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Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt Getting Shot in the Shower (VIDEO)


Is this post just some type of self-indulgent, masturbatory, lame excuse to post a bunch of Playboy model TV celebrities with big boobs naked in the shower?


Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt Finally Make Interesting Television With the Help of the Denudifer (VIDEO)


Here's a vital piece of machinery you're going to need in the event your girlfriend, wife, female roommate, mom, or dominating butch prison warden forces you to watch the E! Channel -- it's called a Denudifer®. It's mostly been designed in my head, and not completely ready for real world applications, but order one early. It can take a super insipid show such as The Girls Next Door, and turn it into Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison, and Bridget Marquardt all topless and naked and splashing into a pool. It's a must have to survive girl television. Enjoy.

Kendra Wilkinson Works To Get Back Into Boobtastic Shape, For Hank and For the World (VIDEO)


Sometimes, I lay in bed at night, wondering what this world is coming to. What with battles raging around the globe, governments straining to care for their populace, and Kendra Wilkinson trying to look hot again for her husband Hank. There are some serious issues out there, people, wake up. Was it just a year and a half-ago, and awkwardly six months before the birth of her child, that Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson was being weaned off the old man's publishing tool and prepping for her magazine-cover life with NFL vagabond and ceaseless romantic, Hank. And, might I add, flashing some mega saline boobage on foreign and uncensored versions of her E! show, Check Out My Titties, I'm Kendra, or something like that. Oh, since then, sex tapes have emerged, 18th birthday implant documentaries have surfaced, and Kendra put on a few motherly lbs., but, is this young mom with the keys to happiness for so many unhappy middle-aged Oprah-holic women getting back into playing shape? Magic 8 ball says, As I See It, Yes.

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You don't get to see this on E! in the U.S, but Kendra Wilkinson just can't stop showing off her funbags for the cameras.

Kendra Wilkinson Barely Legal Boob Job Photos Uncovered (RadarOnline Exclusive to Egotastic!)


Kendra Wilkinson has made one amazing transformation in her young career. No, not just the 500cc's of fuel injected into her 18-year old rack as depicted in these Kendra Wilkinson topless pictures just discovered by our friends at RadarOnline. But, moving from a sex taping Playboy bunny sitting atop Hugh Hefner's ancient publishing tool, to a wife and mommy guru for an abnormally large number of grownup women who ought know better. If I ever need to hire P.R. devils to half-circle my public rep, I'm hiring hers.

(Visit RadarOnline to see additional photos of then teenaged-pole-dancing Kendra Wilkinson immediately post-boob-op and read the full scoop on how these transformational photos came to be.)

Now, back to the boobs. The brand new bursting fun bags of an 18-year old Kendra Wilkinson, gearing up for a run at exotic dancing fame. Magellan would be too timid to circumnavigate those swollen globes. Yet, I can't help but note the rather marvelous return on Kendra's surgical investment. Maybe, just maybe all those QVC-shopping women who show up to meet Kendra at her book signings actually know something we don't. Nah. Enjoy.

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By the by, dear scientist-readers, for comparison's sake, recall Kendra Wilkinson boobage from her sex tape, just prior to the implantation of faux milky goodness:

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Kendra Wilkinson Busts Out the Big Boobs for Comeback

Last time we saw Kendra Wilkinson, she was banging some lucky bastard on camera for one of the best celebrity sex tapes ever. Apparently, she wrote a book about it, Sliding Into Home, and now she's on tour with the less lucky bastard who married her, pimping her book, citing how the sex tape helped make her a better mom. I'm not willing to read this book to unwrap the mystery of that fuzzy logic. Regardless, to make her big baby mama comeback, Kendra Wilkinson whipped out the big cannons, boobs of immense proportion, thinly veiled, ready to burst. When I see a crowd of screaming women around Kendra, I know her time is almost done here on Egotastic! Still, we're going to enjoy those fun bags until the bitter end. Enjoy.

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The Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Is Actually Sexy! (Very NSFW Screencaps)


Laugh if you will, but the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape is actually one of the better sex tapes I've ever seen, and, yeah, I've seen them all. In the 25-minute tape, we get to see a future Playboy Playmate, butt-ass naked and all kinds of sexy, knocking boots in full focus with some grinning dufus on a water bed with a black cougar bedspread. You go, Ron Burgundy!

Unlike other celebrity sex tapes, nobody seems to be wasted, tweaking, or conducting emotional revenge on their daddy or boyfriend or, the ever disturbing combination, daddy-boyfriend. Kendra Wilkinson and this lucky bastard even thought to turn on the lights. (I still can't get the image of Paris Hilton with those zombie-lemur-night-eyes out of my skull.)

Egotastic! is forced to give this delightful family film two thumbs up, and, if you watch the movie, you will see exactly where those thumbs go. Yeah, I said that.

Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Out Today (See Trailer Here, NSFW)


Well, it's finally here. Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Day. The day all your friends deny that they plunked down their hard earned cash to purchase the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape but somehow can still describe it to you in perfect detail. We have the NSFW Kendra Wilkinson sex tape trailer here (along with additional screencaps that didn't make our last sex tape post.) All for your viewing pleasure. And, I suppose, to tease you into buying it and seeing it the old-fashioned way. Though you could also spend your money saving the whales or buying some trees in the Amazon. Either way, Mother Nature must be served.