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Kendra Wilkinson Waters Her Chest


New website, same old Kendra Wilkinson. Okay, sure she used to cool herself off the old-fashioned way, in the hot tub topless with a bunch of other of Playboy’s finest minds (see video below), but she’s still got the right instincts after working up a sweat on Dancing with the Stars — pour some water on your boobs. Hey, when you work your way through not going to college by way of wet t-shirt contests, you tend to learn a thing or too about funbag wetting techniques. I know Kendra has become a guru to young moms these days; I can only hope she’s sharing some of her cooling-off secrets with the hotter ones. Enjoy.

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Kendra Wilkinson Sports Bra At Dancing With the Stars Rehearsal Reminds Me of Kendra Wilkinson Boobtastic Moments (VIDEO)


I know. I know. Kendra Wilkinson of sex tape fame and Girls Next Door fame and Playboy fame and topless and nude dancing fame and flirty sexy pole maneuvering fame, that was the old Kendra Wilkinson, like two whole years ago. Now, she’s a an author and role model for young wives and moms everywhere and the spitting essence of the proud homemaker. A change for the worse in my opinion, but, it is making her hella dough, so who am I to judge her transformation. Indeed, Kendra is getting back into playing shape post-baby, as evidenced here in these Kendra Wilkinson pictures snapped outside the Dancing With the Stars studios where the ex-glamor model prepared to tango or rumba or some other such moves I will not be watching on television. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News

And, yes, we used to enjoy Kendra’s boobs in far finer fashion pre-transformation, like, say for instance, Kendra Wilkinson topless in a wind tunnel flying, my favorite!

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LESBIONICS ALERT: Word of the Kendra Wilkinson Girl on Girl Sex Tape Re-Emerges

Oh, it’s out there. Or in there. Or, in and out and in and out there. But there is somewhere on some type of media a recording of the young Kendra Wilkinson going down to Sapphic town apparently with one of her high school senior class sweethearts. I wasn’t quite sure it existed until, you know, Kendra came out and denied its existence. The last time she denied the existence of a sex tape, man, we got a doozy. Really one of the best celebrity amateur hours in the sack ever.

This one could be even better, with all the fur-biting potential of two angry minks trapped in an instinctive struggle for mating rights. Now, I’m not one to judge lesbionic behavior, but I am one to watch it over and over again without so much as blinking as I nurse slowly from the twin Silver Bullets lining my Brewski party hat.

While you ogle Kendra Wilkinson here, returning to Playboy shape, consider the fact that a scissor kissing spectacular is out there somewhere, just waiting to be enjoyed.

(Read more about this muffin baking contest on The Superficial and stay tuned for updates on your beloved Egotastic! when the legs spread tape finally emerges.)

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Updated to Add: Okay, so also RadarOnline reported the Kendra-on-girl story as well, but I swear I had a hunch first! Check out the RadarOnline story about the upcoming Kendra carpet munching buffet and see pictures of the girl who appears in the sex tape with the former Girls Next Door star.

Kendra Wilkinson Topless Party Stripper Slides Right Into Home (VIDEO)


Well, don’t look at me to discount the feelings of millions of women who look to Kendra Wilkinson as a mom and a role model, personally, I wouldn’t want to see my mom stripping at parties, though I would say that most of my role models are women who love to get hella naked in public. We are not here to judge on Egotastic!, you know, lest we be judged ourselves, in which case, we’d be in big trouble. We are merely here to ogle sexy celebrities and hot bodies and big boobs and such things as Kendra Wilkinson topless party stripping, because, well, it’s simply impossible not to. Enjoy.

(Okay, to be fair, this party stripper moment was before marriage and baby, and, Lord knows, if anybody was foolish enough to pay me a couple shekels to shake my moneymaker, I’d have my clothes off in half a second. Zero offers as of yet.)

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Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt Getting Shot in the Shower (VIDEO)


Is this post just some type of self-indulgent, masturbatory, lame excuse to post a bunch of Playboy model TV celebrities with big boobs naked in the shower?


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