who cares? The people who watch these shows don't care. It's like teen boys and professional wrestling. They're just in it for the spectacle. And we're just into Kimberley Garner for her body. So I suppose there is no high moral ground in this situation. If there were, we'd be sitting atop it with our binoculars trying to peek her knickers. Enjoy.