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The Boob Tube Roundup Is Back with Keri Russell, DaVinci Toplessness, and More Goodies (VIDEO)

Peyton List in Her Bra in The Tomorrow People
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April showers brought some May skintastic flowers by way of a return to the Boob Tube Roundup, a hot body packed brief look at the best of the hotties on the small screen of this past week. The boob tube definitely power punches right past major theatrical these days in terms of sweet treats and sextastic celebrity views, but even the little screen goes through its ups and downs from week to week, month to month, as programs hiatus for the season.

This week’s BTR includes Keri Russell hot in panties and bra in The Americans, Lara Pulver topless and quite reveling with ecstasy in DaVinci’s Demons, Peyton List in her own bra-topped making of the sexy scene in The Tomorrow People, Tara Holt receiving some intense acting from behind in Californication, and Eiza Gonzalez in a strutting bikini show in From Dusk Till Dawn. The nekkid meter is not super high, but the hotness stick just done popped. Check it out. And, enjoy.

Editor’s note: thanks to those of you who wrote in to note that the girl listed as Keri Russell in the photos is actually Gillian Alexy on the same show.

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Game of Thrones Is Back and Baring Flesh, Along with Shameless and Keri Russell’s Hot Booty in the Boob Tube Roundup

Keri Russell in The Americans
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I will beg your indulgence from the get-go of having neglected to make a rag tag video again this week. Any weekend with lots of sports is simply killing my productivity. It’s bad enough somebody went and invented beer like four hundred or a million years ago. Now omnipresent sports streaming on every single device in the home, office, and pocket. How is any man to be productive?

Nevertheless, there was some noteworthy nekkidness on the small screen this weekend, most notably with the return of Game of Thrones, Season Four, and all the beautiful female bared bodies that comes with, including Josephine Gillan and some other babes in a splendid brothel scene. Joining GOT was some topless splendor in the fiendishly funny Shameless and a nice view of Keri Russell booty and bra in The Americans. I’d call it a nice weekend for the women of the boob tube. Check them out. And, enjoy.

Keri Russell Naughty Goodness and Lili Simmons Hotness Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Dawn Olivieri Topless in House Of Lies
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There wasn’t a ton of nekkidness on the small screen this past week, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a bushel full of celebrity hotness, and, yes, a peek of some pleasant bare peaks as well.

Keri Russell owns the Boob Tube Roundup with her return in the saucy sextastic The Americans for the second season, kicking off the opener with some genuinely hot maneuvers onscreen. Keri was joined by the up and coming majestic young hottie Lili Simmons in her bra on Banshee, Dawn Olivieri flashing her sweet yams in House of Lies, and Louise Barnes making another display of the boobtastic in the pirate themed Black Sails on Starz. Quite a showing really for an off-week and most definitely a must-see. Enjoy.

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Keri Russell See-Through, Esme Bianco Topless, and Olivia D’Abo Lezzie Lovemaking Highlight This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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I’ve never quite understood February. Such a misunderstood month. Just 28 days. Like the shortest kid in school who always got picked last to play sports then grew up to become the last dude picked on his corporate softball team. That’s February. But, the days-lacking month does have the advantage of being a winter month when many a good DVD or Blu-Ray is being released, including the ones Mr. Skin has identified as three must-sees to fill your weekend with sin-skin.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute features the ever-lust inducing innocent Keri Russell flashing her braless boobtastic through a wet t-shirt in 8 Days a Week, Esme Bianco and her fellow female cast-mates topless in Game of Thrones Season 2 now out on Blu-Ray, and Olivia D’Abo of The Wonder Years wonderfully skin-revealing in Live Nude Girls. I dare yo to rap your eyeballs around these visual delights. Enjoy.

And, naturally, use your Egotastic! discount to sign up with Mr. Skin and access to their library of hundreds of thousands of photos and videos from your favorite, hottest, films and TV shows.

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READER FINDS: Keri Russell Nip Pokes in Panties, Alessandra Ambrosio Lip Slip, Sarah Harding Nip Slip, and Much Much More…

Keri Russell Nipple Poking and Panties in Eight Days a Week
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While much of the country prepares for the Great Storm of ’13, kind of hoping to find their Rudolph to guide their Buicks to the packie for some brew before the road shutdown. we, the global Egotastic! community help assist in these hard times by coming together round a relief package of hot celebrity skin known as Reader Finds. Hey, everybody has a special talent to contribute, this is ours.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Australian actress Lily Sullivan nekkid in Mental (thanks to EgoReader ‘Pito’), Jennifer Lawrence bare bottom on X-Men set (blessed be ‘Bobby’), Alessandra Ambrosio slipping lip in her bikini (kudos to ‘Drew’), Sarah Harding nip slip delights (dropped from above by ‘GPlock’), a better view of the infamous Emma Watson nip slip at Glastonbury (we bow down to ‘Michael), Keri Russell delightful pokes in Eight Days a Week (poking provided by ‘Joey’), recently divorced Liberty Ross nekkid modeling pics (thanks to ‘Steve N.’), another view of the Beyonce nipple-gate from The Super Bowl (handed off by ‘Tom Tom’), Kate Mara sideboobs from House of Cards (many Internet points for ‘Khan’), Alice Goodwin topless in bedroom shoot for Ketchup (wicked contributory via ‘Dylan’), Bai Ling nekkid in Locked Down (courtesy of cub reporter ‘Chris’), Vikki Blows topless calendar shoot (delivered by ‘Dave’), and Belen Rodriguez see-through ta-ta’s (many many thanks to ‘Stephen’). Talk about a hand and mouthful of skin. My, oh, my. Enjoy.

Keri Russell Lingerie, Kristen Connolly Topless, and Ivana Milicevic Nekkid Highlight This Week’s Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Ivana Milicevic Topless Scene in Banshee
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Well, consider us a little bit surprised, in the happy sense, that some new shows to the smaller tube are delivering big ups in terms of flesh on screen for your home viewing pleasure.

This week saw the inaugural episode of the delicious Keri Russell, down to time-period bra and panties, in F/X’s The Americans, Kristen Connolly, in a brief, but definitely there topless scene in Netflix’s newly released series, House of Cards, and a big time shoutout to Ivana Milicevic who puts on one helluva good bit of making of the sexy scenes, both with partner and without, in HBO/Cinemax’s recently launched series, Banshee. Some new faces, and new bodies, in some new series you ought be checking out. Kind of like a mid-TV-season Christmas if you will. Enjoy.

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Keri Russell Sexy Poses for Esquire Bring Our Lost Hot Sheep Back to the Fold

Our friends at Esquire magazine are helping to advance the re-introduction of Keri Russell hotness to the ogling stage. Keri Russell, one of the sexy sweethearts in my 1999 Yearbook of Previously Underrated Hotties, seems to be making a return to the public eye in a very hot fashion. I like it. At age 34, the former Felicity star is just hitting her hotness prime; we will be following her closely once again. Welcome back to Egotastic!, super underrated hottie, Keri Russell. Enjoy.